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  1. You don't need them to play or complete the game. You could go the whole game without using them, even on the highest difficulty, and do fine. The drive forms are also significantly more awesome so why waste time using a summon when you can get 2 keyblades?
  2. Interesting. He was asked multiple times whether it was KH3 and not DDD or 2.5. He may be old but he cant be that dumb to not be able to tell the difference on a game he's been with for more than a decade. Veryyyy interesting.
  3. Square enix have said they want to release a kingdom hearts game every year so 2013: Kh 1.5 2014: Kh 2.5 2015: DDD Hd 2016: 1.5 for xb1/ps4 2017: 2.5 for xb1/ps4 2018: DDD hd for xb1/ps4 2019: ultimate collection 2020: 1.5 hd for xb2/ps5
  4. his voice sounds so weirdddd Actually not that bad in that other 7 minute clip.
  5. Lmao he does look weird I didn't notice that the first time
  6. 2d animated movies. I could probably name 10 disney worlds off the top of my head that would be great in Kh3 and also add in the fact that pixar worlds are also a big possibility to be included. Then star wars and marvel (which I seriously doubt) but I'm sure they have 50+ worlds to pick from.
  7. Naw, it's probably the opposite. They have hundreds of worlds to pick from lul.
  8. If you trade in anything to gamestop, even if there's supposedly a "deal" going on, you're getting robbed. Try ebay if you have the patience.
  9. Spinoffs weren't really spinoffs to me. BBS could be considered Kh3, and 3D, Kh4. They were continuations to the story. Still never played them because I have no interest in buying 10 new systems to play one game on a 4 inch screen.
  10. Avatar world in Kh3 and Didn't webfoot make those legacy of goku games for the gameboy? A avatar version of that would be amazing.
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