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  1. But you have to smack him in the head or else he'll say "You should've gone for the head" as he snaps his fingers. Then you hear Goofy say "Gwarsh, I don't feel so good"
  2. I made a fanmade Keyblade inspired by Marvel's Infinity War. I haven't made anything Kingdom Hearts related in a long time but I'm happy with how this came out. I shall call it...The Infinity Key
  3. While looking up info on the movie "Brave Little Toaster" for a video I wanted to do I found some interesting information. The movie was done by a small company called Hyperion Pictures who also made Rover Dangerfield, Itsy Bitsy Spider & The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina. Lesser known animated films. I thought for sure the company went out of business considering it hasn't made a film since 2004. But it seems like they're still around. What was most interesting is that I recently found out that Hyperion is owned by the Walt Disney Company. So, why is it that Disney never mentions anything from Hyperion? They have never done anything with their characters or even featured them at something like Disneyland (from what I know) I'm very curious.
  4. I actually had a similar idea. A spinoff focusing on more of the out of place worlds from the MCU, Lucasfilms and Fox. Even some of Disney's odder properties would work here. I could see it being a bit more mature and even using the likes of Avatar, Titanic or even Alien if they went through the more serious route.
  5. Definitely Robots! The environment of Robot City is interesting enough to explore and battle in. The Street Sweepers would make interesting mid-bosses. Those large Street Sweepers at the end battle would be a good way to end the world. They have actual villains for Maleficent to interact with (Phineas T. Ratchet & Madame Gasket) the character Fender was voiced by Robin Williams (much like the Genie) so they could easily use Jim Meskimen to voice him since he also voiced Genie in the HD cutscenes for Re:Coded. That Domino scene would work well with the new Attraction Flow. Ect.
  6. KH2, because when I was a kid in 2010 I didn't know you just had to run during the Xigbar fight when he rapid fires. I constantly tried to defend or even attack the bullets but was embarrassed to see that I just had to run.
  7. I have to work on Halloween night, as a third shift worker in a gas station that's right beside a bar and a high school. (here's hoping I don't die)
  8. Note how I made Disney in all capitals? Well that's because I love the Kingdom Hearts franchise. It's fun, I want to see how the story ends, but I've recently been asking myself: how much respect does this franchise give to the original films? As of late, I've began to realize that KH isn't a good DISNEY game. But still a great franchise. This is mainly because of the emotion these Disney films give us. Disney Films often feature a zany sense of humor, some fear and heart gripping moments. While some of that can be seen in some worlds, it's almost absent in the rest. A lot of the Disney characters often do the same thing. 1. Introduce who they are. 2. Ask Sora for his help 3. Explain the plot in the most basic way possible 4. Thank him for his help The Disney characters feel more like NPC's then their actual selves. I'd be fine with that but it's basically the same for every world and also they lack the same emotion that's seen in their original films. I'm sorry if this upsets anyone but I really think that the Disney worlds should be given more attention to and their characters. Because to me, what's the point in having these characters if they're not going to act like the characters who we remember them as?
  9. Personally I feel like there should be 2 directors. 1 for gameplay, the other for story. the gameplay director would be someone at Square but the story director would be a recognizable Disney face like Roy Conly
  10. I don't think they're going to have another Pixar world. I feel like for KH3 Pixar should be treated as a guest and we should leave it at the Toy Story world. But for later titles I'd like to see more. Here are my thoughts... 1. Frozen | The film was hugely successful and the ice of a complete ice/snow world would be awesome 2. Treasure Planet | The Roy Conley thing 3. Wreck it-Ralph | I don't know, I just have a good feeling that WIR will make an appearance 4. The Jungle Book | It was planned to make an appearance in BBS and the unfinished KH TV series so I think it's about time we gave it a chance 5. Silly Symphonies/New Mickey Mouse Shorts | Like an evolution of Timeless River 6. Pocahontas | I have a weird theory about the 7 princesses of light 7. Black Cauldron | Just a personal desire
  11. I heard (and don't quote me on this) that trailer will be bigger than the one showed at E3. Hmm.
  12. Kingdom Hearts: New Hearts a weird fanfiction made back in middle school and I randomly found it in storage not too long ago. So I decided to take this time to read this rather questionable story about Organization XIII's 15th member? Yeah, I don't know.
  13. So I know this is kind of a dead topic that's been talked about a lot but I kind of want to see the community interest in the idea. So maybe vote and explain why if you'd like. I'm fairly curious. As for me, I personally don't really care. I wouldn't mind if both made an appearance but I wouldn't be upset if they didn't.
  14. Chain of Memories. I will never like that card system. Like at all.
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