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  1. FINALLY!! I really hope they throw in X/Unchained/Union Cross, Back Cover, 0.2, and Re:Mind's music in there too, I've been DYING to have all of the games tunes on my phone!
  2. I voted Goofy Movie purely because I NEED to get Max into this series somehow and I really want to see the obvious reaction from Sora over Goofy having a son this whole time. Also, headcanon time, either Goofy picked up some of his shield-sliding techniques from watching Max skateboard or Max picked up skateboarding after seeing his dad klutz around on his shield so many times. Either way, Max needs to be a slightly more competent shield-shredder than Goofy, lol.
  3. I'm always a bit happier whenever they remember to acknowledge Jiminy's existence. It'd be nice if they explained why he tends to hang around the Disney Castle gang so often instead of with Pinocchio.
  4. Not gonna lie, would have been nice to have a proper explanation for why the eternal winter is still around whenever you go to visit Arendelle after the main story. I guess it's just a personal temporary winter Elsa conjures up to have fun with her friends whenever they visit, or something...? Or maybe it's a time-skip and it just happens to be a natural winter...?
  5. That moment when you realize that the only reason Roxas was ever so clueless about love as a Nobody was because Sora himself was just as clueless as a human. What an adorable doofus. X'D Also, guess that means he retained some of Roxas' memories from his time in the Organization beyond just anything having to do with Axel or Xion, cause that was clearly referencing what Xaldin said to Roxas about love in 358/2 Days.
  6. "Oh yeah, and then Ursula showed up in the Destiny Islands' Sleeping World that one time. That was weird..." Lol, I wonder if we'll ever get a proper explanation for that, other than just guessing that Xehanort arranged for her to appear there as a distraction or something. Also, I'm pretty sure it's implied that Riku was the one who kidnapped Alice in the first place since it was later confirmed that he kidnapped Jasmine. Little details like that could always be confirmed in later titles without it disrupting the flow of the current story too much, though they could have just tried answering it directly here I guess...
  7. It was, I think it was just a translation error. It could easily be changed to "This was ONE OF the first worlds I visited on my journey..." or something like that.
  8. Nah, it's clearly from Roxas' perspective, seeing as how the POV is clearly separate from Hayner, Pence, and Olette. "Hayner said to me..." "Pence and Olette looked at me..." It's not any of their perspectives', so it can only belong to a 4th person who would be hanging out with them and knows Namine. Roxas is the only viable culprit at that point because he's the only other one who's close enough to them to be hanging out with them like that post-KH3 (the context of their conversation makes it clear it's post-KH3 because they mentioned "a friend of Sora's", likely Riku, and this is the only space of time where they would once again be a minimum group of 4 people after KH2 while knowing about Sora). Unless you want to argue translation errors (which is certainly plausible, I'll give you that), it's clearly meant to be Roxas, as this matches his feelings towards Namine a little better, the only confusing thing being that he doesn't seem to remember her fully. But again, like someone else suggested, this could take place in the span of time between the Keyblade War and Sora disappearing from Destiny Islands, so there's still space for them to meet up again and reminisce together, getting reacquainted. That said, there's no reason why that KH2 era story you mentioned wouldn't be relevant at all, they probably did all meet her at least once and had their memories erased. It's just that as translated here, the only character the POV could logically belong to is Roxas. Gotta say though, it's really refreshing to see that Roxas still cares deeply about Namine. They're still one of my more primary ships, but I will admit that Roxas/Xion is a strong contender since you actually get to see chemistry develop between them over an extended period of time. But even then, I could easily ship Xion with Riku too (there's that added benefit of Xion technically being both Sora AND Kairi, so if you ever believed in shipping Riku with either Sora or Kairi, you get the best of both worlds with a Riku/Xion ship, lol), leaving my Roxas/Namine ship intact. Honestly I'm just really excited to see how these characters all get to interact with each other and develop now that they all exist within the same space and time together. Also, I guess this pretty much confirms that Traverse Town only exists when somebody absolutely needs it, so maybe the only versions of it that can currently exist (without worlds dying of course) are either in memory worlds, Datascapes, or in The Realm of Sleep. It would be nice to see what it looks like in the Kingdom Shader some day though.
  9. Lol, even in extra story space these two were still given the short stick. Still, these are some interesting seeds of character development being laid here, so maybe it might lead to something interesting in future titles. I always did want to know more about how the members of the Organization are as full people, able to freely emote and express themselves as complex humans with emotions, desires, insecurities, etc. So hopefully now that most of them are re-completed we might get to learn more about them as the series develops into it's new saga.
  10. Even then, it at least still financially incentivizes Disney and Square to make more KH titles because they know it makes money (an in turn, hopefully, more overt marketing through things like merchandise and theme park presence, fingers crossed). I would understand if the concern was that this would only encourage them to make nothing but these mobile games and an occasional console title (a new "portable spinoff age" as it were), but I honestly don't see that as being the case here. I think this is just going to be isolated to Xehanort's story, and at most maybe the story of Mickey's past if they ever want to tell that, and everything else will likely be for mainline titles. Also, I much prefer having this than going years and years without a new title AGAIN.
  11. Guilty as charged! XD As long as it keeps funding more KH3s, I'll pump as much money as reasonable for someone with my budget...which admittedly isn't much more than the occasional $15 deal every other week or so, lol. I'm just waiting in the shadows for the super strong medals needed to clear the Keyblade War to become more readily available later on.
  12. So uh, is no one else going to point this out? No? Okay, guess I'll be the first then. I'm so glad that they're actually using the Card system again from the original X, I always wanted to use that more than the medal system!
  13. Woah. Um, let's see......nah, better keep my guesses to myself, lol. Well, okay, anything with "Dark" in it is probably a good start. Don't know about the second word tho.
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