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  1. That's cool and all, but a few question do cross my mind - Are we talking about full price, or somewhat of a discount? Given the fact these remasters are some years old, we shouldn't be forced into paying full price imo - As a mod enjoyer, I hope they keep the same configuration that the EPS versions use, AKA LUa files. Does this also mean 3rd party apps like Mod Manager and Patch Manager are compatible with the Steam version? Other than that, it is cool that I can hunt for achievements once again and deck out my Steam profile with KH related stuff And of course, more people are going to be exposed to the madness that is this franchise (in a good way, that is) Probably going to backseat some of my friends on the older games
  2. I only played DQ8, even with guides the game is really enjoyable Still gotta finish the post game dragon trials though
  3. 1 (vanilla and FM), 2 (vanilla and FM), 3, CoM on the GBA and Days Never bothered with the other titles, tbh
  4. People still hang around here, albeit the Discord server is much more active You can still shoot DMs to talk to people if you want
  5. omg if it's my neighbor!!! how are you doing dude

    1. Weedanort


      Ayy, been doing well, hbu?

    2. Oli


      doing great! these last few weeks i've been remembering yall a lot <3

  6. Stack all Experience Boosts and Thunder Boosts you got, make sure Donald's Cure is turned off, acessories should be magic oriented (preferably Shadow Archives). Start from the save point in TWTNW where you can face off Luxord and Saïx, go downstairs, take damage from the Assasins until you are at 50% HP or less. From there Magnega and Thundaga will be your best friends to defeat all nobodies you face, personally I do this until I reach the first area of the castle, then make my way up. Special mention to Berserkers and Sorcerers, try to defeat the Berserkers asap, and Sorcerers are immune to Thundaga (but are still staggered by Magnega). Ethers are optional, but you can use them to speed up the process if you find yourself constantly without MP while facing off annoying nobodies. Should go without saying that Reflega can get you out of sticky situations, specifically with Snipers, Berserkers and Sorcerers. Keep at it, and you should get fast level ups 🙂
  7. Yoooo SLH, you still active here? How have you been!?

    1. Weedanort


      Ayoo, it's been a while, I don't hang around here much these days, I'm more around Discord and TF2
      You can send me a friend request on Discord if you want x)

  8. People jealous af of the new abilities, boss fights and Limit Form in KH2FM, I remember desperately trying to figure out how to get Magnet Splash on vanilla KH2 Seeing Ventus in the secret trailer and thinking to myself "Why is Roxas there?", and trying to understand what was happening in the non-voiced cutscenes are also good ones And last, but not least, "Something Funny Happened On The Way To Kingdom Hearts" and "Kingdom Hearts: The Stupid Files" were the best shitposting we had back then
  9. 2010 myself, pretty sure that people still remember me (Not my old username, for sure) The trailer was interesting, but I'll stick to speedrunning KH1 and KH2, thank you very much x)
  10. So, this will either look dumb, or you get to be a weed today Pick your poison ?
  11. Oh jeez, this thread is still here This is memory lane for me alright x)
  12. And now, for the absolute mind game IT'S MEEEEEE
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