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  1. "....So where did you get this car?" Kataa asked, but neither Lovi nor anyone answered as the group drove off to their most dangerous mission yet. The atmespheroe was tense within and out of the car as it seemed the thought of death or being caught loomed over the group. Kataa tried to push the thought away himself, but he couldn't help but wonder if he would be caught what would happen to him? Exucuction probably...but it seemed Oro didn't die when he-she-whatever got caught. However was loomed over Kataa the most was that if he died...no one would miss him. Not his rare-to-be-seen family, not his buds from the Roughiees group, not anyone he robbed him, and surely not Yui. If he died no one would care, and that was exactly why he drove himself to fight as hard as he could-so one day they would. Kataa glanced over at Charles who seemed to have fell asleep intill the car jolted to a stop. How the old man slept through Lovi's extreme driving was a mystery all on it's own. Kataa couldn't help but watch Lovi's dramatic performance till Antonio nugged him to move along. "Alright, so I'm not going to transform until the time is nesscary. I disguised my suitcase to potray a Mechanic's toolbox, which I'll give to you." Kataa gave Charles his suitcase without a hint of hesitation. "If worse comes to worse it should activate to my hidden wristwatch and fly right back to me for me to transform." Kataa was a tad surprised to see Charles accept so easily-and the fact that the old man could carry such a heavy case. Yui opened her eyes to see everything around her kept the same before she took her nap. Her hands were still free, making her assume the scary glasses man never returned to her room...Though there was a lurking fear inside her that maybe he did... She pondered on weather her friends were making their way to rescue her or not, till the word 'escape' flashed through her mind. "That's right...I need to get out of here, but how?" Her violet eyes focused their attention on the wooden door before her bed. It was the door K and glasses man came out of, so surely it had to be a door that led outside. "Maybe if I open the door..." Without a second thought she scurried to the door twisting the door knob. Meanwhile on the outside, two guards sat sheepishly outside of the prisoner's door. One was hoping for the end of his shift to come while the other wondered what was for dinner. Both sat in their chairs till one of them heard the door squeak. The guard stood up from his chair, "Did you hear that?" "No." The guard walked over to the door while the other followed. Yui could hear them coming to the door, but she knew if they found her unbound to the bed, they would only trap her even more. Suddenly thinking of her favorite comic, she hid behind the open door as the guards came in. "Huh? Where is she?!" "Maybe she went to the bathroom?" "We would have to uncuff her for that!" As the two were chattering, Yui snoke behind them, entering the hallway. She quickly looked to see two chairs, when a famous scene from her favorite comic once again came to her mind. As fast as she could, she untied one of her pigtails then reached for the door. She slammed the door shut, then quickly grasped the two chairs making them parallel against the door knob. Using her rubber band, she hooked the tops of the two chairs to the door knob, making the chairs jam the door. She could hear the guards messing with the door and that's when she decided to run.
  2. I like Shounen (especially long ones) because I feel like I can connect to the characters or the overall world since there are so many episodes to showcase many different things. My Fav Shounen's are... Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Gintama, and One Piece ^w^
  3. Kataa was making his way back to the Café after having the longest nap in his life (well at least that's what he thought). He suffled his feet across the groud, carrying his famed suitcase in one hand. Ah the suitcase, what appears to be a ordinary carrying-device to commoners, but to others a path of chaos. He'll never forget the day he discovered the suitcase or how hard he fought to keep it-but that story was for another day. To him, his armor was the true persona which held his identity-it was the 'thing' that made him change. Kataa walked on while his true figure, 'The Shadow Knight', remained hidden. Now you probably wondering why Kataa would think such thoughts when he was simply walking towards his mission. Well...the answer to that is simple: The mission tonight would be the last mission where he hides both identies. At least, that's what he thought..... Kataa was