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  1. This inspired me after watching Attack on titan. I'm not saying that these two are copies of each other, since they grew up in different conditions and Levi is much older than Roxas. And yet, I see similarities between the two. They're both short. Quite straightforward. Stubborn. Plus they have a snarky trait (especially Levi's). In addition, in their universes, they are one of the most epic cool boy. (I mean in KH3, Roxas can reduce the enemy's standard of living to a minimum, without any Sora intervention. And Roxas fans have a reputation for being a tough guy, pathetically knocking everyone right and left). I think these two could find a couple of common topics for conversation.
  2. I like to think that Yozora can be a kind of "nobody" Riku.😅
  3. The team from my country also went to the music from Kingdom hearts.:) It's nice that this franchise has started to be considered so much that they play OST of this series of games at such major events.
  4. As you know, the name "Sora" translates as "sky", the name "Yozora" as "Night sky", and regarding "Roxas", I heard somewhere that in Spanish there is a name similar to" Roxas",. and translates as" Red sky " (Red sky ,usually always associated with twilight.) Also interesting is the place where the heroes live Sora lives in a place where it is almost always day, sunny and light "Desteny Islands", Roxas lives in a Twilight town, in a world where it is always twilight. And Yozora resides in Quadratrum ,a world where it is mostly night. And it's also related to the nature of the characters. Sora is a completely positive hero who fights for the light, Roxas has been on both sides for his existence. Yes, and his clothes have a black and white motif, even Nomura himself said that it should associate light and darkness. And Roxas itself is quite volatile. Regarding Yozora, there is little that can be said about him at the moment, but he seems to be on the dark side at the moment, or at least, more correctly, someone is manipulating him. Well, by nature, Yozora is more antagonistic and hostile from what we see. Maybe it's just a small thing. But I found it interesting and I hope in the future that it will somehow beat.
  5. Let me say that this theory has been discussed here before, but I would like to expand and supplement it.For starters ,we all know that Dark Road and Union cross are connected, if only by the fact that DR is formally launched through Union cross. However, it also seems to me an interesting detail is that in the profile of Xehanort in DR, the nickname "Player" is still marked, tell me why all of a sudden ?After all, in DR, we control a famous character.But what if it was intentional ? What if there is a connection between the" Player " and Xehanort ? As you know ,Ventus, Lauriam, Skuld (Apparently), Alrena and Ephemer (Apparently) went to the future.But what if this also applies to the "Player"? What if the "Player" just also lost his memory and was thrown out on Destiny Island ? At least in the DR itself, Xehanort has the memories of a "Player". And here I also remember another theory voiced earlier ,that the whole world of "Kingdom hearts "is actually an artificial reality created by someone (Probably MoM ) and in fact that the world of" Verum Rex", that the world of" Kingdom hearts "is two video games of"unreality".And if you go back to the UX ,it also seems strange to me that the "Player" essentially just "wakes up" in "Daybreak town" we don't know his backstory, he just happens to be in this place.And as noted earlier, it is suspicious that all the "Players" in KH UX are children. And then I came up with a crazy theory. If the whole world of Kingdom hearts ,and in particular UX, is a kind of "video game", what if the "Player" is something like artificial intelligence ?Which is also the same as any "Avatar" can be customized and have any gender, skin color and hair.This explains why in Xehanort's flashbacks, if this theory is to be believed, the "Player" looks different from Xehanort ,he just reconfigured into the version of the character we know. And it will be funny how many people are waiting for the debut of the "Player", but in fact this is a character with whom we have long been familiar and is the main villain of the series.What if all the characters of KH are essentially these same players who just during this time were able to become individuals in contrast to the UX versions that were almost complete copies of each other. In the KH universe, everyone has hearts, and in addition, if you resort to the rules of the RPG, usually there are characters with increasing levels, becoming larger and stronger. I think this rule can be attributed to the inhabitants of "Kingdom hearts".And maybe there isn't even any real time travel ,and the heroes just got thrown out ,somehow, to later levels.I think this also applies to the Book of Prophecies ,which can be a kind of a kind of "Hard Disk" in which the entire plot of the story is recorded in advance. Also, I just got a theory about "Virus". If the KH universe is a kind of "artificial world", then there must be a real world. And maybe "Virus" is the one who somehow managed to get from the real world to the world of "Kingdom hearts"?
  6. Interesting theory. And even though I'm not a fan of the Demyx=mom theory, this theory definitely deserves the attention of fans. I was also interested in the topic of reincarnation. Foretellers are suspiciously similar in color and keyblade to the characters we know. Ira color dynamics is pretty damn similar to Riku. Aced is very similar to the addition type on Terra (their keyblades are almost identical to each other), Invi has a lot in common with Aqua ,in the same Back Cover, she used water abilities that are identical to Aqua, and the medal attacks in KHUX Aqua and Invi are very similar. Regarding Gula and Ava, what if it's Roxas and Namine. Regarding Ava, as far as I know, she could erase the memory of others. And maybe Namine will also become keyblafe wielders in the future ? Roxas has something in common with Gula. In terms of abilities, they are both quite agile and fast. As well as black and white (Although closer in the shades of grey ) The Gula mask resembles the Roxas chess motif. (Plus, this is a good chance to tie Roxas and Namine to a new arch ,so the same Lea and Isa already have a connection with Subject X) It's just that this theory has been bothering me for a long time ,foretelles and the characters we know are suspiciously too similar to each other. In terms of designs, strength and even there are common traits of characters. And your theory made me think about it again.
  7. I had a similar situation with the Steven Universe, in 1-5 seasons he was just a cute well-fed boy, but in "Future" I started to find him a pretty attractive guy. Sora he was just the same in KH1 just a cute kid, but in KH2 and KH3 he became very pretty. I like the fact that Sora is very pretty despite the fact that he has no model appearance. He is not a blond handsome like Riku and Roxas is not a hot guy like Axel and doesn't have a muscular physique like Terra. And I like the fact that in KH1, Kairi chose Sora over Riku, and usually at her age, many girls are drawn to tall guys a little older than them, like Riku. Sora is first and foremost handsome in soul and Kairi saw this. Well, and then in addition to the "soul", this very "beauty" began to manifest itself and externally.))
  8. Sorry, I don’t know how to hide the picture under spoilers, I haven’t been here for too long. ((
  9. I flipped the whole Google image and no image is suitable for the conditions set for the signature, help and advise me please the desired image or gif for KH in the amount of 200 pixel. And even the smallest art does not meet the requirements because of what I was completely desperate. Please help me. ((
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