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  1. So, this will either look dumb, or you get to be a weed today Pick your poison ?
  2. Oh jeez, this thread is still here This is memory lane for me alright x)
  3. And now, for the absolute mind game IT'S MEEEEEE
  4. u w0t Don't diss my favourite game
  5. That would be a terrable decision
  6. Suddenly I feel 10 years younger watching those videos, hot damn
  7. People know how to study? W I T C H C R A F T
  8. Super Butter Buns or Stickman Sham would be great options, but I guess those 2 aren't popular enough
  9. Damn kids and their emotes nowadays Back in my days, we used symbols, not pictures, reeeeeeeeeee
  10. Pretty much the "Talk No Jutsu" right there
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