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  1. how do you know that is true? Check this out, this trends are before her trailer back in December first 2015. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=2014-08-01%202015-12-01&q=Isaac%20Smash,Banjo%20Smash,Geno%20Smash,King%20K%20Rool%20Smash,Bayonetta%20Smash I made a comparison of the most requested characters back in time at least in my opinion, It's clear if you see the tables that Bayonetta is in fact the winner, check out the average and the 2nd table where you can compare globally vs any character, of course this is in google search, so no one would know the truth, but denying her popularity it's stupid.
  2. She in Mexico is very popular, most of my friends vote for her, just because she isn't as vocal as others doesn't mean that she's not popular enought to be in the top 5 in America, #1 Worldwide and Europe.
  3. OMG Marluxia have yellow eyes now

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    2. Terranort9406


      the japanese version of the trailer!!

    3. PrinceNoctis


      What there's additional footage in the Japanese version. Square is crazy.

    4. Terranort9406


      he has lines, probably they don't record those in english yet.

  4. I have a youtube channel friend I perfectly understand how this works, that's not a reason to ask money just because they can do it, like I said it's not like he's uploading lots of videos every single day, if he is not making enough money to live that's not a job it's a hobby with benefits. Yeah, Sadly KH fanbase is not that big to be a well paid as a youtuber. Yup it's fine to donate and I know how making content takes time because I make lots of videos in the past but not at all to be honest, I'm not agree with some points, he has enough money to buy a ps4, ps3, psp limited edition, kh japanese limited edition, he could save money to travel with anticipation.
  5. It's not like he's uploading lots of videos every day, he should get a job for a while and upload videos less often.
  6. Atantis would be cool, or another cool disney 2d movie!! but to be honest I just want more footage of the Tangled world, I like that forest a lot, also more disney characters cutscenes would be fantastic!! A part of me thinks that KH3 It's still very early in development in terms of in game cutscenes, past KH games shows more cutscenes at this point of development.
  7. Probably the balloon gameplay and Vanitas cutscene it's after they save boo, and the laught bar it's to open doors just like the movie when they scape from the villian.
  8. I think we will get 13 worlds with each member of the organization being in one world, example Toy Story World with Young Xehanort, Tangled World with Marluxia, Realm of Darkness with Terra-Xehanort.
  9. The gameplay was ok but the rooms were so repetitive and boring and it doesn't help that the worlds are the same of KH1, I forced myself to complete the game.
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