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  1. No, nothing like that. He was telling me about the art, the artbook he worked on for it, and how fun it was to be an artist for Disney and how much fun he had with Kingdom Hearts! He was an artist for other Disney games, too. One of his favorites was a Jungle Book game.
  2. Philo Barnhart! He is a world-famous artist known for his work with The Little Mermaid (Ariel and Ursula), Beauty and the Beast, and countless other Disney classics. He also is an artist for Kingdom Hearts! We got to talk a little about his Disney career, Kingdom Hearts, and one of the KH artbooks he was a part of. I bought one of his KH sketches, and he signed it for me! Awesome piece for my KH collection! It was great meeting him! He was sketching Ariel as we were talking and it was cool watching him work. About 5 years ago I met Quinton Flynn (voice of Axel and many other video game and anime voices) at the same xcon where I live. I got his autograph and that's with my KH collection, too!
  3. I would totally get a PlayArts of this version, too!
  4. Nomura has been speaking about it. "The Kingdom Hearts director goes on to explain that Goofy and Donald are currently searching for Sora, and that the keyblade-wielding hero may appear like his old self again if he ever makes it back to his original reality." (https://kotaku.com/kingdom-hearts-4-trailer-sora-graphics-tetsuya-nomura-q-1848793366?utm_campaign=Kotaku&utm_content=1649950062&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=facebook) I think it's fun seeing him more realistic! I never thought I'd see him like that. I was just shocked at how many people on social media hate it.
  5. Well, Nomura does tend to have a certain "look" he goes for with his characters lol. I see both Sora and Riku likeness in Yozora. I think Yozora is the MoM.
  6. https://www.creativebloq.com/news/kingdom-hearts-4 So many people are bashing it! Why!? This has been a dream of mine to see KH in these types of graphics! Also, I doubt it's permanent. Sora's look changes to fit whatever world he's in. In the trailer, he's in the "real world", so it makes sense he looks like that. People complain about everything, I swear. I feel bad for Nomura because he was probably so excited to put this trailer out thinking fans seeing Sora like this would excite them, and they're bashing him and his storyline again. It just annoys me. I love Sora's look, and I'm excited for this new adventure/story! These bashing articles are ridiculous.
  7. Same! Some people are hating on it, but I've been dreaming to see Sora in this style! I hope we see Riku like that, too! I love cartoonish Sora, but the realistic Sora is a dream.
  8. Agreed! I was not expecting any news of KH4 for a while, but I'm excited for the new adventure/story! I've been finding a lot of people were disappointed in KH3, so they're apprehensive about this new game. I didn't hate KH3, but I played it once and I doubt I'll play it again like I do the other ones.
  9. Aww, I totally get that feeling! I'm happy you're still here in the forum, and that we can all enjoy it and this series that means a lot to us regardless of age!
  10. This is so cool! I love seeing us "older" members still here! :')
  11. Oh my gosh, I do remember you!! This makes me happy to see us "older" members still here :') I remember you!! Same here! I love the afterlife concept and I got super excited to see Hades will have a part in this haha. I think this new adventure is going to be awesome!
  12. Your username is familiar to me, too! Thank you for helping me earlier! I have a lot of happy memories on this forum, and I've been following on Facebook for years to keep up. I'm happy to be back! I wish I could get into the mobile games, but I just can't! I usually just end up watching the cutscenes on YouTube so I can stay up to date on the story.
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