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  1. The demo will be available in Lisboa Games Week (Portugal) this weekend too. https://canoticias.pt/kingdom-hearts-3-devil-may-cry-5-estarao-lisboa-games-week/?fbclid=IwAR0u6HAkEx5UnHy5JYcp6Jf5RJ7nPsqbcOeJAomCbYGpYxwMEfKT6kQbuEc
  2. Now we're talking about! This is a much better trailer than the last one. I can patiently wait for Jump Festa now.
  3. Nomura has his plate full with all the KH characters appearing in KH3. It's understandable. Same thing for FF characters. The only thing I want is a FF character in Olympus to keep the tradition going and I would already be happy.
  4. Noctis was my second choice, but I don't know how they would incorporate him in Olympus storyline. I'm also not sure if the fact that Riku new design is obviously inspired by Noctis would affect the odds of him being in, but since were about to have Roxas and Ventus in the same game that shouldn't be a problem...
  5. Olympus was always one of my favourite Disney Worlds and looking to what we have so far KH3 won't be an exception, still there's something missing that would be the cherry on the top - A Final Fantasy character. Even though Final Fantasy characters presence in KH3 is still a mystery, I would like to talk about the possibility of at least having one in this World. We can say it became a tradition to always have one FF character in Olympus. KH1/COM/Coded had Cloud, KH2 had Auron and BBS had Zack. I don't know if KH3 will stop the streak, but considering we only got our first look to Megara and Phil some weeks ago and the Worlds will be really big, there's still a chance. Personally, I would like to have an older Zack. Seems like in KH3 we're about to face all the Titans and a challenge like that would fit his personality. In BBS, both him and Hercule swore to become true Heroes one day and KH3 would be a good spot to finish that storyline. In the end, Zack would mention that he's finally strong enough to take Aqua on a date and wonder where she is right now, which would be a good nod to BBS. Assuming we will have a FF character in KH3 Olympus too, who do you want and why?
  6. Different opinions. I'm not like that. If I'm interested in something, I want to know more about it. Spoilers don't ruin my enjoyment. Sure I like to watch/play something without knowing everything, but knowing what to expect doesn't ruin my enjoyment and satisfies my curiosity. When the time comes If what I'm watching/playing is good, I will still be satisfied when I finish it. Like many people I have been waiting for KH3 for too long and I want to know the most I can.
  7. I would be lying If said I wasn't disappointed with this. There was nothing in Paris Games Week and all we got in Lucca CG is a Tangled trailer. No revelation of the Opening, no revelation of the second playable character, no revelation of FF characters, no revelation of a new World, no confirmation of the total World count or when we should expect more big news. Just a trailer about one of the first Worlds confirmed years ago and the game is coming in 3 months. And that supposed new World that Union X [Cross] would get, will ever come out?! I guess Jump Festa really is the only major event left that will have some interesting big news.
  8. Thanks for the information =)
  9. Anyone else lost all their status messages from 2016 onward?
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