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  1. I hope the video actually shows up this time lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMaEsaLuMzM&ab_channel=CacklingPumpkins
  2. Thank you! And I feel the same about Halloween Town as well. I think we've seen enough of it for now. Though I wouldn't complain if it did return. Especially if it could get the KH3 treatment like Olympus did.
  3. About 2 weeks ago I made a video about some Halloween/Spookier worlds that could potentially work in Kingdom Hearts. Not everyone is going to agree since I not only talk about animated films but also TV Shows and Live Action films. But please enjoy anyway! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USQLz1P8afQ&ab_channel=CacklingPumpkins
  4. A while back I attempted to redesign Sora for a possible fan project that I'm not sure if I would ever make. I wanted to mix his 4 designs from Kingdom Hearts 1-3 and DDD while adding influence from what it was going to be inspired by. It was going to be a Warner Bros iteration mainly going into their animated properties. Primarily Cartoon Network hence why the design uses a lot of black and white. The Kingdom Key's colors were changed to be based on the Warner Bros. logo. What do you think?
  5. In 2010 I created quite possibly my most cringe worthy webseries ever. Life in Organization XIII. A series about what the members of the organization do when their not attacking worlds or hunting down Sora. At the very beginning I didn't even have a real coat yet but I would get my mom to buy me a cosplay jacket that I still have today. It lasted almost a year and had about 4 seasons. This year I began to archive some of my older videos in a new series called "The JETRAY Archive" as an attempt to save the original uploads before time takes them down. This Archive is 1 Hour and 50 Minutes long. But I also have other Archives even longer and possibly cringier. Check it out if you can survive. I intend to make new original content this year once everything is completely archived so feel free to subscribe to the new Cackling Pumpkins ORIGINALS channel. https://youtu.be/euFH5yGwYL0
  6. The first episode of RED ROOM+ is now live on YouTube ! Every other Monday I will upload and hour or so worth of gameplay from either a horror game or any edgy game. Today I start with Kingdom Hearts 2! I play through all of Roxas' story! This Boy is CRAZY!! - Roxas Story - Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix (PS3)
  7. Alice Darksin is being published on both Tapas and Line Webtoon! Both have a mature warning due to the violence but be sure to check it out & tell me what you think! WARNING: This comic does feature a hefty amount of violence, gore and swearing. The comics have been labeled as mature but I'm just warning those who may or may not enjoy that sort of thing. Webtoon: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/alice-darksin/list?title_no=399812 Tapas: https://tapas.io/series/Alice-Darksin
  8. I made my first OneyPlays animated and since it's based on their Kingdom Hearts 2 Let's Play I decided to share it here! It's quite short being only a few seconds long but I'm still quite proud of it! Tell me what you think!
  9. The entire idea of the series to be a crossover of Disney's history and Final Fantasy. Yet I feel as if they could do more with Disney's assets in the series. I think Kingdom Hearts has a lot of potential to use Disney's charm for the future of the series. I'm interested in hearing what you guys would want but here's what I would do. 1. Instead of original ground and battle themes we make orchestral instrumental arrangements of songs from those films. Imagine walking in Olympus while hearing this version of "God the Distance" in the background. 2. I'm not sure how possible this is technically but I would love to see them fully recreate the style of Disney films in 3D. Alter the artstyle depending on the world Sora is in. Sort of like what they did for "The Caribbean" but ever further. For 3D animated films keep the artstyle the same as in KH3. For 2D animated films add an outline like the game becomes cellshaded but the color of the outline will depend on the world. If it's something like "The Black Cauldron" then the outline will be black and appear as sketchy. If it's "The Lion King" then the outline will be colored depending on the character's inner colors. If it's something like "Nightmare Before Christmas" make the characters look more clay-like or as if they're figures and lower the frame-rate of the character animations. If it's Live-action then give Sora more detail. Small things that could add to the overall experience. They sort of did this in KH3 with both "100 Wood Acre" and "The Caribbean" but I think that should be the basis for future worlds 3. Disney mainly uses their library of assets to define themselves these dats. You've seen it in Disney Infinity, ads for Disney+, ect. Allow for the series to reflect what Disney is now. I know that stuff like Star Wars and Marvel