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  1. I haven't roleplayed on a forum in actual years but this seems really neat! I have a character that's practically made for Somnum that I could bring into this if I find myself available and interested down the line. I just graduated college, like, yesterday, so we'll see how busy or not I end up being in the real world
  2. Signed on for no apparent reason. Wishing you all well.
  3. The following is the one of what multiple relatively short roleplays based on the video game series Monster Hunter. Prior knowledge is helpful, but not required. Arzuros. Forest and mountain dwelling beasts found in humid regions. Though known more for fishing and standing upright to collect honey, their thick claws and heavy forearm plating allow them to deliver powerful blows to any aggressor. Four heroes who specialize in the hunting of rare monsters such as these gather to embark on a quest to slay the beast, or better yet, bring it back alive. Mechanics: Rules: Character Templates: Weapons: Hunting Styles
  4. ... I'm sticking with the percentages. Sikota Urinakano: 45% Creative thinking 20% Puns 15% Charming 10% Seductive
  5. 10% talk and 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name ... Kay actually I might come up with my own stat breakdown. But Fort Minor references for now. Also we're losing you on The Universe Neko
  6. I should invite my girlfriend to this crowd. She could add to the Undertale crowd
  7. Amber crashed down on the sandy surface of Terraria, sending out a small shockwave where he landed, in addition to the crater left in the sand. His body was hot. Stiff. He couldn't move after the impact. He glanced around the deserted planet. He saw a Warp Pad, or whatever they call them now. He recognized the old technology. It was Gem Technology. If he knew his kind were here at some point in the planet's history, he would've gone the easy way—assuming the pad's functioned the same way they used to. He took in his surroundings. That was all he could do right now as his body recovered from the impact. He felt a certain... electrical feel in the air. Odd. Did he discharge energy during his crash? Potentially. He was gaining nothing from thinking about it. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and waiting for his body to recover.
  8. I'm charming... and also stealthy it seems.
  9. So I've got a research paper due in a few weeks. I have all my sources lined up, but it just seems like so much reading. Plus there's other schoolwork. Help?

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    2. Sikota Urinakano

      Sikota Urinakano

      What I was planning on doing. Hearing it from someone else is oddly reassuring though. Thanks.

    3. Xiro


      No problem.

    4. KingdomHearts3


      You don't need to read every single one completely. Just read enough details and take notes. That's what I do and it actually works.

  10. -Between Planets- Amber held his scarf out in front of him to better observe what lie ahead of him without the blinding light of the yellow star. The closest planet was the brown one. He took a moment to concentrate. This was a trick he had been working on for a long time and wasn't quite perfect. He carefully observed the distance, visualizing his path and angle of trajectory. The gem beneath his eye glowed a bright orange as he drew his hand back. Amber was a patient gem. Usually. He thrust his arm forward once the preparations were complete and a stream of dirty gold sap rocketed from his arm. With a flash under his eye, the speed of the projectile ray increased exponentially before he felt it lodge into the surface of Terraria. He clenched his fist within the slime and it retracted, pulling him through towards the surface.
  11. [Venta] Amber lounged about in one of the taller trees in the forest he was exploring. The animal life was... adorable. There was nary a better word to describe it. He reached into his pocket and fished out an amber encasing of an animal he had found on a distant planet. The locals called them squirrels. The tree dwellers he was visiting with indeed resembled the so called "squirrels." Amber stood and jumped from the branch he was laying on to the canopy of his arbor hammock, looking up to the sky. He sensed something odd. Perhaps powerful. He didn't know particularly wear he was headed, but that never stopped him. He bent down and jumped, rocketing through the sky into space, displacing a many leaves causing them to rain down on the raven haired gem below him. It looked like he was heading towards the direction of the central star. It was chilly up here. Hopefully he'd hit a warmer atmosphere later to make up for it.
  12. Probably for the best that we specify the planets we're on in the beginning of our posts. Just thought of that.
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