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  1. Tbh Square Enix female characters are either a hit or a miss, rarely any in between.
  2. Mine is: Sora Roxas Ventus (Almost went for Aqua) Donald
  3. I expected answers like Union X but 358/2days makes sense too.
  4. Out of the three protagonists, she’s the least involved in the story, and she doesn’t have connection with Xehanort like the other two does. her visits to some worlds, like Dwarf woodlands & Neverland. It felt like filler, she doesn’t have her own exclusive rival like the other two, she doesn’t develop much as a character, her bosses are mostly Rehashed bosses that we already fought using Ven and Terra (fighting Terranort wouldn’t have changed the outcome, cause all it accomplished is her getting trapped in the Realm of Darkness while Terranort is back to Radiant Garden like nothing happens, since he landed there the first time even if Aqua didn’t fight him). Edit: on the bright side, her story in the Realm of Darkness is much better than all of her BBS story.
  5. KH2 had us control Roxas despite us not knowing who he is, so no I don’t think they went with Ventus first because he looked familiar. they went with him first mostly because of his important role in the story and his history with Xehanort. and also his connection with Sora (diving to the heart and forming a connection with him) is what starts off the game. but again I’m not disagreeing with you, I agree all three are equally main protagonists, but to me Ventus sticks out more due to all reasons listed above.
  6. And dual wield, Ventus is the reason why Sora and Roxas Unlocked Dual wield (and Ventus is also the reason why the organization went to castle oblivion looking for him, basically lots of Lore involves/revolves around him)
  7. I guess each of the three Main characters can fit the position of a protagonist. But if I have to rank them on which category they fit on the most then this is how I place them... Ventus = Protagonist (or main character?) Terra = Main character Aqua = The Hero
  8. No not quite, a lead protagonist has many meanings, a lead protagonist also means an important character that drives the story (and Aqua doesn’t drive the story, she’s the least relevant of the three main characters in the story), a main protagonist also means an important person, Aqua meanwhile despite being playable the most she is the third wheel in terms of a story (also the final episode only have her one boss fight, she wasn’t more playable until the secret episode came out) so no a lead protagonist isn’t just a character you play as the most, just look it up. but if this word is an issue then I’ll simply just change it.
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