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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. With enough training, you can here his true voice and understand everything he says. This next video is edited so you can here a bit of his true voice : https://youtu.be/GBIPlV2U1rc?t=23
  2. I have two ways of seeing Sora in Smash : - The first one would be a KH1 Sora more Magic/Special based (like in Smash Flash) with magics for the specials that would be good for controlling space. - The other one would be a KH2 Sora more speed and combo based (maybe a bit like a Marth) quickly closing distance. But if Sora were to appear in Smash, it would probably be to tease KH3. So I think we will have a KH3 with Magics and Keyblade Transformation maybe. I don't think that's possible. I can see Disney agreeing for Sora in Smash, but definitly not for Donald and Goofy. If Sora is in Smash (and appears in his KH3 appearance), then the final smash will probably be a Keyblade Transformation with a big boom. For the Alt.Costumes, there is now so many Soras in KH that we have a plethora of skin possible. Either we have simple recolors that could be a bit reworked to correspond to his drive forms, or the Smash staff would go full in with skin colors referencing KH1 (red or white skin), KH2 (black or yellow skin) or even Vanitas (definitly black skin). Then we could have a skin color based on Riku(KH1) and/or Roxas (respectively Blue/yellow and White skin).
  3. I'd choose staff since KH3's combo look pretty bad while Thundaja seems like you'll be able to spam it as in 0.2.
  4. Knowing that the WR in any% doesn't go under 2 hours, I don't know how in hell I could do 100% in less than 2 hours, even in beginner.
  5. *Sees mom from afar* First zoom in *Notices yellow eyes and pointy ears* Mom point her finger to herself and says: "I'M PART XEHANORT !"
  6. You can see the same symbol in KH X Back Cover on the MoM and Luxu's clothes. I think it's just the new defaut zipper for the Black Hood in HD.
  7. Mahou Sensei Negima (take a while to really begin) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (is it overrated ? ... the answer is no) The Breaker (was kinda nice) Berserk (not for everyone) Grand Blue (what do you mean it's not a battle manga ?)
  8. What makes Mario games so great : - Great care given to movement, game-feel, and many other details such as music and design. - Constant variations of gameplay, out and in-game (each game is different, and in each (big) game, every situation you encounter is very different)
  9. Riku is already pretty tall, so Sora taller than him would make me uncomfortable, especially since he would also be taller than goofy.
  10. Why though ? I mean, between a Roxas level 5 and a Roxas level 1, there is not much differences.
  11. I mean, just look at that : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2kmUpzCH20
  12. Characters designed like bosses ? Because struggle is like, 10 second long wih trinity...
  13. Hello everyone. I think with the whole "Drive" in the command menu is amazing. Think about it. You can use it if you want to, or not. It's really simple. There giving us a chance to choose our playstyle on a press of two button (one with autodrive ability). You're not really defending Situation command here. This argument can apply to almost everything in video games (you can choose to use magic, or not ! Just don't press the buttons ! Yay) ------------------------ So then, why am I, like many others, against the situation commands ? First : You can't choose when to activate it. Making strategies less reliable and adding randomness into fights. Two : You can choose not to use it. I'd like to differ. As you can see, KH3 uses the power of the PS4 to provides us with bigger maps than ever in KH, but also with even more enemies. Did you try to count how many enemies there is each time Sora get into a crowd fight in the trailers ? Answer : MANY ! When you have some bases in game design, you know that you make levels and enemies for the players to use his abilities, exemple : If you have given a Sniper rifle to the player, you will put enemies on a balcony far away so the player has a use to his sniper rifle. With that in mind, let's see why I differ : on the one hand the game gives you Situations Commands with massive destruction power that you can use without any cost, on the other hand the game send you enemies by packages of 15. The fights are designed so you have to use Situation Command to be efficient (which is perfectly understandable, that's what make ituseful). Imagine fighting 20 enemies without using them, it's long and dangerous, and it's only the first wave of the first crowd fight in this world. And this leads me to my third point : Three : You can (and must) use them in every single fights ! And they all build up the same way, by hitting enemies fast enough. See the problem here ? Every fight will feel the same : quick combo this enemy fast, use some magic to build -ja.s too, use your OP situation commands which will work in every situations, do it again. - "But there are different situation commands with different uses ! " - "Maybe, but the only way to decide what situation command you'll get is the choice of your keyblade, which only impacts the Keyblade transformation command, and the magic you chose to spam, because you have to do it fast enough ya'know. All the others are random (looking at you, attraction flow (and maybe limits too))." - "But maybe the situation commands are not OP and just a way to add diversity to the fights (with randomness to force diversity)." - "Then you still have to defeat waves of 20 enemies, if you don't see the problem, go to point two. But the situations commands will be OP, or else there wouldn't be 20 enemies at the same time !" It's easy to see what type of gameplay the Osaka team wants to give us : Many enemies, but if you hit them good, we reward you with super strong and flashy attacks and you can kil... hum ... destroy them all ! I did choose my word well, the situation commands are not an option for the player to use, but a reward, a reward you get each fight. That's why I have a problem with situation command, they put limits on how you can play the game and prevent strategy in favor of flashiness. P.S : Sorry for bad english.
  14. It's because the "two diagonal + turn around" is, I think, a combo modifier that acts like a finisher. So no, he doesn't change style at all
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