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  1. Usually Overwatch. On that same note, I would consider this to be a Kingdom Hearts Easter Egg on the Dorado Map.
  2. Are we counting the number of instances or the individuals involved?
  3. It would be interesting if it was Yozora, seeing as he has one blue eye and one red eye; maybe a result of putting an Eye in No Name? If the Master of Masters is indeed the next antagonist, Yozora would fit the bill: his name means "Night Sky", which is the opposite of Sora ("Sky"), and the game character exists in a copy of Toy Box created by Young Xehanort. Coincidence?
  4. The books seem to cover characters, not individual video games. The real Sora was absent from 0.2, coded, and Back Cover, so it makes sense they are not covered.
  5. What are the odds of Sora, Donald, and Goofy's toy forms making a cameo in Toy Story 4?
  6. Unbound is a Keychain for Sora and Riku in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is obtained after cleaning all the Secret Portals for each character.
  7. The character models don't suffer from "club finger" present in BbSFM and DDDHD. Perplexing.
  8. They could have used any theme, but instead they slice up Rage Awakened to make it fit the clips.
  9. While I'm awhile aways from uploading Kingdom Hearts videos, I've started a gaming channel on Youtube for those who are interested!

  10. Well, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ did include Re:Chain of Memories when it was released, but yeah that's a funny typo. Another spin-off before Kingdom Hearts III!? (jk).
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