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  1. I think he should have a capybara I mean look at them: They literally get along with everyone no matter how different the circumstances are. Kinda like sora he goes from world to world and basically makes friends with everybody. Plus the capybara is cute af.
  2. Ayyy what's good everybody? websites looks pretty good!
  3. Holy heck i just saw this today Super annoying. Btw your pic broke. Guess bots got to it. And go ahead Remember kids, you see em you report them. Don't let strangers offer you enhancement cream.
  4. Hey I remember you! :')

  5. This was stuck in my head all day.
  6. Truth is even that theory wouldn't actually be a stretch
  7. There will be nomura confirmed despacito 2 in development. As for despacito 9 Disney is fighting to make square enix to make despacito 16 happen. I assure you.
  8. Same.(haveyouseenmystatus?youllknockyourselfout) Also... E :')
  9. >Tfw kh3 will come out before despacito 2

  10. Jealousy, turning saints into the sea Swimming through sick lullabies...

    1. Sigrun



    2. 2 quid is good

      2 quid is good

      Damn I really got done dirty huh?

  11. Yeah mainly because sora will be the hero at the very end maybe there will be a few games that won't have him as a main character but he can be refrenced or be a side character or something. If the new villain is interesting and well written then yes.
  12. have you tried turning it off and on again? To try on your x p netbook you can get an external disc drive to read and play the disc. I suppose for performance issues you can make sure no unnecessary programs are running using ctrl + alt + delete (task manager) yes try to run install/run in compatibility settings and to run as administrator (when right clicking) and check if any pc your are going to use is missing any Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable(s) because some games require them to play the game properly (in my experience skyrim is one I remember for sure) or you can try to find any documentation of said game to see if there's anything you are missing. Hope it helps.
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