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  1. Hi guys long time no see! Question are there any video game orchestra's this August in London... or any orchestra's this year
  2. So how does that work? His heart was pulled from the past to be inserted inside a Replica by Xehanort but why need the Unversed for gathering negative emotions if he can just be pulled from the past?
  3. Was there something not mentioned about time travel in the dlc?
  4. I have been wondering how did Vanitas return in Kingdom Hearts 3 after being defeated by Ventus in BBS and being absent for 10 years? He get's resurrected in KH3 but how are the Unversed still around if Vanitas was not there? I thought they vanished after BBS.
  5. Final Fantasy 7 Remake LOVE IT except the filler parts and the ending
  6. I'm currently reading part 3 (half way through) and I'm enjoying it thus far and you make solid points with edvidence to back it up and funny enough most of my criticism aligns with yours so ? but I have to go somewhere so expect my answer either today very late or tomorrow
  7. In numerous cutscenes the player is informed that Sora is a goofball, and a bit of a screw-up compared to everyone else; hence why he is sent to visit Hercules in the first place. But as stated, the story never moves forward without him present – or without him doing all the work. If there’s an enemy to face, it cannot be defeated without Sora. If there’s a job to do, it’s up to Sora to do it. With a couple of key exceptions, every character apart from Sora, Donald, and Goofy is presented as almost comically useless – yet our protagonist remains the butt of every joke. While the player should be in control as much as possible – and should indeed be the one to overcome challenges – the story needs to support this, not actively work against the player’s growth and sense of success. This! THIS! good aritcle very informative and very well constructed I'm looking forward to the next one and your thoughts on Xehanort's so called ''redemption'' or whatever they tried in the end to make it seem like it's oke to send him to heaven.
  8. Doesn't he know it's a secret plot device that reveals that the little meow is the greatest and most powerful villian in the dark seeker saga is behind everything? Seriously Xehanort can be so dumb at times:)
  9. 13Th Vessel uploaded another video where we explore the entirety of Le Grand Bistrot which means we go outside the kitchen:)
  10. I was mostly inspired by the Tokyo Game Show that took place not so long ago. Tell me what game interested you the most at the event? Mine is Final Fantasy VII Remake.
  11. These two if you ask me are some of the most questionable decisions Nomura made. He knew Kairi was gonna be a keyblade wielder for 7 years but still reduced her to a damsel in distress and why? Cause she needed to temporarily die? She has training with Lea a former organization XIII member and is a Princess of Heart but even with special abilities Donald healing Sora was way more effective this time around… That is saying something and they advertised Kairi in almost every trailer. Sora dying is fine and I agree ''killing'' him off screen is... yeah you know XD but what I personally (my opinion) find bad is that Nomura refused to explain the power of awakening! We know that it is dangerous but unfortunately there is no true explanation avaiable as of right now and left to interpetations and theories. I assume the last one is gonna happen in the Remind DLC.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6DgZ4HYsdA I'm a fan of Netflix Dragon Prince so of course I had to make this and if you like Avatar The Legend of Aang I recommend you the show!
  13. Just curious, I'm planning on replaying all the Kingdom Hearts games soon for the... well I lost count but is the X-Blade the most powerful key in the lore?
  14. YES rate Kingdom Hearts 3! your expierence and more I have been absent so I missed out alot of stuff XD My expierence was good just good but I only played through the game once!
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