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  1. Hero of Light XIV

    Analysis: Kingdom Hearts III 'Final Battle' trailer

    Lol, sorry it became such a rant, I just don't like how even though we don't really know everything everyone is already jumping to conclusions that can barely be supported. The reason I'm so dead certain about it being Riku Replica, apart from my reason for it not being Data-Riku because personality difference, is that it would have made no sense to make it a past version of Riku while he was possessed by Darkness or Ansem either. In Dream Drop Distance, Young Xehanort and Ansem were clearly trying to convince Riku, the present Riku, to join their side, accept the Darkness, yada yada. They only failed because Riku grew so much after everything he's been through that he developed a resistance/immunity to Darkness. But consider this, they already have everybody but the 13th vessel at this point, they're just trying to fill one spot, whether that be Sora, their main target, or Riku, their ideal first choice. So hypothetically, if they already had a past version of Riku among their number, then why would they even bother trying to turn present Riku at all in the first place? If they already have what they want, then trying to convince present Riku to embrace the Darkness is pointless and redundant, you already have the exact same guy already. The only way a younger looking Riku could be among their ranks would be if they weren't the same entity, that they were a Riku "clone", and we only know of two such clones, Riku-Replica and Data-Riku. And like I said before, Data-Riku has no stake in any of this, nothing for Xehanort to exploit, so Riku-Replica makes more sense. And my other main reason is that as soon as Riku mentions Riku Replica after seeing that Riku look-alike in Pranksters' Paradise, the Memento entry for Chain of Memories is unlocked, in a similar fashion to how Sora meeting Vanitas unlocked the Birth by Sleep entry. Not really solid science exactly, but it's a fair logic, I feel.
  2. Hero of Light XIV

    Analysis: Kingdom Hearts III 'Final Battle' trailer

    I'm telling you, it's NOT Data-Riku, it's RIKU-REPLICA! It makes no sense to make Data-Riku a villain out of nowhere, Xehanort never showed any signs of having any interest in the Journal, especially not when there are plenty of other viable candidates out in the real world. Riku-Replica makes more sense, he has a more compelling motivation to join Xehanort, to become more than the real Riku. To become someone better. Becoming a Seeker of Darkness seems to fall in line with that pretty well if you ask me. Also, even if you were to argue that this is the same Riku-lookalike that was shown in the previous San Fransokyo trailer and that they're both Data-Riku, you're still wrong about his suit, HE NEVER WORE THE DARK SUIT UNDER THE COAT, HE'S ONLY WEARING IT HERE AND IN ONE OF THE EARLIER TRAILERS, UN-NORTED. You're just jumping to conclusions so easily and just passing them along as clear fact without even considering that there's still not enough context to support what you're saying. "But what about the Bug Blox?" First of all, we don't have any confirmation that that's what those are. Second, just because someone is using them doesn't mean they have to be a Data-person necessarily. The Bug Blox are just Dark Data made real. Data is data, anyone can use it. We saw that Ansem The Wise/DiZ could use it pretty easily in KH2, who's to say that they haven't just created counterfit Bug Blox outside of the Journal that anyone of them can use? Again, data can be manipulated by anyone, the fact that there's a Riku-lookalike in the same trailer as when we see what APPEARS to be Bug Blox just feels very circumstantial to me, and everyone just writing this Riku off as Data-Riku without even bother to think or ask about the implications is just really annoying me. WHY? Why Data-Riku? What would ever make that make sense? Unless you're just straight-up possessing him, it still feels random because he's never been an antagonistic character. Yes, Sora wasn't an antagonist either, but there was still much more weight with him potentially getting Norted. With Data-Riku, I feel like the only thing they could have done to make it happen would be to break into Disney Castle, steal Jiminy's Journal, kidnap Data-Riku, corrupt him with Darkness/Bugs AGAIN for the bajillionth time because that sight never gets old apparently, and just completely rewrite his personality to be mean evil Riku again. All of that feels so contrived and unnecessary when Riku-REPLICA is already that way, only you don't have to go to nearly as many lengths to make it happen, just simple time-travel and that's it. It's a fundamentally better idea than using Data-Riku out of nowhere like that, the only positive purpose it would serve would be to more directly connect and justify Re:Coded to the overall narrative, but I can still think of a million better ways of doing that than just simply making a non-evil person evil just because. That's why I am hoping and CERTAIN that it's Riku-Replica because it would make for a much better thematic choice. If Xion can be brought back then what's the problem with bringing back another successful replica like Repliku? If you can't have two Riku-lookalikes, then just pick the one that makes more narrative sense, ie Repliku. And hey, if you're going off the idea that the member that Saix is talking to is Vexen, the creator of both replicas, then wouldn't it stand to reason that it's Vexen who not only brings back Xion but also Riku-Replica? His prized research? Hey, happy compromise, maybe he even hacks into the castle and appropriates parts of Data-Riku into Repliku so he can have access to the bugs while having a personality that the actual Data-Riku would never have in the first place. All of THAT sounds more plausible to me than just simply saying "No, it's Data-Riku cause those kinda looked like Bug Blox back there." TLDR: It's not confirmed to be Data-Riku yet, it's still very vague and ambiguous, so please refrain from just addressing him as Data-Riku as if it was obvious, because it's not. At best, it's implied.
  3. AH-HA! Repliku! With yellow eyes! I CALLED IT! I knew it wasn't Data-Riku, that never would have made any sense to have him be a bad guy! Also, guess Demyx really is working for the new Organization, you could see him with his sitar in the Keyblade Graveyard. Guess that means Vexen/Even is too. Also, calling it now, I don't think that's San Fransokyo where Sora is talking to Young Xehanort. He isn't wearing his visor and Donald and Goofy aren't anywhere around. I have a feeling that it just might be the world that the cover is based off of. It's supposed to be some kind of dark city, so this could be it. I'm just guessing, but I really hope it's the case. Scala ad Caelum is cool and everything, but I'm just a sucker for Kingdom Hearts's city stages, and the cover has me so hype, so I really hope it ends up being in the game. Also also, really loving/crying over all the angst. Like DAMN, now Donald is nearly dying to protect everybody. Will the Disney sacrifices ever end!!?? Also I'm pretty convinced that that was Xion who was attacking Lea right there. If you pause you can tell that it's pretty much her model in the Kingdom Shader, not to mention that they're recreating the infamous Keyblade draw scene, only this time threatening Axel instead of Roxas. So maybe she's the 13th vessel after all. But if that's the case, then who's that other masked Seeker that Saix was talking to, the one who's identity hasn't been revealed yet? Unless Xion is Number XIV again, that figure has to be one of the other already revealed members. Unless they're like Sora's gang and they can have more outside help beyond just Xehanort and his 12 other vessels. Somehow Nomura is giving away a lot of juicy moments and yet it's perfect because we're getting them with zero context. We know where it might be going, but we don't understand the little links along the way, nor how they all connect in the end. I love it! He's given away everything and nothing at the same time!
  4. These things didn't even last for 4 hours. They sold out within 4 hours and I only learned about them 2 hours in. Why does Sony have to be so stupid with their collector's items, this is just unacceptable. XP
  6. Hero of Light XIV

