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  1. Keyblade Master XIII

    What's your Favorite Movie to watch during Halloween?

    Van Helsing!
  2. Well, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ did include Re:Chain of Memories when it was released, but yeah that's a funny typo. Another spin-off before Kingdom Hearts III!? (jk).
  3. It was the best thing I have ever seen. It's weird that Ventus-Vanitas' eyes were blue instead of gold like in the game though.
  4. My best guess, it is related to the Portal system in Dream Drop Distance where you can fight other player's Dream Eaters.
  5. Keyblade Master XIII

    Anyone else have a huge issues with 2.5 and its "issues"?

    The pauses are annoying, especially at the beginning of Larxene's Absent Silhouette, and the extended Drive Form load times are annoying, but not too bad, the load times were slow in the original Kingdom Hearts 2 as well, and I always found them kind of dramatic. I never experienced any other glitches though. Might have something to do with my copy, it's from the 2.5 Collector's Edition. I do miss that familiar "ahh" Roxas would yell during the falling sequence of the Twilight Thorn battle, but I suppose it's just a price to pay if adding additional grunts from 358/2 Days and Ventus connect him to his past experiences and his connection to Ven.
  6. Even ten years later, new things are being discovered in Kingdom Hearts II, most recently an unused/untitled song, but for me one thing remains a mystery: in Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, and the HD remake in Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX the song "Whoop-de-Dooper Bounce", from The Tigger Movie, is listed as one of the songs in the game in the credits, but it is not included in any soundtrack nor sung in the actual game; no matter how many times I've played it. Not a single Kingdom Hearts wiki has even mentioned its inclusion. Has anyone else been able to hear it or know if it is even in the game's data?
  7. Keyblade Master XIII

    Return to Neverland

    We've seen Neverland as a world in some form three times now: as Captain Hook's Ship/London, some tiny islands dotting an open sea, and as a majority of the island featured in Peter Pan. Tinkerbell was rumored to have dialogue in 358/2 Days before it was scrapped, so do you think it's possible that Pixie Hollow, from the Tinkerbell movies, could be an accessible area of Neverland if it is featured again in Kingdom Hearts III? What do you think of Sora and company as fairies? Thoughts?
  8. Keyblade Master XIII

    How much % of the game is done?

    The most recent Kingdom Hearts III footage showed advancements in the combat system. The command menu changes color now if enemies appear, as well as Sora, Donald, and Goofy's faces. The focus gauge is also updated, and it drains when Sora uses Shotlocks. The MP bar still doesn't drain when magic is used, but the shortcut menu works and Sora's health will drop if hit. Some button mapping isn't assigned yet either, they were blank circles when he was performing the first Shotlock. Only four worlds have been featured so far, and two are the same areas from the last trailer. They are still hiring positions for the game development, too. Since KH3 will be a big game, I say no more than 14% is complete.
  9. I've always imagined the shapes were sweet, with an easy-to-chew gummy consistency comprised of exotic fruits favors, suspended in a neutral water-based viscous liquid, like an unsweetened or slightly sour syrup.
  10. Keyblade Master XIII

    Something I Don't Get In Kingdom Hearts II...

    Nomura's artistic advances aside, what Yen Sid mentioned was their previous journey prevented "an immense effusion of Heartless", and to an extend it can be said the "immense effusion" was that of the greater Heartless: Behemoths, Darksides, Defenders, etc. It can even be said that those that remained were weakened, having been cut off from the great darkness. This can be proven by looking at how powerful the Neoshadows were in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, contrasting their other appearances afterward.
  11. Keyblade Master XIII

    Why did you first decide to play Kingdom Hearts?

    Disney, yes, but I first encountered the series where I saw the trailer for Kingdom Hearts on the VHS of Mickey's House of Villains, and then I saw the in-depth commercial for Kingdom Hearts II on Disney Channel a couple years later, before getting a PS2 for Christmas. On my birthday, I took all of my birthday money, the first year I had gotten money instead of presents, and bought Kingdom Hearts II at Walmart thinking "this is Disney, but it looks like a grown-up game", and I was right, it's more than just a kid's game.
  12. Keyblade Master XIII

    What if Kingdom Hearts world is indeed real?

    Packing my Wayfinder. If the World of Kingdom Hearts is out there, I will face as many Heartless as needed to leave this world! :lol:
  13. Keyblade Master XIII

    What Worlds do You NOT Want to See in KH3?

    I don't want Marvel or Star Wars, mostly because there's so much source material that things can get real confusing really fast. I don't think continuing with Port Royal is a good idea either, those movies went downhill after the first one. Don't really wanna see Monsters, Inc. or The Long Ranger either, but anything else I'm okay with.
  14. Keyblade Master XIII

    Any mystery cartoons you may know?

    A slightly older cartoon, but I'd watch Martin Mystery if you want a majority of the monsters to be real. If you don't mind a lot of fake monsters, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.