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  1. This user talks about why KH should have stopped at 2 in this video. Link to video
  2. I think the villains of this franchise are a lot smarter and way more interesting than the heroes. Think about it, Terra, Aqua, Ven and Eraqus lack sense and proper communication skills and Sora is no better either since he never fully understood the villains or their motivations with any sympathy, except for maybe Xehanort and Maleficent.
  3. Has anyone used Data Greeting to rewrite the story?
  4. If they adapt KH III they should remove all the Disney worlds and just focus on the main story with Sora helping Riku find Aqua and Ven.
  5. My suggestions are the following: Make Sora smarter and less comical (maybe less cheery, he needs some trauma having being crystallized.) in addition, give him a personal conflict Give Riku some personal weight over Sora's disappearance and relationship with Kairi Make Kairi a stronger character Have Riku and Kairi replace Donald and Goofy as Sora’s main party members (they need more development after all) Give Maleficent and Pete an extremely larger relevance to the plot, especially if they want to recruit more Disney villains. Give Mickey, Donald and Goofy their own playable scenario Only three Disney worlds, three Final Fantasy worlds and three original worlds (all with relevance, all original plots and no pointless shot for shot recreations) Make the game darker and more mature with an older and savvier audience in mind (I.e. don’t be afraid to use words like “die” and “kill” more than once) Tie up all the loose ends (we do not need more questions than answers) No more convoluted stuff, keep the story simple Better pacing and plot Grounded combat (see The Killer Critic’s revision of KHIII’s gameplay) No redemption or misunderstood bullshit for Braig or any of the other villains More screentime for the villains (as in more scenes of them interacting with each other) Adequate focus on the other heroes No awkward or cringy moments (like those laughs at the end) No cryptic speeches from any of the villains Maybe see if Vanitas can return as a villain or an anti-hero who sides with Sora Give the characters more physical affection Have Sora fight the final boss all by himself or with Riku and Kairi by his side. Any other ideas?
  6. With Riku and Mickey only and no Sora popping out of thin air: https://youtu.be/VThf0flcBbQ
  7. The Killer Critic and several others might have a different opinion on that matter complete with an explanation as to why Riku and Mickey are better options.
  8. At lot of people feel that Mickey or Riku should have been the one to save Aqua instead of Sora, mostly because Mickey has a stronger connection to her than Sora, which makes it more impactful. Riku’s reasons are because he is a master and that he relates to Aqua in some scales. So who would you pick in the event that you decide to rewrite Kingdom Hearts III to meet your standards?
  9. I hope you like the edits I did to the ending, but bear in mind it is in Japanese: https://youtu.be/_2m3C2eSkWw
  10. I agree that Vanitas deserved better and I'd like to see the image of the BBS trio hugging him that started all of this.
  11. There have been many Japanese franchises that have drawn confusion and alienation from Western culture, but there is nothing like them compared to Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy. The details of the series have fascinated a few generations of gamers. The replicating and copying of its characters and sheer convolution of the story became legends for the 21st century. Hindsight lets us look back to analyzing it's flaws, but when we ask who should have made the story of III better and how many opportunities they missed, we lose sight of a larger, more timeless lesson. From the modelers to the Square-Enix officials, from the technicians providing the technology to the most talented writers, everyone was participating in a continuity built on the sands of retcons and rewrites. The series simply did not operate in the ways the fans had expected them to be. Our society is probably working under some confusions of its own right now. People see this in Kingdom Hearts' story, they understand that it was more than a video game filled with Disney characters; they see confusion and tragedy that echoes the way of Japanese storytelling. The novel of Grave of the Fireflies told the story of two siblings stuck in hubris of their innocent pre-war world and the Gods of death struck them down, banishing them to the afterlife of fireflies. People also see examples of heroism and sacrifice that resonate to the core of everything we feel about human nature. In the end, Kingdom Hearts is not just the story of a boy that went out looking for his friends, but the story of those who were affected by him, whether physically or in spirit.
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