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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Yes! I beat Data Ansem! Now SHE is open...oh and some old Keyblade Master I guess. My patience has paid off! If I don't survive, tell my story!
  2. OMG! I just beat Data Luxord! He's really fun what's you learn his card game. I actually prefer this Luxord over his KH2 boss fight. Such a fun thing to learn. All I have to do now is defeat Data Ansem Seeker of Darkness and I can finally fight...HER.
  3. Good luck on Terranort! He's a beast. One of the hardest ones I've done personally. Finished with Young Xehanort. Next I wanna try Marluxia.
  4. On this playthrough Marluxia, Xemnas, Ansem, Xigbar, Luxord, Saix, Young Xehanort and of course Xehanort and Xion.
  5. Defeated Data Vanitas just moments ago. Hands still feel numb. Sheesh these guys are tough.
  6. I saw some mentions of Terranort on here. Speaking of which....I JUST FINALLY BEAT DATA TERRANORT! After weeks of being stuck on this brute I finally won! Rejoice!
  7. EZ Mode is great if you want a calm relaxing playthrough where you don't have to worry about your skill level. Perfect for me
  8. Finally breezed through the main story on beginner with EZ codes. I love destroying pirate ships in one hit! So satisfying. Now to speed through ReMind to get back to my data fights.
  9. You're doomed! Joking of course, you are not. I had a similar fear as you did. OniLink99999 just explained what to do. You can return to your main game by pushing square and all the progress you made will be transferred to your Data Battles, that includes levels and new items. Good luck.
  10. I wanted RAX to have their alternate clothes for Data Greeting! Especially Xion's new cute outfit!
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