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  1. This right here is precious. A future Melody of Memory master at work.
  2. Of those choices Coco and Incredibles. Either or both would be good options.
  3. That's incredible scoring that high on Dark Domination. I still can't even Full Chain it XD
  4. Now I can't un-see cute Tornado Titan. Shame on Sora for attacking the thing.
  5. I'm in full support of a practice mode. It would make learning certain parts of the songs easier, especially when it's just one part tripping you up. I want more content in general for this game.
  6. Jiminy Cricket is back! The bug who defeated Luxord! I hope they bring that up and meet again in the KH3 chapters.
  7. I've fallen into depression. I've played Vector to the Heavens 126 times now and still can't get the All Excellent. It's those rapid Shadow enemies bunched together right after the glide section. They throw me off every time with their good scores instead of Excellents. I've hit a gaming wall 😢
  8. Design wise I always loved Ice Titan the most. They all have cool designs but Ice is my fave. Though Lava looked great in KH3.
  9. Arrrgh! I'm super jealous of everyone getting to play their fast loading and smooth KH3 and MoM's on their PC's! Jealous I say! Is the sound any different? Like are any sound notes any easier or difficult?
  10. To anyone who has it, is there anything new with PC MoM version? Obviously I don't have the PC version. Don't have a computer strong enough to run these games yet lol.
  11. Excellent and spot on detail of the fight and the final form. Also really love the tram in the background of the tower. It really showcases that this is a at home, personal battle for existence, not for the end of the world.
  12. Late to this, but I'm very excited to see the mods. After seeing what everyone has done so far, I have a feeling this is going to be a wild KH year.
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