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  1. SweetYetSalty

    Made this love letter vid to Kingdom Hearts! (:

    Nice! I enjoyed watching this video you made. Always great to see why KH fans are KH fans. And I adore your little analysis on all the Soras, Kairis, Rikus, and Xehanorts XD
  2. SweetYetSalty

    What's your Favorite Gameplay Feature in KH3 thus far?

    The Keyblade Transformations, leveling up, and switching all sound quite fun! I'm no stranger to level grinding and since I'm planning on playing my first playthrough on Proud Mode, I will be doing some serious level grinding. So that leveling up Keyblades while doing so could be fun and make use out of all of them.
  3. SweetYetSalty

    Hiya Everyone!

    Nice to meet you LunaCatte. I'll be great to talk some KH3 stuff, especially after the game releases.
  4. I sadly don't have a job yet. I just finished school so I'll be job hunting. In the meantime I'll be playing KHIII while on the hunt.
  5. SweetYetSalty

    Axel and Saix

    It makes sense why Saix and Axel drifted apart. They both kept secerts from each other as explained. Saix was also higher up on the food chain in the Organization, and didn't keep Axel in the loop on Xemnas's plans. Only the top dogs knew of the Replica project which Saix kept from Axel. It was only after Axel befriended Xion that he started to vaguely give Axel hints on what it was. And Axel made new friends and Saix saw this as a betrayal of sorts. That portion kinda interest me. It always made me feel that Saix/Isa has abandonment issues. Even in Birth By Sleep, Isa scolded Lea for picking up another stray in Ventus. Maybe something happened with Isa that makes him defensive about people leaving him or something like that. I don't know but I'll have to see when KH3 arrives.
  6. SweetYetSalty

    Countdown to Kingdom Hearts 3. XI Days Left (Terra).

    Looking forward to the return of Terra and to see if he'll finally make things right. And beat up a certain old geezer.
  7. SweetYetSalty

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 20

    Day 20, favorite music? The entire soundtrack of every KH game I've played. Like every Kingdom Hearts game I play has music I love to death. I can't pick just one. The character themes are especially beautiful for all the main characters Alright I'll pick "one" just for the sake of it. Traverse Town. There happy?
  8. SweetYetSalty

    Hello everyone!

    Hi! I'm pretty new here to myself. Hope to see lots of post from you.
  9. SweetYetSalty

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 20

    Day 19, favorite battle music. Does that include boss music? Because if so the list is endless. Boss music: The 13th Struggle, Vector To The Heavens, The Corrupted, Desire For All That Is Lost, Graceful Assassin, Rage Awakened, and every single boss theme in Kingdom Hearts 1. Regular battle music: Space Paranoids, Timeless River, Tension Rising, every single battle theme in Kingdom Hearts 1. I know I'm practically cheating on this one, but Kingdom Hearts has multiple best battle themes.
  10. I've seen Sora angry before, but never like this. He attacked old man Xehanort in a blind rage. That's not the Sora way! Granted I can't wait to see Sora destroy that old prune, it still makes me feel bad seeing a good natured young man like Sora, who just wants to make friends and help people, pushed to this point. They've finally broken our hero. Don't open your heart to darkness Sora
  11. SweetYetSalty

    What is Your Favorite KH Couple?

    Aww, no Roxas and Xion? No Ventus and Vanitas? No Zexion and Lexaeus? No Jiminy and the journal? Well since none of my pairings made it I'll go for the only canon one, Sora and Kairi. But everyone must know the greatest untold love story that is Jiminy and the journal. He never let it out of his sight. That's true love.
  12. I refuse to call Lea by Axel, because he is not Axel lol. But it's cool to see Lea form a friendship with Kairi. If there is a Saix boss battle with Sora (most likely) it would be cool if Lea and Kairi were the party members for the fight. The hype for KH3 continues.
  13. SweetYetSalty

    What game would you like to see Kingdom Hearts emulate?

    This might seem unoriginal but a ATB Final Fantasy style Kingdom Hearts game. SDG, SRK, AVT, and RAX would all make excellent FF party members in a ATB battle system.
  14. SweetYetSalty

    What you used to believe....

    I use to think apprentice Xehanort was a actual person, not a amnesia persona of a fused Terra and old man Xehanort. It's another Kingdom Hearts moment where every time I see apprentice Xehanort I chuckle at what he really is. A old man possessing a younger man. It fits his theme set by KH1 though.
  15. SweetYetSalty

    Countdown to Kingdom Hearts 3. XII Days Left (Namine)

    Namine is obviously to busy drawing her next masterpiece to be bothered to show up in any KH3 material. They had to drag her just to be in the boxart, lol. I'm looking forward to seeing what Namine's going to do in KH3. Hopefully Sora will get his memories of her back and finally thank her. Such rudeness XD