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  1. Replays the "Don't Think Twice" video over 500 times- still going.

  2. Happy New Year. *cheers some apple cider* Hope this year can shine brighter than the most previous years.

  3. Want to wish everyone here a great Merry Christmas

  4. Awesome submission 0.2, KH3D, and BackCover, with a foreshadow of KH3 in the middle. Looks like from Shiro Amano style too.
  5. Possible, but he could edit certain things to make it look decent. Hey, at least we'll finally have all characters in one box art
  6. Quota, but nice submission dude!
  7. Love the combat and love the music. Just playing the first hour (only got through 2 hours of the game) made me feel like I'm playing another Kingdom Hearts game but with a different story and setting.
  8. I see Sora as more of a teamwork kind of guy, rather than doing moves on his own. So Trinity would fit best. However, there's no Donald or Goofy, therfore, no Trinity, unless it'd be like Trinity from Re:CoM. Other than that, they'd probably go with an attack that stands out from the other Champions in the game, so I'd say Ragnarok or Sonic Blade. Nearly all Champion medals use hack and slash so these two attacks aren't as visually similar.
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