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  1. Grand ribbon and ribbons/shock charm give the highest raw defense increase, but in my personal experience using the best armor and being at lvl 99 wasn't enough due to LW's rather high Strength and Defense so farming for stat increases via synthesis and org data battles might need to be done as well
  2. I'd guess we get a little info on either KH3 or a 3D HD announcement at E3 and then more substantial stuff at TGS
  3. They will continue their role as the Team Rocket (for those who don't know from the Pokemon anime) of the KH series which means secondary villains who might do one or two redeemable things before the game ends
  4. Of the remasters I've played (all but Re:CoM) I'd say KH FM had the most daunting trophy list since a lot of the extra stuff was a combo of hard, grindy, or just irritating (namely the synthesis element of it imo).
  5. It should have sold better considering it had a KH title that many didn't play, it had an extra week, and it was released during Christmas shopping season.
  6. Yep beat KH2FM on critical and currently running through BBSFM on critical
  7. My gut feeling on this is that he might have mistaken KH3 for a 3D remake/remaster/Final Mix that could possibly be coming this year
  8. No need to add another difficulty level just don't make critical mode an unlockable thing like they did with 3D
  9. At best FFXV comes out in 2014 and KH3 in 2015, what would be more realistic is FFXV in 2015 and KH3 in 2016 what shouldn't be surprising is FFXV doesn't get released till 2016 and KH3 in 2017
  10. Sounds like he's guessing as to when KH3 recording will begin (the volume cuts out when he says at the earliest), but either way it sounds like he will still be on board as long as Square Enix/Disney will have him for the foreseeable future
  11. Western developed games are most likely done on PS3/360 (outside of some junky ports or Indies); Japanese development for the PS3 is still possible seeing as how the PS2 had a healthy amount of JRPG releases up till 2008-2009. So my guess is that the 360 is done before 2015 and the PS3 gets a few titles to carry it to 2016
  12. Too many variables in play to compare the KH remasters and FFX/X-2 remaster different teams and different challenges are presented for each title. That said, it has taken quite a while which suggests they hit snags or it just wasn't prioritized (the FFXIII trilogy has seemingly taken a ton of resources away from other games this gen)
  13. It might make it in Japan by the end of 2015 and everywhere else in 2016 but I feel like it's still tied to the completion of FFXV
  14. All good, I agree that the 3DS/2DS is going to be their main console eventually imo, but I'm trying to reserve judgement on the Wii U for at least 2 years if things continue to remain the same then I'll be ready to agree with that statement
  15. This kind of statement is really short sighted, the 3DS/2DS has more going on right now with the release of Pokemon and 2DS so Nintendo is rightfully putting focus on those things, but to say they gave up on Wii U less than a year after release (especially with a solid amount of 1st/2nd party content coming in the next 6 months) is absurd even Sega didn't give up that quickly on the Saturn or Dreamcast.
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