is a controversial topic for this fandom but I think it's time we start experimenting with these elements. We have a new saga coming, Disney has their own versions and has accepted them as their own and I think these new worlds could breathe a breath of fresh air into the series. I know the famous argument is "It wouldn't fit" but we're talking about a series where Donald Duck talks to Cloud Strife. The idea of a Disney and FF crossover on paper shouldn't "fit" yet it does. The series itself is a weird idea that shouldn't work so why not let ti experiment with these new assets? Smash Bros was just a Nintendo Allstar game but now it's more of a Gaming Allstar title. And that's because we gave the idea of guest characters a chance. Keep in mind; Sora is highly requested for Smash as well.I think it's time to allow the developers to experiment with these ideas and see how they will work. 4.I personally don't want the story to become even more complex. And it seems like this new saga is going to be riding off of the last one very heavily with the info we know so far. I think we should let the next saga be not only shorter but simpler as well. But make up for it but giving more of a Disney animated film like story this time. In other words, exchange the size and scope or the story in favor of a theatrical one. 5. Make the main protagonist of the film be treated as the main character of the world Sora is going and have him more tag along rather than take the spotlight. Each level should be treated as their story. Still give Sora a purpose and attention of course but I feel we could make worlds far more memorable if we allowed their stories to unfold naturally with Sora only making sure the order of the world is kept safe by fighting Heartless or whatever threat is in that world. If there is another threat like an Organization member then let Sora fight them primarily in gameplay as the main character of that world takes them on in cutscenes and the world's story. Imagine if instead of Xaldin just disappearing as soon as the cutscene begins after his boss is over (KH2) we see him knock down and/or restrain Sora as the Beast unleashes the final blow. 6. Have more music for cutscenes. Not just general themes like Xehanort's theme or the Orgnization XIII's theme but scores made specifically for that one scene. Think like how a movie score is made and implementing into the film. It goes with scene as each note corresponds with a different action. In many scenes of Kingdom Hearts (especially in the main line games) moments where there was originally a score that went with that scene are now either music-less or instead use one of the game's reusable tracks. The scores were there for a reason to begin with. I'm not saying use the same score but I'd say give us more of a theatrical like experience. Well, that's all I got for now. I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below!
  10. But you have to smack him in the head or else he'll say "You should've gone for the head" as he snaps his fingers. Then you hear Goofy say "Gwarsh, I don't feel so good"
  11. I made a fanmade Keyblade inspired by Marvel's Infinity War. I haven't made anything Kingdom Hearts related in a long time but I'm happy with how this came out. I shall call it...The Infinity Key
  12. While looking up info on the movie "Brave Little Toaster" for a video I wanted to do I found some interesting information. The movie was done by a small company called Hyperion Pictures who also made Rover Dangerfield, Itsy Bitsy Spider & The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina. Lesser known animated films. I thought for sure the company went out of business considering it hasn't made a film since 2004. But it seems like they're still around. What was most interesting is that I recently found out that Hyperion is owned by the Walt Disney Company. So, why is it that Disney never mentions anything from Hyperion? They have never done anything with their characters or even featured them at something like Disneyland (from what I know) I'm very curious.
  13. I actually had a similar idea. A spinoff focusing on more of the out of place worlds from the MCU, Lucasfilms and Fox. Even some of Disney's odder properties would work here. I could see it being a bit more mature and even using the likes of Avatar, Titanic or even Alien if they went through the more serious route.
  14. Definitely Robots! The environment of Robot City is interesting enough to explore and battle in. The Street Sweepers would make interesting mid-bosses. Those large Street Sweepers at the end battle would be a good way to end the world. They have actual villains for Maleficent to interact with (Phineas T. Ratchet & Madame Gasket) the character Fender was voiced by Robin Williams (much like the Genie) so they could easily use Jim Meskimen to voice him since he also voiced Genie in the HD cutscenes for Re:Coded. That Domino scene would work well with the new Attraction Flow. Ect.
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