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  1. I, personally, don't like it. I know why Nomura designed it that way, I'm just not a fan. I like the KH2 outfit, though. KH3 outfit looks alright, but I'm hoping they work on it some more.
  2. I'm the only person who absolutely hates gummi ships, so I'm sad about this (even though I knew they'd be in the game lol).
  3. I literally squealed when I saw him as a toy! SO. CUTE.
  4. I had a feeling Vanitas would be in KHIII. I've been discussing that a lot on Facebook (well, when I had a Facebook ). I absolutely LOVE Vanitas, so I'm excited to see more of his story and character development.
  5. I'm excited for Coco! I think it looks really cute. I'm also interested in Toy Story 4. I actually really like Frozen, but I don't find it necessary for a second one. Just not feeling it, you know?
  6. I love BoA! She has a new song out called "Camo." It's SO good!
  7. The comebacks this summer are AMAZING! G-Dragon has a new album (Titled Kwon Ji Yong), Jessi dropped her new album today (Title song is Gucci), EXO I think has an album dropping next week... Lots of great music this summer!
  8. Is anyone here a Kpop fan? I discovered Kpop years ago, and have been hooked ever since! I love Big Bang (I saw them in concert), BTS, EXO, HyunA, Psy, G-Dragon's solo music, BlackPink, Jay Park, Zico, Dok2, Vixx, AOA, CLC, and a lot of others. Out of all of them, HyunA is my bias Queen. I feel like their music and concepts are so much better than western music and concepts. I still like some western artists, but not many. Just wondering if there were any fellow Kpoppers here
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