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  1. Excellent and spot on detail of the fight and the final form. Also really love the tram in the background of the tower. It really showcases that this is a at home, personal battle for existence, not for the end of the world.
  2. Late to this, but I'm very excited to see the mods. After seeing what everyone has done so far, I have a feeling this is going to be a wild KH year.
  3. Like @Mykaila Shakespeare said it depends on the game. Normally I juggle between Standard and Proud. They are not as smoothly easy as Beginner, and not as brutal as Critical. On games like Melody of Memory I play all three difficulties because the game lets me and it's fun to see the differences. And if games get easier viewings of secret endings for the difficulty I'll play Critical like I did for BBS.
  4. I think it was Pixar that didn't want Randall to be attacked by a Keyblade or something. It's a minor thing for me, because I enjoyed Monstropolis without a Randall fight, likewise Toy Box didn't have any of Toy Story's enemies in the game.
  5. I think we'll see more Pixar Villains and characters in general in future KH titles. I suppose the question now is, how will they be used? Will we get boss fights? Randall, despite the potential to be a clever and sneaky boss was not used in KH3.
  6. Other then Lion Pete, I like all his forms. The Captain Justice/Captain Dark one is unique and funny. The Timeless River one is classic. And his Musketeer Pete brought in his iconic peg leg. I'm probably going to say my favorite is Captain Justice because I like the bright colors of the outfit.
  7. I realized it. I celebrated it by reading the KH3 Novels. And I dabbled in Data Greeting for the ReMind half. I still remember the wait for KH3. I don't know if the series will ever have as much hype around it as it did for this title.
  8. For the moment I'm most anxious for Luxord, the Foretellers, Master of Masters, and Yozora. If Luxord is the driver in Yozora's world I wanna learn more about it and what exactly is his story. What is this world of unreality setting up? What are the Foretellers going to do? Stuff like that.
  9. How? How is it possible to Full Chain The 13th Struggle? It's on the same level of impossible as Dark Domination :O
  10. I'm foolishly hoping they are currently demaking the KH3 worlds with their songs for DLC content. I know that's not likely, but I want to keep hope alive. I want more Melody of Memory content to play.
  11. I would love some new songs in Melody of Memory. I'm currently running out of songs to Full Chain...even on Proud Mode. At least the ones I really want to. And there is so much in the Kingdom Hearts music library to add. I really want the KH3 soundtrack complete with the ReMind remixes. I hope dlc is coming because I play this game like everyday and would love more content.
  12. My vote goes to the Great Mouse Detective. It's a KH world I've wanted for years. I would love it's inclusion. I haven't seen Black Cauldron, I've only seen parts of the Fox and the Hound and I saw Oliver and Company only once when I was little and don't remember much about it. So I cannot comment on the others.
  13. Rejoice! Melody of Memory is the best and I'm glad the world when now know it. Maybe this will increase the odds of DLC...maybe?
  14. The ones I would like to see are Rinoa, Gilgamesh, Balthier, Serah Farron, Princess Garnet, Best girl Refia, Faris and Lenna, Cecil Harvey, Kefka, and Terra Brandford. Edit: I guess I'll explain why. 1: Rinoa~ I love Rinoa and would enjoy seeing her meet and befriend Sora. 2: Gilgamesh~ Boss fight with multiple Keyblade arms. 3: Balthier~ Gummi Ship expert who meets Sora and friends and helps out, for a price. 4: Serah~ Because I like her more then her sister, Lightning, and would rather see her. 5: Princess Garnet~ Maybe we could have some Final Fantasy pure heart princesses? 6: Best Girl Refia~ She is best girl and I'd love to have her in KH. 7: Faris and Lenna~ Same as Garnet, maybe Lenna is a new pure princess, with Faris trying to protect her. 8: Cecil~ Cool factor. I'd enjoy seeing him make a appearance. 9: Kefka~ One of the most iconic villains in Final Fantasy. Let's see him fight Sora. 10: Terra Brandford~ She would be such a great addition to the Kingdom Hearts world.
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