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  1. Idk it was definitely Riku, but I thought i should pick someone just cause like.... IT'S RIKU but anyway, ping was aight, but god mulan's a total boss
  2. oh hey yesterday was my two anniversary on here! :)

    1. Caxkj



  3. I'm dying for Supernatural! Just got done rewatching the whole series yesterday; perfect timing!
  4. The only ones I can think of right now is Global Trading Station Plus (pokemon) and Neoseeker (variety) But I know for a fact that I have a LOT MORE. It's just that I'm the type who makes an account... and then never goes that site again afterwards However, I do actually participate in other forums, I just can't think of any right now.
  5. Does the last one count for people who've dropped out?
  6. I always tell the truth, but I'm not going to lie, I always feel awkward if I select the answer that everyone else seldom selected
  7. I don't have any friends I'm home-schooled and my family is the only one in our church with teenagers, so I don't exactly have any chance to make friends.However, I don't mind at all because I'm an extreme introvert (I may even have minor social anxiety)
  8. SSJ4 was the only thing I liked about GT. BUT, I still prefer AT's version (even though I don't think it has been revealed yet)! I'm so freakin' excited you guys don't even know
  9. As the paranoid conspiracist will say, "The government already has it, they're just hiding it from us!" Lol, JK. I don't know if it will be or not, because I try to keep an open mind. But my parents told me that it was once a belief that human's can't go above 35 mph because their body's would implode. So, always have faith, and keep moving forward, right? You never know! Plus, I feel like if we did find a way to time travel, I think it should be forbidden. There are different theories of how time travelling works: whether there's one dimension and the past and future can change (eg The Butterfly Effect), or whether it will create multiple dimensions (eg Dragon Ball Z). Either way, it could consult in certain people being or not being born. It could very dangerous!
  10. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.... IF I HAD IT!!!!Lol, Kingdom Hearts II
  11. Alright, I do see your point But I guess we're going to see it anyway, so here comes the weirdness
  12. We talking voices or music specifically? Either way, for KH1, I enjoy both the old music and voices. I would love to hear young Haley Osment's voice in Sora's new model Plus, I love Billy Zane for Ansem (however, Leon in KH1 SUCKED lol) And I love Yoko's old music. It's apparent she's gotten more skilled since KH1, but I enjoy that trait I feel like new tracks (for both music and voices) would have been unnecessary.
  13. Yeah, I would like to. But then again, I do like WW for the odd graphics and cell shading (which I know they will keep, but have it be more similar to SS). But if other people want to HD, I would support them. I think it's dumb when people don't want a game or movie, so they prevent from happening. If other people want it, let it happen and just don't play/watch it yourself
  14. Umm, I'm done with school, but I'm not finished Big difference in words, there
  15. How exciting! Sometimes I feel like 1,000,000 is such a big number, but other times I feel like it isn't at all
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