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  1. You're killing me, Square! You're killing me. My wallet already lost weight from the Ultimania, it's about to get thinner. A hardcover of the KH novels? I wonder if they'll do the same for the mangas?
  2. Night of Fate was a previous KH song I didn't give much attention to. After playing it on MoM I have a new appreciation for it. It's one of those surprise songs I was able to get the All Excellent for. The track for it was surprisingly fun.
  3. The hardest song? Depends on the Full Chain vs All Excellent route for me. Since this is asking Full Chain then Dark Domination on Proud Mode for me. It's brutal on the fingers, and I still haven't full chained it yet. Another challenge for me are all the bosses on Proud Mode to full chain. Mainly because I still mess up with the green holding notes portions that have you hold multiple of them at different times while also hitting separate notes alongside side them.
  4. The expressions. Just seeing the panels makes me long for the manga. I've missed this version of KH so much.
  5. I'm one of the few who wasn't blown away by it. It did some things I liked, some things I didn't like, and some things just felt more of the same. I wanted to like it more. Overall I found it good but not great. But that is my entire relationship with Union X as a whole.
  6. I agree with a few options on that list. Especially the Sora, Riku, Kairi group. Long overdue for them to have something of a adventure together.
  7. After a small break I've begun replaying Melody of Memory again. Forgot how addictive this game is. I managed to get a All Excellent for Spooks of Halloween Town Proud Mode. Maybe on Halloween night I'll try it on Performer Mode
  8. Now that I've had time to process it. I'm mixed. There were things I really liked and said "Oh wow! That was neat" and there were things I generally went "meh" for, but to be fair that's been my entire attitude through Union X. I wish I was more invested. But overall it was a solid finale that got the fanbase buzzing.
  9. This right here is precious. A future Melody of Memory master at work.
  10. Of those choices Coco and Incredibles. Either or both would be good options.
  11. That's incredible scoring that high on Dark Domination. I still can't even Full Chain it XD
  12. Now I can't un-see cute Tornado Titan. Shame on Sora for attacking the thing.
  13. I'm in full support of a practice mode. It would make learning certain parts of the songs easier, especially when it's just one part tripping you up. I want more content in general for this game.
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