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  1. Excited for any news from KH4! please Square!!!
  2. Hmm, thanks for sharing your opinion.
  3. I guess my overall opinion on her now (and the other two I mentioned) Is that she’s just fine, not bad but fine.
  4. There is Super Smash Bros. I’m already happy that we at least have Sora and Sonic exist in the same universe.
  5. Great writing! this made me appreciate her a little. Still think she’s the least interesting among the Guardians (maybe more then Kairi or less?), but I do think she’s a fine character overall. Maybe same for FF16 Jill too Edit: I guess Tifa is fine too like Aqua and Jill. still not interesting, but fine overall.
  6. I recently faced this same problem with FF16, the new female character Jill was just as bland and boring (Edit: same for Tifa Lockhart tbh. her being a hot female character is what carries her in popularity, and not her mediocre character). Tbh i can tell if Aqua was a male, she wouldn’t be this popular. it’s very clear that she would be the least popular of the Wayfinder trio if she wasn’t a woman, which is kinda sad when you think about it. But then again, this is not exactly a new thing to begin with, it’s fairly common. so it’s really not surprising whatsoever. Anyhow, i guess both Aqua and Jill (Edit: and Tifa) are just fine overall? I don’t think they are good characters, but I don’t think they are bad characters either. I guess I can call them decent at best.
  7. She is much better in 0.2 A fragmentary passage. BBS felt more like it’s Ventus and Terra story, maybe that’s why Nomura gave Aqua 0.2? cause he realized she was mostly a third wheel in the BBS story. Edit: 0.2 made her into an actual developed character overall.
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