coming around the corner of the Cafe's street, when Charles appeared right before him. The two looked at each other-eyes both old and new. It was a rather strange encounter, for Kataa thought he saw...even if just for a seconded...a younger Charles. "You ready old man?" Kataa sighed Suddenly Charles dag into his pocket, making Kataa become fearful if just ever so slightly. Charles then pulled out a navy-green origami of what seemed to take shape of a suitcase. Kataa gave the old man a pondered look till Charles spoke, "Take this and read it whenever you can." Kataa frowned at the man, "It's not like your gonna die...." "Yes, but still, please take it." Hesitant at first, he walked over grasping the origami from the old man, giving him another look. He place the piece of origami within his shirt pocket, "Well here we go then." The two walked in where they spotted Lovi, Antonio, and Simon around a table of supplies. "This is Mamoru's stuff then?" "We've got another failed load sir..." One of the workers informed Eren, who ended up sighing for the fourteenth time this day. "How idiotic can you all be?!" He yelled to his workers. "It's a simple hack job made by decently upgraded codes! Are we not the capital who has even more advancements?!" "B-But Sir! There's two of them!" "A duo makes no mater! You twits are just too preoccupied playing Space Invaders to notice!" The worker behind him quickly paused his game. Eren dashed back to his very own computer, where codes of his own hacks read the word 'FAILURE.' It was surely frustrating all right. A hacker was trying to make their way within his very own computer system, but every time Eren and his crew would begin to debug the hacker, a message with viruses would appear across all their screens, making them have to start over once again. "It's not just one hacker, but two of them." Eren grinned as he dug into his old hacker files of his middle school days. Though his team had been spending the whole day working on this, he had to admit he was appreciative of a challenger who could finally meet his standards. "What do you want us to do sir?!" "Squad A, I want you to discoed all the messages we've received throughout the day. Squad B, kill ALL the virus' from each message. Then Squad C, I need you to just keep the real hacker at bay-but finish your game first James, your bound to loose anyways." James frowned while the worker beside him asked, "What about you Sir?" "Oh, I have something I haven't used for a very long time." Eren smiled as he clicked the folder labeled: 'Tech 1'
  4. Epic sketches! My fav memory was when Skiki was really unsure about herself, but Neku tried to convince her that her real self was better than her fake. I thought that was a really touching moment, especially with all that was going on. That, plus the ending battle ;w;
  5. It had been 2 weeks since Novan Sky had entered the life of Charles. Since his arrival Novan had remained in the animal barn, hiding within the stacks of hay whenever someone besides Charles had appeared. For a week Noavan had considered finally leaving the soarful cow-dung smelling barn, but every time he tried it was a utter fail. Either a member of Charles family would appear, a storm would occur, or he was just too hungry that he rather wait for a meal. Sure it would be nice to finally leave a place that didn't smell so horrid, but it was better than being back home. Novan was found laying on a hay stack while Charles walked in with another bowl of chowder. "Again?" Novan said sitting up, blowing the pieces of staw off his shoulders. "Don't you have anything better?" "No you idiot, this is the Dirt Poor District after all." Charles frowned. "So what about it? That's just a title." "I wish." Charles rolled his eyes, sitting down on the hay beside Novan. He handed him the tray, "We're the lowlifes here. The extra population the Capital's not sure what to do with. Honestly, they probably just wish they could get rid of us." "Neh." Novan replied taking a sip of the crappy chowder. "Wha?" "Maybe the capital your thinking of, but not the one I know." Novan he closed his violet eyes as if imagining a world that once had happened. "In the Capital I know, those with the lowest of titles are the best of allies. They have all the wits you could ever need, and hey a little money could go a long way." Novan laughed while Charles only furthered his glare. "Yet...I hear that those who are found the weakest, tend to be the strongest....inside." Noavan could only gaze at the palm of his hand before going on with his meal. Charles could only study him. Even though it's been two weeks, Charles just couldn't understand this fellow. He was just