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  1. I had a similar situation with the Steven Universe, in 1-5 seasons he was just a cute well-fed boy, but in "Future" I started to find him a pretty attractive guy. Sora he was just the same in KH1 just a cute kid, but in KH2 and KH3 he became very pretty. I like the fact that Sora is very pretty despite the fact that he has no model appearance. He is not a blond handsome like Riku and Roxas is not a hot guy like Axel and doesn't have a muscular physique like Terra. And I like the fact that in KH1, Kairi chose Sora over Riku, and usually at her age, many girls are drawn to tall guys a little older than them, like Riku. Sora is first and foremost handsome in soul and Kairi saw this. Well, and then in addition to the "soul", this very "beauty" began to manifest itself and externally.))
  2. Sorry, I don’t know how to hide the picture under spoilers, I haven’t been here for too long. ((
  3. I flipped the whole Google image and no image is suitable for the conditions set for the signature, help and advise me please the desired image or gif for KH in the amount of 200 pixel. And even the smallest art does not meet the requirements because of what I was completely desperate. Please help me. ((
  4. I have only one question, how will the fans from Belgium try to circumvent the ban?
  5. Will you return the signature? My signature disappeared after updating the site.((
  6. How to change the mobile version of the site to the version for computers? Mobile version is inconvenient. In addition, because of the round avatar, my drawing on the profile is almost invisible. ((
  7. First, I want to know from you how I understood the worlds that existed in X chi were created thanks to the Book of Prophecies, however, with the disappearance of MoM and his students, this method is now unavailable because of what the worlds from the future are replicated with Data. However, they are inferior in scale to the worlds created from the book of prophecies because of what they are isolated and can not develop like the worlds from the book? If I am not right. What about the theory. My thought is that the Book does not just create worlds from the future, it can create a new reality that can evolve directly from the original. The book of prophecies feeds its power from the dreams and memories of people of the future because of what the terrain that we see now in the UX, to some extent can be considered a reality of sleep that was formed artificially, unlike those places where Sora and Riku were in DDD. However, to sustain such worlds, power from the future is needed. Therefore, owners of keyblade and draw this energy, which is manifested in the form of medals. And then I warn you will carry me: However, in order for the book of evidences to draw energy from the future, it must be constantly maintained with the help of the power of light that we collect as Lux, without all this reality, the worlds created from the book will simply disappear. All this can also lead to the old theory about foretellers who are suspiciously similar to our main characters. If the book of prophecies can draw strength from the future, create worlds from the future, as well as people from the future, why couldn’t we recreate all of our famous heroes? We have already seen Mickey, Donald, Goofy, why could not Sora, Riku, Kairi and others be recreated too? Masters of Masters could take advantage of this knowing that in the future they would be talented masters and take control of them. This would explain why there are medals with Ava, Gula, Ira, which in theory can not be in the future. However, for example, if Invi (Do not forget that this name was given to her by MoM) is simply Aqua which was recreated with the help of a book in the past, then in essence Invi and Aqua will then be the same person. That's why foretellers will still be drawn from the future, for even if they died in the war of keyblade, technically they will still exist as their versions from the real world. (If I cited Invi as an example because it has the most similarities with Aqua, both externally and in character) But if not only the heroes we know were recreated from the book , what if all the characters in UX are known to us from the future? Avatar which we manage is also not real, it was only recreated from a person who will exist in the future. What if the Keyblade War itself is just one big MoM experiment? Yes, my theory looks completely insane and in the last I often write my crazy thoughts here. But I really would like people to pay attention to my theory. What do you think of her? Where can I be wrong. Please correct me in the comments.) It is also the thought that has just befallen me, if the worlds of the future in UX are created using Data. So maybe this explains that we began to fight with Data members of the Organization 13. (If of course this can be considered a canon)
  8. Intentionally or not, Xehanort looked like Roy Conli, and Master Eragus looked like the creator of Final Fantasy. Suddenly MoM will have the features of Nomura? Well, if only because MoM created Chirity that look like lop-eared cats, his eyes also look like feline, and we all know that Nomura loves cats. All this is of course a joke, but what if any of this becomes true? If two characters have traits of people associated with KH, then why can't the above-said version be true?
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