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  1. I still voted for KH3 anyway, but I'm kinda disappointed that Birth By Sleep was left out, considering that it also has a unique Ultima design.
  2. I mean I love all of them for various reasons. Disappeared is pretty underrated, it gives you that cool ominous vibe.
  3. I was more interpreting "them" to mean Lingering Will and Terra-Xehanort since it literally would be bad for Terra if either of them died, one being whatever is left of Terra's will and the other being his original body. If they both killed each other off, then Terra would be gone forever, so that seems a little more plausible to me than simply being Ven and Aqua in danger and Terra needing to save them (been there done that). But who knows, it could be that too, I didn't really think of that the first few times I watched.
  4. OMG, this trailer is killing me! So much hype! AND YES, FINALLY WE GET BOTH OATHKEEPER AND OBLIVION!!! God that feels so satisfying! Just give me the option to play as Kairi somewhere in this thing and I'll be set for life! Also, am I the only one who's confused about why Lingering Will is using the Earthshaker Keyblade instead of the Ends of The Earth Keyblade he's usually depicted as using? I always liked Ends of The Earth better, so I really hope they didn't retcon the original version of that fight scene to swap those models out. Hopefully there's just a story reason for that, like Terra-Xehanort shatters it temporarily like Xemnas did with Lea so Lingering Will just summons Earthshaker to compensate. In any case, oh man, I can't wait to get my hands on this baby! And to think we probably haven't even seen anything from the Secret Episode yet. Or, maybe we have and don't know it yet? Kind of hope not, cause they've been showing off so much from the Limit Cut side of things, so it'd be nice to keep at least the Secret Episode a surprise in terms of what to expect until maybe late fall before they release it. Really hope it ends up getting released in December, cause I want to play and replay this thing as soon as possible. If they're trying to avoid VII Remake's March 2020 window while also releasing it as soon as possible, that doesn't leave them with many options, December or January are the most likely targets, February at the latest. Kind of leaning on December though, since January would make it a whole year after release, which is kind of silly.
  5. Seems a bit strange to promote a demo for a game that's been available for about 6 months so far, but I guess there's still plenty of mileage they can get out of it, particularly on an international stage. Plus, they do still have that huge DLC dump to build hype for, so I guess this is a decent way to make KH3 relevant again, even though the aftershocks of it's release can still be felt even now, lol. Other than that, I don't know how much new info we should expect at Gamescon, it's always been one of those coin-toss gaming conventions to me. Half the time we do get something substantial like an interview from Nomura or even a new trailer, but other times we tend to get little more than a few words and maybe one small tidbit of new info. And with the DLC really the only KH-related thing to look forward to for now, when they plan to tease more of it's contents with still 4-ish months left to go is hard to say. Well, hopefully we end up getting something new this month either way.
  6. The only silver lining here is that somewhere out there she and her beloved husband are reunited. RIP Russi and Wayne, you'll always be Minnie and Mickey Mouse to me.
  7. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmALL OF THEM, I AM WEAK!! TT3TT"""""
  8. He Lives In You from the musical and LK2 is a pretty good one, I feel like it definitely suits the movie's themes, aesthetics, and overall vibe the best compared to all the other songs, which are still great.
  9. Gameplay and Story are both pretty big factors for me. Yeah I know a game is supposed to be a game first, but I've always viewed that an ideal game experience is a movie that you have more control over. Like instead of just sitting and watching the action, you're actively participating in it. So the more cinematic and engaging the story is, the fuller of an experience it feels to me. Usually when the gameplay is already pretty solid, a solid story is what I look for. I know some people for whatever reason don't really care why and how they get from level 1 to level 2, but I personally want to feel invested beyond just trying to win. I have more fun when a good story is involved. So while a big story isn't technically needed for a game to exist, it's a big thing I love to see, it's what makes a game LIVE to me.
  10. Somehow I grew up watching Extremely Goofy Movie more than the original Goofy Movie. Go figure. X)"
  11. OH GOD, please tell me we'll also get to play as MICKEY, VENTUS, XION, LEA, TERRA, and KAIRI!! I really need to play as Kairi!! And an Oblivion Keyblade and Formchange too, and a scene teasing Demyx's past identity, and that secret boss they teased, and and GAAAAHHHHHH!!! Winter better mean December this time, I FREAKING SWEAR!!! X'D"""
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