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  1. Do you think the magic well in Andalasia from Enchanted could be an alternate gateway to Quadratum?
  2. I got them from TV Tropes: “While at Yen Sid's Tower, Mickey brings the idea of retracing Aqua's steps through the worlds and finding people she formed bonds with. A great idea to revisit Birth by Sleep worlds, give Sora a clearer goal, and tie Kairi into the main plot, given her bond with Aqua and her being located in Radiant Garden.” “The power of waking could have been a solid reason for Sora's adventures in the Disney worlds, if it was actually tied into the Disney worlds whatsoever. Considering that Sora had lost his power from the past games, directly strengthening himself and gaining a new power from his bonds with Disney friends could not only give a sense of of progression and plot development, but also tie into the themes of a series whose most iconic quote is "My friends are my power!””
  3. Unpopular opinion: the Gummiphone was a mistake. KH3 is supposed to be one year after, not sixteen years after.
  4. Well, if you removed Xigbar’s line, accept that Ansem the Wise is dead and gave Pete and Maleficent a post credits scene, then it would feel just a little more complete.
  5. NOW THAT is how you continue your characters after their stories are finished.
  6. If that was the case, DDD and III should have been about Sora, Riku and Kairi's children.
  7. Don't know if I've said this before, but I sometimes wish I lived in a world where Kingdom Hearts as a franchise stopped at II. Most fans would certainly agree, though this would mean that the entire cast of Birth by Sleep would have to be killed off for good and once your Heartless and Nobody are dead, you don't come back. Death is now a permanent thing.
  8. As in Riku and Kairi taking over asSora’s main party members instead of Donald and Goofy because I think it’s high time we got more of them together as a trio for the sake of interaction, development and seeing the original three (humans) together. Something KH III refused to give us.
  9. I personally think Riku and Kairi should take over as Sora’s main party members instead of Donald and Goofy for a change of air.
  10. Whatever you do, don't say Xehanort's ultimate fate. That SOB didn't deserve to be a sympathetic villain.
  11. How about DTVA’s very first show? The Adventures of the Gummi Bears!
  12. Don’t you often feel the same if you were disappointed in something?
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