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  1. I got up to the ice palace balcony but the invisible wall wouldn't let me stand on it.
  2. I haven't really looked in here that much, but over at khinsider there is a lot of disappointment, especially with story elements. I've read so much negativity about the game from that site, and it's from genuine fans of the series who are genuinely disappointed. I had fun with the game though.
  3. not my videos but these are hilarious, just in case any of you missed it/don't use twitter
  4. according to wikipedia they chose the 3ds because they had a positive experience with it. But I don't know if the vita was shown to developers as early as 3ds was
  5. Youtube user by the name of Keytotruth has just uploaded hidden scenes of kh3d Some of these scenes were shown at nintendo world 2011 and have never been publicly released until now! check the scenes out here:
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