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  1. Looking forward to this. I wonder how the event will go and what possible announcements they...announce. If they show even a teaser of a trailer the community will erupt. I've missed this
  2. Wow, this is tough actually. It's between Leonard Nimoy and Christopher Lloyd. Both were fantastic as Master Xehanort in their respective game roles. It's a hard choice but I'm going to say Lloyd for his amazing quotes in his Data fights.
  3. Darkwing Duck would be so much fun. I've wanted this since I first got into Kingdom Hearts. Imagine Darkwing and Donald interacting. Maybe even get superhero style outfits when going there. Darkwing, Launchpad, and/or Gizmoduck as party members. Negaduck and the Fearsome Five as bosses, oh it would be great to play that!
  4. It also would have been good to see Riku and Mickey save Aqua too. I was quite surprised that Riku played no role at all with Terra though. In base KH3 they don't even acknowledge one another. It would have been nice for Riku to do something since he really didn't accomplish much in KH3, but at this point it's not important. The main KH games are Sora's domain.
  5. Larxene in the Sea Salt Trio? The only way that would have worked is if it was a parody of Days in the first place and played up for laughs. Like when Larxene dies everyone remembers all the bad times they had with her in the Organization and all the times she put everyone down while playing sad music in the background. It would make a perfect parody if Larxene was in Xion's place, Demyx was in Roxas's place, and Lexaeus was in Axel's place as they sat on the clocktower. When Larxene dies in Demyx's arms he can say "Larxene, who else will compare me to a cereal bowl?" comedy gold right there. In all seriousness Larxene could never fill that role. As stated she's a sadist who only cares about herself and putting others down. Roxas could never form a "healthy" friendship with her that wasn't played up as a joke.
  6. I was going to answer but It would mostly be what Movies798 already said. But I'll do it anyway XD 1.) Basically everything Movies798 said. The notes that created Xion still exist. The Xion in the KG was essentially a 2.0 body. 2.) I don't understand this question. Namine had nothing to do with the Replica Program and none of Xemnas's personal plans ever needed her. Namine was a Marluxia project for his own goals. 3.) Because Replicas were the Organizations biggest pet project outside gaining hearts. It might seem redundant now because literally everyone has a Keyblade, but back in the early days of KH Sora was the only Keyblade Wielder around, so cloning him for that power was smart. If one Sora breaks down for the Organization another takes it's place to keep the job going, just like in a office building with multiple computers. And when Organization XIII got rebranded in DDD and KH3, the Replicas surpassed Nobodies in terms of importance. The only reason it didn't take off with the original Organization is because Vexen was killed early.
  7. For now I say Space Paranoids. Only because I haven't actually played DDD properly yet so I don't know how good The Grid actually is. Seriously outside cutscenes my only experience with it is in Melody of Memory. When I finally play DDD I'll be able to judge it more fairly, it has a good aesthetic and music at least.
  8. If Kingdom Hearts had stopped at 2 I probably wouldn't even like the series that much. KH1 remains my favorite but I found KH2 a underwhelming sequel during my first years with the series. I may not like everything that happened in Kingdom Hearts but it's insane nature is one of the reasons why I love the series as a whole.
  9. Great video! As someone who now dives into the music of Kingdom Hearts this was a well made video.
  10. This is late but happy birthday KH13. I haven't been here that long but I was very happy to join the forums when I did during the peak of KH3. Thanks for having me
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