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  1. I'm curious how they're handling the pieces, since each side (in normal chess) uses 16 pieces. Will some of the Darknesses repeat? They're really confusing to look at from a distance. lol For the light side, I see the pieces for Sora (crown), Riku (Heartless emblem), Kairi (star), Mickey (Mickey emblem), Terra (Ends of the Earth keychain), Aqua (Stormfall keychain), Ven (Wayward Wind keychain), and I think they've added Roxas and Lea in the far right corner? (Roxas' cross and Lea's keyblade keychain) And then numerous pieces for KHUx (the hollowed out star).
  2. There's actually a mistranslation. @lunesacree clears that up on Twitter. https://twitter.com/lunesacree/status/110329640111760179
  3. I recommend sticking to the order you have and not skipping to 358/2 Days, since it spoils things for KH COM and KH2, and I think it could become confusing. If you have a hard time with COM's system, I personally think it helps to keep these in mind: 1. There are two shortcut buttons for your deck during battle, I think they're up and down on the control pad, one of which is a shortcut to the card you use to recharge your deck, and the other is one you personally set to any card in your present deck. This is explained at the beginning of the game, but I forgot it instantly and suffered through the majority of the game without it. lol 2. Although you can run around and dodge in battle, it's usually best to just use your cards to cancel enemy attacks. I used to have the habit of running when a heartless approached me like in any other game, but it helps to remember that they can't hurt you unless their card appears on-screen, and in most cases there's enough of a lag for you to counter them. It's good to keep in mind because otherwise you might run away from them while trying to go through your deck, and that adds unnecessary tension to the game when fighting regular heartless. You can stand in their faces as long as their cards don't appear on screen yet. 3. I don't know if you've started the game yet, so I'll give a slight explanation on the "0 card." If an enemy uses a card with a number on it, and while their card is still on screen, you can use a card with a higher number than their's to cancel their attack and perform your own. And if you use a card with the same number as their attack, then both your attacks with be nullified. 0 cards are special, because even though any card can cancel them out, they can cancel out any card as well. I think it's good to keep the 0 card as your customized shortcut, since it can even cancel out the special moves in boss fights (which can be up to number 27). 4. You don't have to hit the enemy to cancel their move with your card. You can be across the screen and as long as your card is greater, they'll be canceled. Overall, the best thing to do is practice it. It's really hard and weird at first, but as you go through the game you'll learn it. I really like the system now, and I was awful at it when I started. But if the system stays uncomfortable for you, I think Everglow on Youtube had a tutorial video on COM. And while others have said this, I agree that the Days cards are just extras. Unless you want to 100% your deck, you don't actually need them. Anyway, good luck with the game, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!
  4. Please just stop pulling. Take my advice. I totally understand how you feel with the frustration of not getting the medal you want, but when you pulled HD Aqua EX on your first try, that was a freak accident. Do not use that as a gauge for the pull rates. The pull rates for featured medal's are ridiculously low, so you're much better off just saving your jewels for when his banner comes back because he'll probably be guaranteed within five pulls then, whereas the current banner has no guarantees for the medal itself, just its trait medal. If you want a Ven medal right now, your best bet is to build up your jewels for Stained Glass #2, because it lasts three weeks, so there's no frustrating time restraints, and the first pull is free, and you're guaranteed it after five pulls. It's a Reverse medal, which is not the most useful thing to have starting out, but it has so many good buffs on it (which is a huge thing in this game) that it would definitely do you way more good than HD Ventus EX, on top of being an excellent medal. Once you get the hang of the game, it's not hard to get jewels. If you do all your daily missions every day, log in every day, and do all the weekly party missions, then you can get about 4,000 jewels a week. And by the time Stained Glass #2's deal is almost up, you should have 12,000 jewels which should be enough to get it, and that's not counting the jewels you get from story mode. As a rule of thumb, just don't bet on getting a featured medal if it's not guaranteed within a certain amount of pulls. You can pull on no mercy banners (banners without guarantees) if there's something you want and it's not frustrating you, but make sure you can curb it after a certain amount of jewels. So if there's a medal you want, always keep an eye out for the "guaranteed within (however many) pulls" in the notice or the scroll-y box under its banner in the store. I'm sorry this is has frustrated you, we've all been there at some point (this is coming from a fellow BbS medal collector), but try no to let it get to you. It's a just a game. I know this game can cause a whole lot of stress for people, so if you need to, don't feel bad to break for a while or quit the game altogether because it's not worth it.
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