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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Even then, it at least still financially incentivizes Disney and Square to make more KH titles because they know it makes money (an in turn, hopefully, more overt marketing through things like merchandise and theme park presence, fingers crossed). I would understand if the concern was that this would only encourage them to make nothing but these mobile games and an occasional console title (a new "portable spinoff age" as it were), but I honestly don't see that as being the case here. I think this is just going to be isolated to Xehanort's story, and at most maybe the story of Mickey's past if they ever want to tell that, and everything else will likely be for mainline titles. Also, I much prefer having this than going years and years without a new title AGAIN.
  2. Guilty as charged! XD As long as it keeps funding more KH3s, I'll pump as much money as reasonable for someone with my budget...which admittedly isn't much more than the occasional $15 deal every other week or so, lol. I'm just waiting in the shadows for the super strong medals needed to clear the Keyblade War to become more readily available later on.
  3. So uh, is no one else going to point this out? No? Okay, guess I'll be the first then. I'm so glad that they're actually using the Card system again from the original X, I always wanted to use that more than the medal system!
  4. Woah. Um, let's see......nah, better keep my guesses to myself, lol. Well, okay, anything with "Dark" in it is probably a good start. Don't know about the second word tho.
  5. OH MAN, I can't wait! I wasn't even expecting to get that juicy Double Form (Like how "Second Form" used to be Limit Form, I guess Final Form is "Double Form" now, lol), but now I can't wait to get my hand on both Keyblades! Also, I really hope that we get the option to make the Bosses and field enemies have higher defense or we can have a "deal half damage" option in the Black Code menu, I really want to make those final fights last longer without worrying about getting too OP, lol.
  6. Lol, I get it, I was just afraid it was getting a bit tense there. It'll be interesting to see what it ends up being.
  7. Nope, pretty sure the knife was kept clean when Flynn was stabbed. I'm not even sure if the original scene from the movie even had blood on the knife either. Like, his wound staining his shirt maybe, but if that's the case that still didn't make it into the game. $40 comes with the concert video, $20 doesn't. Otherwise not very different.
  8. Pretty sure that the use of alcohol comes from that one scene in Pirates where Jack is talking with Beckett and he takes both of their shots, so nothing new there. But "mild language" and "mild blood" you say??? Now I'm thirsty. >:3
  9. I mean I love each of them for differing reasons. Dream Drop Distance and Birth By Sleep are probably my most favorite, though I gave my vote to Re:Coded because geeeez you people are mean, lol. XD
  10. Geez, she gave birth literally 20 hours after giving birth to the KH soundtrack. She is a CHAMP.
  11. Honestly I'd be down for any of them, but I went with the prequel trilogy since I always felt things were a little more active and exciting back then, plus when I was younger, that was the Star Wars I grew up with and fantasized seeing Sora interact with. Plus, it'd be kind of fun playing the dynamic of Obi-Wan and Anikan against that of Sora and Riku, maybe even have small gag where Sora points out the weird similarities and comparisons between Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts (we've all seen them at this point, lol).
  12. Ah, so much for the idea of a release day trailer for Re:Mind. Likely means we won't be seeing Cloud or Sephiroth in this DLC/update, which makes sense. It's already pretty nice that we're getting Leon and the gang anyway. There's still plenty of FFVII Remake and KH installments to promote each other with over the next decade or so, lol.
  13. Those renders look BEAUTIFUL! Although, considering how we got to see a render of Cid without him appearing in the trailer itself, and we don't seem to have any Cloud or Sephiroth renders at all, this is looking to confirm my suspicions that we aren't going to see them in this DLC/Update at all either. Otherwise they would have been included with the renders. I mean I get the logic everyone has that "well since FFVII Remake is coming out soon, there's no way they'd pass up the opportunity to promote it like they did with Advent Children in KH2," and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't suspect that prior to this trailer as well. But let's be honest, seeing as how we don't know to what extent these characters are going to be present in this story (and with the way things are set up already, it feels like they're really only going to be present in the whole "Riku's searching for Sora" storyline), there's a pretty good chance that they wouldn't be around long enough to justify bringing Cloud and Sephiroth's whole mini-arc into the mix. I mean, I really want to see a conclusion to that too, and I thought KH3 would have been the perfect fit for it but early on Nomura clearly made the main plot more of a priority and I can understand that. At the very least we might get to see the conclusion of Leon/Squall's main arc of seeing Radiant Garden be restored and start using his real name again. Cloud's conflict with Sephiroth could always be followed up on more properly in a future installment of KH, and considering how FFVII Remake is going to be a multi-game epic, it's not like they'll ever run out of opportunities to promote it through KH. Assuming that we should expect a new Remake installment every 2-3 years, there's at least a whole decade of opportunity for KH to act as promotion for VII Remake, even if all we get is like 2 KH games minimum. But, who knows? There's always the off chance that they'll reveal a release day trailer that teases Cloud in it or something, so I could be wrong. But again, logistically speaking, I think that train has already left the station.
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