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  1. 1. There is just DLC, no Final Mix at all. 2. It’s not coming to PC. If it does so, it will be next year at the earliest.
  2. I finally have purchased the GOAT, Kingdom Hearts 3. I cannot wait to get started.

  3. So I applied to my university’s graduate school in December 2018. It’s tough to get in to for they get around 100-120 applicants and they accept only a quarter of that (university total attendance is over 40000). I was fortunate enough to be accepted!

  4. I’m in my college dining hall and they’re playing Simple and Clean!

    1. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      haha that's cool

    2. KingdomHearts3


      I was absolutely stunned hearing it. They really do play any and all music.

  5. So I have not purchased KH3 yet and my best bud got it without me. I am literally trying my best to avoid spoilers wherever I go. It is killing me.

  6. The fact that the difference between first and second place for sales is so huge just reminds us all how popular this title is. I always knew it was and is the GOAT.
  7. I have arrived. Now you see me in my full glory. Joking aside, the day we have all been waiting for has arrived. I want to say it has been fantastic being on this journey with all of you.
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, after years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts III is here and availabile worldwide. I am glad we shared this journey together.

  9. Beating Fortnite? You know it’s huge when it can do that. Amazing it is here.
  10. Oh my lord! KH3 spoilers are all over YouTube! Either be extremely careful or stay away from YouTube.

  11. This is usually what happens when people play KH3 as their first game. I saw the review and rating from Gameinformer. Now I like seeing their reviews the most and they are the toughest when it comes to their ratings. They gave KH3 a 9.5!
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, after so many years of waiting and anticipation, Kingdom Hearts III has finally arrived. The greatest of all time has finally been released. I am glad to have been on this journey with you.
  13. We have not seen everything. We cannot come to conclusions either because of pictures. This is a very nice reminder for everyone of us.
  14. Ladies and gentlemen, I could not be more proud to say this after so many years: Kingdom Hearts 3 releases this week in Japan and next week around the world. The GOAT (greatest of all time) is almost here. I am ready more than ever. To quote one famous singer, "Won't be long, won't be long, I'm almost here. Watch me cry all my tears".

  15. Sure. Remember we really know relatively nothing about this title (unless you managed to watched leaks of the game) so don't worry about it until you get the title itself.
  16. I don't find anything wrong with it. No problem with me nor a big deal.
  17. Well made, well done. I am amazed that the journey has come so far and is about to come to an end. Well, after January 29, a new journey for us all. I am proud to share it with all of you and look forward to the next journey.
  18. What do I think? This is what I think: 😨 I had chills looking at the logo.
  19. I just purchased as of midnight EST on 1/18, the full album to Face My Fears on Apple Music.
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