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  1. Unbelievable. I hope whoever this guy is gets caught and all the games returned back to Square Enix.
  2. KingdomHearts3

    What version of KH3 do you have pre-ordered?

    They should have a midnight release event at all game stores for KH3. I would wait in line for that for sure.
  3. KingdomHearts3

    What version of KH3 do you have pre-ordered?

    Nothing beats going to the store and getting the hard copy the day it comes out.
  4. So today I will be in Walt Disney World. I will give Mickey all your best and tell him you are all excited for the final chapter.

  5. So cool and guess who will be down in Walt Disney World tomorrow while the event is going on?
  6. KingdomHearts3

    What version of KH3 do you have pre-ordered?

    I haven’t preordered for I will be going to the store same day to get it.
  7. I hope Face My Fears becomes a sensation and we hear it all over the place.
  8. Like this status if you have been obsessed with Face My Fears, have been listening to it constantly, have it stuck in your head, and want it now.

  9. KingdomHearts3

    What's your favorite Kingdom Hearts opening?

    I love Sanctuary, but with the Face my Fears sneak peek, I have to put Sanctuary second. I have been smitten with Face my Fears.
  10. I absolutely loved it! I want them to put it out on iTunes now!!!
  11. KH3 opening movie trailer #1 trending on YouTube.

  12. Someone HAS to make a KH3 AMV video or something like that with this music in the background. Plus, doesn't this epitomize what KH3 will be like?