so....carefree. More than he ought to be... "So, have you thought about going back yet?" Chalres asked. "Eh, yeah." Novan shrugged. "You don't wanna go?" Novan shrugged once again, his violet eyes looking deep into the chowder, "I mean...there's nothing to really go back to." Chalres palms grew so sweaty, "W-wait are you the only Sky left?" "What?" Novan asked giving Chalres a bewildered look, "Ha! No! I'm not the only one, I have two brothers and a Mom." "I don't get it though, I thought you guys were all suppose to be...." "Dead? Yeah, that's what I thought. But no, were not. We're held captive instead." "Held captive? By who?" "I dunno, somone my Mom knows." Novan kept eating, as if the subject didn't really mater. "What? They how are you in public?" "Oh yeah, my brothers and I escaped." "What?!" Charles practically yelled. "Jeesh calm down dude." Novan said frowning at the man who was acting historical."Yeah, when you caught me with the horse. That was the horse I rode to escape the Dictator." "WHAT?" Charles was dumbfounded. For the past two weeks he had been hiding a Government-held prisoner?! "What about your Ma?! Where's your brothers?! Are the cops going to raid my house?!" "Probably dead, I dunno, and hopefully not." Charles only grew more dumbfounded till Novan decided to speak in details, "Look, my brothers and I were never really found of our Mother, ok? So don't look at me like I'm a horrid killer. My father died only two years after my younger brother was born, when the Dictator's dogs threaten to kill us. My Mother, be the weakling she is decided to agree to a deal where we would be held captive instead of killed. Thus, we were caged in the lower parts of the Capital for many years, intill my two brothers forged to plan to escape. Thus the three of us escaped, not telling our Mother a single word. As for my brothers, I don't know where they are or what they are even doing. My eldest brother was all for rebelling and killing the Dictator and all his followers, while my younger brother thought it would be wiser to gather a crowd of rebels. We accidentally split up while we were escaping. And as for the police....yeah hopefully not." Charles hands became fists, "Won't aren't you going to go help your brothers?!" Novan finished his chowder, laying the bowl on the tray, "No, I'm not. I never really cared about rebelling anyways. I just wanted to get out of there." Novan fell back against the hay. Charles grew angry watching the boy-how could he just leave his family like that?! However, the next move Novan did surprised Charles most of all. He saw water form in the boy's violet eyes. "Though....I do wonder why they had to be so ambitious....and my Mother so weak...." Charles remained silent for a few seconds before standing up before the boy, "Look....I may not be familiar with this family-jumbo-mumbo or whatever, but I do know one thing.... Sometimes you gotta just live the life you wanna strive for and hope that maybe it can make the others around you happy as well-whether they like it or not." Charles stood tall in front of the man in a way he had never done before. For most of his life, his own family did not really care for his actions, only the money he made. But maybe...maybe that just wasn't the right answer. Novan looked at him, the water in his eyes vanishing. He sat back up when he suddenly had to ask, "Hey...Charles, I have a question." "What?" "Are you a teenager?" "Yeah, why?" "Oh nothin, I just wondered why you looked like such an adult, but thought like a teen." Novan smirked. Charles smacked him on the shoulder, "Hey! That's not funny you bastard!" Novan burst out laughing when suddenly the barn door creaked open. Novan fell over from shock while Charles remained standing there saying, "Don't worry." Novan hid behind the hay, his violet eyes suddenly growing wide. "It's only Mishi." Standing right beside the barn door, with light coming from the outside; stood a girl with a dress that looked like it was made from brown rags. The girl had big-blue eyes and the most vibrant color of pink hair he had ever seen. And to him, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Charles had just finished the crane he had been making. A crane with the color of light pink. With his withered feet, he stood up watching the setting sun finally journey beneath the clouds. With a small smile forming in his lips, he walked off with a single thought going through his mind, "Don't worry you two, I'll save your daughter."
  6. I think it's so cool! I really love how KH is one of the few games that mesh professional actors/actress from TV or movies into a game, so it's like watching a full-fledge movie that you can control.
