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  1. I wanna point out before I will go dark again that Kingdom Hearts was my first introduction to the Final Fantasy franchise and I have been waiting to see Leon and the others again for 12 years now or so. If Nomura doesn't want them in the game I will have to deal with that BUT Final Fantasy characters are part of the brand/identity of the franchise so excluding them IF that happens is a strange creative decision. I would love to see the Restoration Committee interact with former members of the Organization and the REAL Ansem it would be a wasted oppertunity but eh if it doesn't effect the story in any meaningful way than no... Still though:(
  2. So they went a playable Riku for KH3 GREAT I was so looking forward to play Riku again and again instead of King Mickey or Kairi I'm happy they made it a secret... But for real though damned Nomura I hope you have more planned than Sora and Riku in KH3 and btw thank you I was searching for this quoto:)
  3. Damned Youtube STOP trying to spoiler the holy bible I WANT TO EXPIERENCE THE TOUCH OF GOD ITSELF ON 29 JANUARY!

  4. AwesomeKHfan

    Question about Deluxe Edition

    I'm gonna buy the Deluxe Edition of Kingdom Hearts 3 but I wanna know what will be included in the Deluxe Edition? A art book? what more? only the game or more?
  5. AwesomeKHfan

    Happy New Year

    May Mickey Mouse bless you and the man who can hold his breath in longer than 1 minute who lived during the Crusade era... But for real HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!
  6. AwesomeKHfan

    Coming Home - GMV Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everybody and may Kingdom Hearts bless you
  7. Reminds of a rumor back in the beginning of 2018 that he was more focussed on what came after KH3 instead of focussing on KH3 -_-
  8. There better be a closed ending in Kingdom Hearts 3 after almost 20 years or so, nothing personal but the comment ''Hurry up and give us the continuation now!'' Gives me a little bit stress
  10. AwesomeKHfan

    The last days

    This trailer still kicks ass:)
  11. AwesomeKHfan

    The last days

    Aah the memories I remember seeing this in school and being so hyped and now the game looks even better but still this has it's own charm that makes me play this more I don't know what it is XD
  12. AwesomeKHfan

    The last days

    Thanks for all the positive responses! I remember watching the Sony E3 2013 Press Conference live! I was already because of Final Fantasy XV. I remember the young me seeing FF Versus XIII it was one of the first games and videos I have ever seen on the internet and IT FINALLY CAME BACK! Not only that but it got fulled up on by Kingdom Hearts 3. First I didn't believe it was KH3 I said to myself ''They are gonna milk it'' but it turns out to be KH3 and I lost my shit I runned through the living room, called all my friends and spread the holy news of KH3 I was so hyped and thought that the game was gonna be released in 2015 because Nomura said in the E3 interview that they were talking about it since 2015... ME AND EVERYONE ELSE WASN'T EXPECTING THAT THE WAIT HAD JUST BEGUN! Let's celebrate the coming of KH3
  13. AwesomeKHfan

    How long is the game

    I thought it was 80 hours but it might also depend on the difficulty level you start with.
  14. AwesomeKHfan

    The last days

    I wanted to make this thread in January so we can count down to the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3 but I couldn't wait anymore. I want in this thread everyone to post a trailer each day or something related to Kingdom Hearts here like the development so we can all look back at the beginning when we just started with this franchise and appreciate how far Kingdom Hearts 3 has come. As an example I want you to imagine that there are still 25 days before the official release I post a video or YOU about Kingdom Hearts and say something like 25 days left and we can discuss the video's context. I know we have an countdown on this site but I still wanna enjoy it with people. Bonus video:) 40 days to go for EU release and 36 for the Japanese release... P.S if the Mods think this thread is unnecessary you can lock it down and delete it if you want to