    New Kingdom Hearts III trailer revealed at X018

    Oh man, Xehanort is finally voiced! But, who IS that voicing him? It certainly doesn't sound like Christopher Lloyd, the actor I was hoping for, so I can't say I recognize this one just from that one line. The delivery isn't as strong as Nimoy's, but I mean really, no one is ever going to compete with that, the guy was a legend, like Christopher Lee. Also I really hope that we are going to get a lot more variety of Nobodies and Unversed than just what we've seen so far, because so far that big battle only seems to consist of the enemies we've seen in previous trailers. Also also, those ruins in the Keyblade Graveyard sure are interesting, could they be Daybreak Town Ruins? And what's with that cloud-looking world with Chirithy? Is that supposed to be that "Cable Town" place we heard about from early trailers and events?
  7. Not to mention that Xbox has been consistently getting the short end of the stick whenever it comes to anything Kingdom Hearts based, including marketing. So I wouldn't be too surprised if they didn't have any new trailer to be revealed exclusively at their event, even if it was another minute long one like the Tangled one. But you never know, if it was another mostly developed world like Olympus, it wouldn't be too far out of the question. But again, I've kind of given up on Square being fair to Xbox users at this point, so we'll see.
  8. Ah good ol Pirates of the Caribbean, giving us that 10+ bump from E. I mean ratings have never really held this series back that much (if anything Japan tends to needlessly censor more things than we do in this series...). Even if some lines get changed around, they never really affect the spirit of the stories they recreate, and it certainly doesn't prevent really gripping events from happening. Might not get as much blood or stabbing as some people have been hoping for (for some reason...), but I wouldn't be surprised if there was at least one good "Hell" in there or "Damned", because again, Pirates. Heck, even Maleficent has brought back her classic "Hell" line in Birth By Sleep, so really anything is feasible at this point.
  9. "A new actor?" PFFFFT, that's a good one! No, only one actress in the world could truly keep that classic Meg sass alive and that's Susan. I wouldn't replace her with anyone else, it would essentially be a different character otherwise. XD
  10. Hero of Light XIV

    What are your thoughts on KH's current story direction?

    ~These twists and turns confuse me so, CONFOUND IT ALL, I love it though!~
  11. All I know is that it will be much easier to speculate and interpret once either A) the USA version reaches this point of the story (though for all we know that may take another month or two. You'd really think they would be trying to get them closer to each other by now with KH3 on the horizon...), or B) the next story update comes soon and it reveals even more plot details that help put these ones into context. For right now even with these fanslations, it's still a bit tricky to nail down EXACTLY what they're talking about.
  12. Hero of Light XIV

    How much are you following KHUX now?

    Normally I play all the time, but college has been demanding a lot of my attention lately. These days I'm lucky to keep getting the daily log-in bonus.
  13. Hero of Light XIV

    Which world are you hoping to see the return of most?

    Tron because god damn it, that series deserve more love than it gets.
  14. Hero of Light XIV

    Kingdom Hearts 3 The Floaty Debate | Is this a PROBLEM? - Discussion

    I mean, I'd like to consider myself a hardcore fan, but I don't typically speedrun. I see the point you're making in that speedrunners should ALSO be considered hardcore fans considering how familiar and dedicated they have to be with the game in order to speedrun it, but it's not like that's the only qualifier for being "hardcore". There's lots of different ways to play intensely, just thought I'd put that out there.