  7. I would like my name to be changed to: LeeLovesKHForever please!
  8. Charles took a step back, his very own dagger still facing the Stranger who claimed he was from the now extinct mafia. This Novan boy was simply staring at him, not fearful whatsoever for claiming such a dangorus thing. Claiming to be a member of the Sky family was the same thing as calming you had a gun in a crowed area. Only the mentally insane would do such a thing...or, "So your a Sky then?" Novan gave a look of surprise, "You believe me?" Charles let out a sigh, bringing down the dagger, "Yeah, only a real Sky would claim such a thing outloud in public." Novan watched Charles before letting out a small laugh, "Your a weird guy you know." Novan extended his own hand in a greeting mater, "So now you know my name, but what's yours again?" "You want to shake hands even though I can report you to the officials?" "Well....yeah, I mean I might as well know the name of the guy who sent me to my execution." Now Charles found himself laughing while he brought out his free hand. He gripped Novan's hand, giving one big handshake, "Charles, it's Charles." "RIght, I'll try to remember that next time." Novan said letting go. "So what are you going to do now?" Charles asked, putting the dagger in his back pocket. "Your not going to call the officials on me?" "And get my own family in trouble? Nope." "Well...." Novan started when suddenly his own stomach growled out-loud throughout the whole barn. He looked at Charles semi flustered while the cows swigged their tails. "Do you have something to eat first?...." "Yeah." Charles answered, turning around. "But you might not want to leave this barn." "Why?" "Because my family is a family of criminals disguising themselves as farmers. If they see a richie man like you, they'll turn cannibal for the night." Novan could only gulp while Charles walked away. (Hey guys, I need only one more Past Charles post, then I should be able to start posting as Kataa and Charles again)
  9. After that fateful day, Charles had kept the unconscious man inside his Father's old barn, checking over him as much as he checked the cows with their milk. It had been three days since the stranger fell back asleep, but he was indeed alive. Surely he would be safe here, Charles could only imagine what his family would think-or do if they saw a decently dressed man like this stranger, within their fake confinements. Though it had been days, Charles knew the boy would have to wake up soon. He just knew. And after another day, he finally did. During the early sunrise of the morning, Charles walked within the shabby-old barn to see the stranger who was once asleep rubbing the cows who he had to feed. Charles couldn't help but drop the bucket of water he was holding, as the stranger's attention went towards him. The stranger's once neat blonde hair, now had hay within his locks, while sumges of dirt were smeared across his face. However, Charles couldn't help but be shocked once again by the eyes the stranger had. Violet...the darkening beauty of purple were the colors of his eyes. Those violet eyes looked straight at Charles, as a un-amused grin appeared on his face, "Good Morning." "You..." Charles said walking up to the boy. "Your..." "Yeah, thanks for saving me." The Stranger said, taking his hand off the cow. "I guess May was a more radical horse than I thought..." Charles walked only a few more inches till he felt there was a safe enough distant between the two of them, "Who are you?..." The Stranger's grin vanished as he looked at Charles with a disappointed look, almost as if he had been caught, "I could ask you the same thing, your apart of the dirt poor district right? Yet, my clothes are still on me." Charles then glared at the stranger, when suddenly the boy closed his eyes, walking towards Charles. "Look, thanks for saving me and all, but I'm just going to take my leave no-" The boy then suddenly stopped when a sudden dagger appeared against the stranger's throat. Charles' own small blue eyes glanced at the boy with the dagger sitting firm in his grasp. The boy asked, "Your not really from the dirt poor district are you?" Charles couldn't help but let a small chuckle, "Oh trust me, I am, I'm just not dirt compared to some others around here." "Are you really going to kill me before knowing my name?" "Depends, why are you in such royal clothin? You from the Gov?" The Stranger couldn't help but smile at this. He stepped back, facing Charles fully to show full exposure, "Alright you got me." "So who are you then?" Charles asked pointing his dagger at the Stranger. The Stranger smirked, "Novan Sky."
  10. Yui sighed in relief-she was safe. For now... "But what do I do...I should try to escape, but there are surely guards everywhere...And what if that guy comes back....W-what do I do?" Yui glannced around and around and around. "Ug just looking is getting me nowhere! I hate to say this, but if I just go out there alone with no weapon I'm probably going to die. So then...do I wait for my teamates to come? But that's so selfish! And what if they don't come..." Yui frowned at the thought, "No...they'll come for me. They're different-so they will. So I guess..." Yui sighed, "The best option would be to wait for them, and try to escape as soon as they come. I should at least try to rest." For some reason her stomach was still in a little pain since K healed her, but she was still unsure as to why. Regretting the choice to become the damsel in distress, Yui laid back down, trying her best to close her eyes. Eren gave a unamused look to the screen infont of him. "Really...that's all they could come up with?" "You gotta admit it's pretty stupid." One of the workers said, smacking the guy beside him. "Ow! Y-Yeah I know, but the sender is unknown!" "Yeah, so what? It could be-" "It could be the rebels." Eren completed the sentence looking at the sentence through his glasses. A nasty smirk crossed his mouth as he barked the ordering commands, "Retrace the message, and see if you get any info on what kind of device it came from. From there we can discover what district or work they come from." He glanced at a nearby clock, "It's 1 in the afternoon, so let's get this finshed by tonight." Maybe, just maybe he could discover another hidden rebel. Around 30 years ago, there was once a farmer's boy, tending to desert dry fields his family had. It was another typical day for him, a rather boring day in which he wished he could do something else. That was what he always wished for though-he wished for a different life. Well, as luckily for him Fate had heard his cry, for on that same fateful day a jogging horse was aiming straight for his family's fields. Neighbors yelled and cried while one of them shouted, "Hey! There's a body on that horse!" The Farmer's eyes widen when seeing the horse dash by. As quick as he could, he grabbed his own horse following the dashing wild thing, intill he was close enough. On that wild horse laid a unconscious man with a uniform unfamiliar to the Farmer's boy. He reached for the man, luckily able to grasp him as the horse dashed off to the great unknown. His own house slowed down as he looked down at a boy probably around the same age as him. He boasted a strange jacket, with medals everywhere, but blood oozed from the top of his head, just below his dirty blonde hair. The Farmer boy sat there, unsure of what to do, when suddenly the uniformed boy slowly awoke. The Farmer's boy gasped when he saw the color of the other boy's eyes.....violet. The boy looked at him, gasping, "Who are you?....." The Farmer's boy answered, "Charles...my name is Charles..."
