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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. I wish there was not a pandemic going on...and that I had enough money to go visit this. I would gladly try everything at take pictures of myself doing so. Kingdom Hearts continues to expand and grow as a franchise and I love it.
  2. KH is overdue for a vacation. I myself need a break too, so this gives everyone a chance to recharge. They'll still have the mobile game content to follow too. This will give them plenty of time to map out what phase 2 will be about.
  3. Somewhere between Beginner and Standard. Beginner is the easier one, sometimes a little too easy. Standard feels the most balanced, as it's easier to get in the groove of the music I found, but it depends on the song as said above. I can full chain and even A+++ on Standard. Proud is very tough, and it's easy to mess up the button mashing parts. I have completed a few missions on Proud though.
  4. Still in awe that we're seeing a KH3 manga. Though this is still 0.2, nice to have this to flesh out the BBS story. I can't wait to see Roxas back. I know it'll be awhile but can't wait.
  5. Team Days for me! I cannot wait to play them! Even though I'm primarily going to play Team Days, I will also use the other teams as well. Wanna try them all.
  6. First try. I got really lucky and had loads of defense. Can't replicate that victory on Proud though, no matter how hard I try.
  7. PS4 version, because of the same reason as @Movies798 stated. I don't have a Switch. If I had one I would get one for the sole purpose of playing the songs on the go. That does sound fun. But as it is PS4 version for me.
  8. I've watched that video several times now. Chirity's Trick calling is going to be a meme. Count on it. That said, watching this video has me so hyped for the game. I've been playing the demo non stop and am ready for some new songs to play in. I also cannot wait to control Roxas in them.
  9. I always figured Pluto had a special power that allows him to travel through worlds and portals by unknown means. Pluto isn't bothered by the corridors either. It's something I don't think we're suppose to fully understand.
  10. I've only beaten Yozora once on Beginner Mode. He was too much for me on Proud. After I beat him, I remember watching the ending and then going to play in Data Greeting, especially since Yozora's model was now available.
  11. I really love fighting Hercules. However I have to give a shout out to "Put Peter Pan in his place!" Peter Pan has had that coming for a long time, and we finally gave it to him. lol.
  12. Thanks for this info. I'll try and play with my settings next time I play. I tried before but went to high or low. I'll try 3 next time. Still I wish this wasn't a issue in general. The game is fun to play but I'm not technician on how my TV works and settings, lol.
  13. Triple A plus? I'm so jealous. Has anyone else had input lag? I get it in my PS4 demo. It's especially lagging when gliding.
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