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  1. LostArtis

    kh3 opening trailer fan edit

    Thanks :)!
  2. LostArtis

    kh3 opening trailer fan edit

    So I noticed quite a few people don't like the opening song. I feel like that has at least a little to do with the visuals since it's a trailer. With different cuts as the actual opening it could take away from the actual music. I decided to make my own version of the opening trailer (with a few extra scenes at the beginning) to try to make the music sound better for people. Hope this could make it sound a bit better for those who dislike it
  3. Looking good those background branch changes tho
  4. I edited the color and face lighting
  5. I edited the color of some kh3 screenshots for fun https://imgur.com/gallery/5xYegQH https://imgur.com/gallery/MsSk7eI
  6. LostArtis

    Dumbo live action trailer

    Even live action, Dubo is cute af, jesus. I want a hug ,now!
  7. LostArtis

    kh3 7 lights theory

    I was more saying that lights could be pairs but not all of them have to be, so a max total of 14. Also tbh I don't know much about darklings, I sort of just found it as a potential pair for namine.But that's fair to call it unlikely. I go crazy sometimes with symbolism haha. Somebody on khinsider made me think of another thing. If you count all of the different soras as one person, you get seven keyblade wielders. (Sora Ven Roxas Xion), Kairi, Riku, Mickey, Aqua, Terra, Lea
  8. LostArtis

    kh3 7 lights theory

    Hello, I made a theory about the seven lights, tell me your thoughts!
  9. LostArtis

    KH3 kairi hair switch

    yea, hairstyle: https://imgur.com/gallery/xg7Lg27 and color too: https://imgur.com/gallery/R46rMUT I shouldn't be this surprised but I am lol
  10. LostArtis

    KH3 kairi hair switch

    Hey guys! I was curious and switched Kairi's kh2 and kh3 hair. I am shocked how much hair can change a look https://imgur.com/gallery/0oo6p7l
  11. So this Saturday there's going to be a panel held at Lucca Comics & Games. But on the next day, Sunday, a Mickey 90th birthday special is being aired on ABC. A couple months ago Kingdom Hearts posted a video celebrating Mickey's 90th birthday. Do you think the special on Sunday will include some KH promotion? Maybe the already released kh mickey video, or possibly something new related to the Lucca Panel? Additionally Tetsuya Nomura is part of an art exhibit in NY for Mickey's 90th bday.
  12. LostArtis

    Talk Like Your Avatar!

    Where'd all the color in the world go? > *runs angrily*