  11. Kataa watchd Simon stumble and shuffle. Usually he would roll his eyes, and ignore this ind of occurrence, but he felt bad for the poor guy-or more like he felt guilty. Apparently Simon wanted to display to him a magic trick, to which Kataa found somewhat strange. However, with a inner sigh the ex-roughiee boy looked at the card player, "Sure, why not..." Kataa put his hands in his pocket, watching the card boy with a confused expression across his face. The boy mixed a varity of cards to which Kataa could only assume was a Match Game. Simon grasped his fedora, spinning the cards within, to reveal a little surprise Kataa hadn't suspect. A bunny. A bunny had appeared out of thin air. Kataa's own eyes widen seeing the little fur ball wiggle it's tini nose. "How did you...." He studied the little rabbit wondering how such a occurrence could happen from a deck of cards. However, Kataa could only smile, "Heh thanks...." He turned around, ready to head home before mumbling to Simon, "You know Simon...your not so bad." He then walked off, hoping to finally get some sleep. Yui slightly shook, unsure of what to do. Basically this guy wearing glasses was telling her to reveal her friend's names or face the wrath of death. And surely both choices were horrid. Yui bit the inside of her cheek, hoping someone would come to rescue her right now- Simon, Lovi, Charles, maybe even K. However, the pinkette knew that would be impossible....especially right now. Yui opened her mouth when a unexpected answer came out of her shaken mouth, "Oreo...." The glasses man gave her confused expression, "A cookie...." "Y-Yeah..." Yui stumbled to answer. "Do you mean Oro, who goes by Kana now?" "Um....yes...." Yui looked at him hoping that was a good enough answer, but then suddenly Eren held a evil glint in his eyes. "Yes, but I'm afraid we already know that so..." He reached for her whilst Yui closed her eyes in fear till... 'Knock knock!' The glasses man paused, both of them listening to the door. "Sir! We received a message from a unknown source!" The man infront of Yui looked at the door, deciding to get up and make his way out. Before leaving he looked back at her, "Maybe I'm lucky....maybe they ratted themselves out..." Yui was ready to say something, but the glasses man had already left. She watched the door close, thankful yet fearful that she was safe. Who sent that message? Someone from her team? And most importantly...what did that message say? Eren ran to his lab, egger to read the message. "Where is it? He asked walking to his lab with many of his workers surrounding the computer. "Oh um....right here Sir..." One of the workers displayed the message across the screen. It said... "YOU SUCK ;3"
  12. Yui had awoke shortly after, feeling much better compared to the last time she woke up. She wondered if K's magic healed her when she noticed he was gone. Yui sat up to realize there was a note and some sort of tube on her bed. Yui studied the tube finding it extremely strange, before taking a look at the note. It was from K... Yui I hope the next time we meet will be an eventful. Since we will be involved in a world changing battle I'll teach you one spell. Red Yellow Blue Green Orange Purple Black White Whichever one glows you'll receive a spell, what it does depends on you. This is an awakening for beginners, it usually doesn't work for most people. But I think you'll get it to work. I have one more gift for you, an elixir of sorts. It can heal almost anything. Remember to only unseal it when you absolutely plan on using it, or else it will become useless. You've come a long way from that scared girl who got bullied. I want to see your outcome where everyone is happy. -K P.S. This message will disappear after you read it. As she read the note, multiple thoughts came to her mind. It seemed to her that K really believed she could use magic like him. But how? How could she use high skilled magic like him when she was just a beginner at sword and arrow? Maybe it had something to do with what Charles said....finding your inner soul. The note then talked about the elixir. Sot it could heal almost anything?...Why would he give her this? Wasn't she his biggest enemy?... But that's when one line caught Yui's eye: I want to see your outcome where everyone