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  1. For now I say Space Paranoids. Only because I haven't actually played DDD properly yet so I don't know how good The Grid actually is. Seriously outside cutscenes my only experience with it is in Melody of Memory. When I finally play DDD I'll be able to judge it more fairly, it has a good aesthetic and music at least.
  2. If Kingdom Hearts had stopped at 2 I probably wouldn't even like the series that much. KH1 remains my favorite but I found KH2 a underwhelming sequel during my first years with the series. I may not like everything that happened in Kingdom Hearts but it's insane nature is one of the reasons why I love the series as a whole.
  3. Great video! As someone who now dives into the music of Kingdom Hearts this was a well made video.
  4. This is late but happy birthday KH13. I haven't been here that long but I was very happy to join the forums when I did during the peak of KH3. Thanks for having me
  5. I woke up to every KH fan going near insane. For a second I thought KH4 was announced lol. This is the next big thing though. I'm happy for all the Smash players, and that KH is getting into more media.
  6. I don't know to be honest. I suppose I want to see what becomes of Xehanort's peers and what sets him off to become the nort of today.
  7. I ship Roxas with the stick, lol. In all seriousness I don't engage in serious shipping. I do love the various fanarts of shipping even if it's a pair I don't like, that's something I will always enjoy seeing artist do. Since we're talking Roxas ships, I don't ship him with anyone seriously. With Roxas and Xion I always see them as best friends which in Kingdom Hearts is far better then a romantic pair anyway. I love Roxas and Xion's relationship and I want to see it evolve even further, but not into a romance. I want to see them become even tighter friends. See them go to Twilight Town school together, spar together, joke around with one another. I don't want Xion to just become "Roxas's girlfriend" because that would just feel like a downgrade to me. I want her to be his equal able to hang with him. I want them to have the Hawkeye/Black Widow dynamic of loving one another but not being in love. These are my favorite boy/girl dynamics in fiction. With Roxas and Namine I'll tread lightly here. I never got into it. I get the appeal of it and why people like this pairing so much, but it's not for me. Even before Days came out it wasn't for me, even though this was built as something of a romance especially that KH2 ending. Truthfully I don't want Roxas romantic with anyone because he's not tied down to a single girl which means he can have one-on-one time with any female and not just his "girlfriend". Be it Xion, Namine, Olette or the shopkeeper. It's probably why they haven't made Sora and Kairi a official item yet, despite it being obvious, considering he dances with Ariel and Rapunzel all the time. Ultimately I prefer cheesy friendship stories over romantic ones. Friendships grow and include others, romance is tied to two people exclusively only. For a series like Kingdom Hearts friendships are better then romances.
  8. Love it. Kingdom Hearts getting attention like this puts a smile on my face. Olympus Coliseum is such a great track and super fitting too. Very well done.
  9. You're killing me, Square! You're killing me. My wallet already lost weight from the Ultimania, it's about to get thinner. A hardcover of the KH novels? I wonder if they'll do the same for the mangas?
  10. Night of Fate was a previous KH song I didn't give much attention to. After playing it on MoM I have a new appreciation for it. It's one of those surprise songs I was able to get the All Excellent for. The track for it was surprisingly fun.
  11. The hardest song? Depends on the Full Chain vs All Excellent route for me. Since this is asking Full Chain then Dark Domination on Proud Mode for me. It's brutal on the fingers, and I still haven't full chained it yet. Another challenge for me are all the bosses on Proud Mode to full chain. Mainly because I still mess up with the green holding notes portions that have you hold multiple of them at different times while also hitting separate notes alongside side them.
  12. The expressions. Just seeing the panels makes me long for the manga. I've missed this version of KH so much.
  13. I'm one of the few who wasn't blown away by it. It did some things I liked, some things I didn't like, and some things just felt more of the same. I wanted to like it more. Overall I found it good but not great. But that is my entire relationship with Union X as a whole.
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