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  1. I just thought of a brand new fun topic. I'll us the two Organization XIII factions as a example. What if they were to battle one another? What would the match ups be like? Now obviously we have members like Xemnas, Saix, Xigbar, Luxord, Larxene, and Marluxia who were part of both groups so if they were to fight they would likely fight themselves, but what about the old and new members? How would they match up? I thought of some fun dynamics after studying both Organizations and came up with some good matches. Spoilers ahead for the identities of the Seekers of Darkness. 1. Terranort vs Lexaeus. Not gonna lie this is a fight I most want to see. The two physical brutes of their respected groups. They would make for a really good physical fight. Lexaeus's Super Saiyan boost vs Terranort's Dark Times Ahead. This is like a dream match. Regardless who wins it would be a good fight. 2. Ansem SOD vs Vexen. Another really good match up. Neither fight using brute force, and avoid their opponents. Plus both were scientist for their research. Ansem with darkness. Vexen with his Replicas. Ansem's Guardian vs Vexen's Anti-Soras. Their gameplay battle would make for a well balanced fight. 3. Vanitas vs Roxas. Edgelord fight! I doubt Vanitas would mistake Roxas for Ventus, but these two would have such a edgy Keyblade battle that would be the stuff of legend. Both their gameplay style fights allow them to do really cool moves. I'd like to see it. 4. Young Xehanort vs Zexion. Two smart guys duking it out, trying to outsmart the other. Young Xehanort trying to trap Zexion in a time loop prison, while Zexion tries to trap Young Xehanort in a book, lol. 5. Xion vs Demyx. I bet everyone is doing the Chrithy "Whaaat?" but I put these two in a fight for a reason. Demyx hates fighting and Xion hates fighting for the Organization. They would find a common ground and agree not fight one another, though Demyx will report that he won. Easy solution. 6. Dark Riku vs Axel. They both have shifting loyalties, both are obsessed with someone, both became good guys after development, though with Dark Riku it falls on the real one and real Repliku. They both have wild fighting styles. Very unpredictable making for a fun fight. 7. Master Xehanort vs Xaldin. You might think this is leftovers. And while it's kinda true I can still make a connection with them. Both men keep their arms behind their back in their standard models, and they both fly out of range when fighting. They also both have a spinning lance/weapon attack. See? Not that random. So that is my Organization XIII battle with themselves. What do you think? Do you think there are better match ups between the two groups? And are there any dream KH fights you want to see in a future game or just a fantasy fight between the characters you think could be fun and entertaining to watch? Feel free comment and express yourselves fellow Keyblade wielders!
  2. I'm sure the 2nd volume of KH3 will make a fine addition to your collection. The novels are great reads. Do you have manga ones too?
  3. I can't wait for this. I'm curious where the volume will end at? Olympus or possibly at the Aqua story segments?
  4. I like original KH worlds in KH3. Even though those worlds are pretty small in KH3.
  5. If I had a Nintendo Switch and depending on the price of this game I would try it on that system. I haven't played a KH game on the go since the DS PSP era. That feels like ages ago.
  6. Damned in my Kingdom Hearts? I won't accept it. It's almost as bad as Maleficent yelling out Hell.
  7. I'm interested in all of them but I guess for now Urd. Don't know why but she reminds me of the Angelic Amber even though they look different.
  8. Nice! 0.2 and BBS content in manga form. Nice to see this portion of KH since we didn't get...well you know.
  9. I was torn on this but now I'm onboard with rhythm stuff. Could be lots of fun, even if have to do several different Ursula's Revenges lol. Plus Kairi stuff.
  10. Same here! It's too soon for me to even consider the PS5 right now, lol.
  11. I didn't mind the DS touch screen with the stylus. I use it all the time when playing Days. You kinda have to.
  12. I wouldn't know, I'm not versed at all in mobile games. They replaced the handheld system it seems.
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