is happy. Even if it was true or not, she couldn't help but feel happy. Yui read the rest of the message till the PS. part rose her eyebrows. SUddenly the note vanished as if it were thin air. All Yui could see now was the bottle and both her hands....Hey wait. Yui looked at her right hand to see it was free. K still let her be free from her restraints... As much as she wanted to say thank you though, she knew she had to escape. However, a knock occurred from the door. Eren watched as K and Fiore finshed their conversation. It seemed Fiore was very concerned abiut the girl being here, compared to K who seemed to not worry. Eren only shrugged at Fiore, pushing up his glasses, "Kana's down the hall if you wanna talk to it, now if you excuse me I need to talk to the girl K is so found of." Eren couldn't help but smirk at that last part, knowing it would bother Fiore just a tad... Before Fiore could react, Eren reached for the door, quietly knocking before going in. The pinkette was there, wide awake unlike K had said... It seemed her right wrist was tied to the back of her bed, preventing escape. Though he wondered.... "Good Morning Miss. Sky, I see your wide awake." The girl just looked at him fearful of what to say. "Oh come one, don't worry. I'm not that scary." He decided to sit in the same chair K had sat in eariler. "I just bite those who don't follow my ways." He smiled at the girl, while the girl frowned at him, recognizing the threat. "Look, I'm not the best with the female race, but you could actually try to be considerate." Still no word... Eren sighed. "Well I guess your not in the mood to be respectful. Alrighty, then let's cut to the chase. I need the names of your so called rebels, or I'm going to have to report to K that you acidenlty died when you were trying to run away." Eren watched as the girl tensed up. He couldn't help but smile, "And we both know that's not what K would want..." Yui could only look at Eren in fear. Kataa watched Charles, frustrated at the older man when Simon walked up to him. Simon? Man did Kataa feel bad for him though, with Yui gone he really had no one to talk to. Poor guy was probaly looking for someone to talk to since she was gone. "Oh hey Simon." He glanced at the card kid. "Yeah I'm fine, just not sure about Charles tough..." He really wanted to ask the old man so many questions.... "Sorry man..." Without him realizing, he was apologizing to Simon, "I'm sorry I couldn't save her for you man...For any of you..."
  13. Eren just gazed at Kana, not caring one bit for whatever it was saying. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact Kana was the rebel's traitor and potentially had use, he would of got rid of the thing a long time ago... But today wouldn't be the day! Eren would not be irritated by anyone, including Kana! Not today! Eren just rolled his eyes underneath his glasses, "Oh yeah...I was going to eat it, but I figured Fiore would be really upset if he didn't have it so..." Eren simply walked away. He would just have to make sure the little traitor doesn't decide to switch roles once again. Eren shouted back to Kana, "Hopefully he enjoyed it." If he were lucky, Kana would be chasing Fiore for the next few hours. . Speaking of the devil, Eren could see K and Fiore talking to one another outside the prisoner's door. Eren smiled to himself, walking strait to the two, "Well it seems you two are up. Did you enjoy your gift oh so powerful leader?" Kataa watched as Lovi headed out ready to go back to sleep. He glanced at the others, "I'm gonna do the same too. " He checked his phone one last time when he noticed Charles stand up, heading for the door. "Till then everyone." Charles said, waving bye to everyone in the Café. Kataa sped to the door, "Wait up Old Man!" Charles stopped outside the door, watching Kataa look at him-or more like study him. "Charles....who are you exactly?" Charles looked at the boy placing a shushing finger against his lips, "Only a friend." He smiled one last time before walking off in the slowest pace Kataa had seen yet. Kataa watched the old man, with the same thought running in and out of his head as he made his way to his bed, "Charles...who are you to Yui?"
  14. Thank you for the add btw!

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