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  1. The changes have been made. Sorry it took long! I had to work all weekend. KH0.2 page: KHBC page:
  2. Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover is a telling of the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] story, included in the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue compilation exclusively released on the PlayStation 4 in Japan (January 12, 2017) and the rest of the world (January 24, 2017).
  3. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- is an epilogue to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep exclusively released on the PlayStation 4 on the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue compilation in Japan (January 12, 2017) and the rest of the world (January 24, 2017).
  4. I'll go ahead and add them in the first chance I get. These are sound suggestions!
  5. No need to post every page you make. When you think you've made enough progress, just do something similar to like a daily report or if you want, just wait till the end of a week and give a status report then. Up to you for however you would like to break it up.
  6. Feel free to go as in-depth as possible with weapon mechanics. I think it would be nice to have these pages detailed, if you have the time of course. For now, if you don't have the time, just focus on getting the basics down for the weapons, including mechanics, and then we can go back later.
  7. Link: https://www.kh13.com/wiki/weapons/ Current project Leader: @Jake Open / Locked status: All members may contribute to this page Fields: Each page has the following fields: "Games they appear in" and "Characters who wield this weapon" Completion status: Still in the beginning. Need to add all the pages first with its basic information.
  8. Keyblade of People's Hearts is a Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series that is exclusively wielded by Riku possessed by Ansem (Seeker of Darkness).
  9. Jake

    Kingdom Key D

    Kingdom Key D is a Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series that is wielded exclusively by Mickey Mouse.
  10. Link: https://www.kh13.com/games/ Current project leader: @Jake Open / Locked status: All areas can be contributed to by KH13 members and staff members. Fields: Pages in the "Games" database have the following fields: "Game title" (text), "Game information" (editor) and "Original release date" (date field). Completion status: The base of each game is complete (release date(s), console, title and logo). Need to go more in-depth on what each game is canonically, events that transpire, just the overall story of each game. Each title also has interviews linked up and tags connected.
  11. Jake


    Oblivion is a Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series, wielded by Sora, Roxas and Riku.
  12. Jake


    The Oathkeeper is a Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series that can be wielded by Sora and Roxas.
  13. Jake

    Kingdom Key

    The Kingdom Key is the default keychain of Sora, Roxas and Xion throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.
  14. For news articles, you can't go back to a specific page number and it forces you to use the back arrow every time. (Eg. I tried going to page 50 for news articles out of 276, but instead it continuously redirects back to page 1). I don't know if this bug is mobile exclusive since I haven't tried it on PC, but the bug is definitely present somewhere.
  15. Updated my profile a bit. :D

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