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  1. I hope Sora’s a lot smarter in the later games, I am no longer able to tolerate his idiocy.
  2. The whole sequence with the Heartless killing everyone, Sora ending up in limbo, and then reversing time really made no sense for the narrative, before the war even began. Why would Xehanort do that if he wanted light and darkness to clash?
  3. Anyone want to make a mod of Riku and Mickey fighting Aqua?
  4. And there’s another thing, the way Vanitas hesitated to kill Aqua. We didn’t need another repeat of that particular moment from Birth by Sleep.
  5. I know it might take a very long time, but what if we used our modding skills to “remake” Kingdom Hearts III’s story into the perfect way we wish it could have been?
  6. If Nomura knew what he was doing, he would have streamlined the plot and the dialogue so that things could be more clearer.
  7. Yeah, but some fans hate seeing Aqua get so easily beaten despite that detail.
  8. There are two things found in a story: the way the story is and the perfect way we wish it could be. There are three major issues (that I had) with how Ventus’ reawakening went in KH III: Vanitas’ lack of reasoning for being there, how Aqua was easily defeated and realistically, Ventus should not have fully replenished his strength that quickly, he should have trouble getting up from that throne. How would you rewrite it?
  9. This upload has every single episode without music or SFX: Link to video
  10. Recently, I have come across John Barry’s slow, graceful music of ”Somewhere in Time” as well as the music of Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Her song Dreaming of You reminded me of the game’s dream themes and I thought it reflected with how Riku and Kairi coped with Sora’s disappearance. For this, I have re-scored the final scene and credits of Melody of Memory to include this music: https://youtu.be/0LZ7AukgdW4
  11. Here’s one of them: https://youtu.be/I7G8ZSxjC1o The rest are on my channel.
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