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  1. Looking forward to this so I can max out my Olympia... Hopefully it helps me get further in the Colosseum.
  2. They might bring it back for his birthday next year. Lol.
  3. Yeah, I agree. Braig's dialogue in KH2.5 shows that he has his own thoughts and plans. Since he willingly let Xehanort implant his heart I don't think he will be overcome by darkness like Riku and Terra were in KH1 and BBS. Since he accepted that darkness he will have control over it like Riku learned to control Ansem SOD's darkness.
  4. I guess that could be what they decide to do. But it seems like Lea might be going by Axel too, given his response to Riku calling him that.
  5. Either really works, but to please you I will change it to Isa/Saix and Braig/Xigbar. We don't know what name Isa responds to but since he has reformed I think it is more clear to use their Somebody name to make it clear which version you are referring to. Saying Xigbar (Nobody) and Xigbar (Somebody) is not as simple as just saying Xigbar and Braig.
  6. Braig in Destiny refers to "Lord Xemnas". It doesn't make much sense for him to be from the past unless for some reason he was brought to the present in order to help. Either way, both Braig and Xigbar exist in the present.
  7. Yeah, a 30% chance isn't worth the risk lol. I don't know what you can do, then. Having both Joomba and Bambi is a lot of wasted damage potential.
  8. Can you survive one turn? Maybe try using Minnie or another healer. Also, if your Bambi's defense boost is fully leveled up you can fuse him into a better medal (such as Aerith) which would free up another slot. I managed to beat the quest but I do have a Sora n Pals and a teammate has a fulled guilted COM BC Riku lol.
  9. Xigbar and Braig are different people. The top image is Xigbar from KH3D and the bottom image is from the cutscene "Destiny", which takes place prior to KH3D. Their hair is completely different which suggests that they are different people. Also, in KH3D Xigbar disappears into the past instead of into darkness like what Master Xehanort did. I guess we could call both characters "Xigbar" but that would be even more confusing.
  10. Terra was strong enough to (briefly) fight Xehanorts influence so other characters might be able to too. Braig and Isa have their original hearts back so might be strong enough to fight MX's control. In order to keep their bodies as Nobodies they had to have strong will so might be able to resist him.
  11. I personally think the character we saw at the end of KH3D is Saix not Isa. I don't think Saix will betray Xehanort but Isa might. We haven't seen current day Isa, apart from his body prior to Lea waking up (we can assume Braig and Young Xehanort took him).
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