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  1. Everyone got really pissed off. They lost 4k of views in four minutes lol I doubt anyone will ever get hyped by them again
  2. So no new trailer and no DLC that most of us will be able to get... What a waste of time and hype. Amazon just trolled us all
  3. VocaloidLover13

    What do you think DLC revealed tomorrow will be?

    I'm like 99% confident that the dlc pack won't be: Story Updates Secret Ending About the Worlds...there may be a possibility that they release a world dlc just for a specific secret boss, and that would be quite good. I hope it happens! But I'm sure the announcement will be about Cosmetics. A Keyblade pack seems to be too soon I think. Let's wait and see, I'm really hyped!
  4. VocaloidLover13

    Some Impressions after Playing the Demo

    I'm happy that you feel that way. If I loved the demo despite the short amount of enemies and the inability to turn back (since once you defeat the enemies they won't show up again), then the whole game will be really the peak of our enjoyment. Not to mention that besides the gameplay part, there's also the story part which we all love and will surprise us a lot, I'm sure
  5. Hey guys! I've finally played the demo and it looked really cool. Since I know that most of you haven't played it yet, I'll let you know about my experience playing it. First of all, I was impressed by the graphics. They were really good on the Ps4 Pro, and I'm sure the TV was 4k too. One of the things that impressed me the most was Young Xehanort. From past demos and trailers (from some months ago) he really didn't look that good. But now we can clearly see his perfect skin. He's very good looking now. Now, moving forward to the gameplay (that is the key point of this demo), let me say that it is a totally different experience than seeing it on video. I was afraid that I wouldn't get much enjoyment since I had already seen the demo more than ten times, and I guess some of you may think that way too. However, you may rest assured that playing it is a total different experience. I really loved fighting the enemies while exploring all the ways I had to do so. We have shotlock, keyblade combos and finishes (and transformations), attractions, a bit of flowmotion, magic, and a lot more. It was just a shame that we didn't have four tier spells. Oh, and also, I didn't know that Aero was in the game From the Toy Story demo, I tried my best to explore the three keyblades but even though I played it four times (we didn't have time limit to play it), I still needed some time to understand them better. Nonetheless, I understood that each keyblade has a specific shotlock adapted to them, and it is great. The variety of attacks makes this game a lot different from KH1 and KH2. if you could let me say, I think this is a perfect mix of all past games' gameplays. From the Olympus demo, I used the Dream Eater link but, seriously, it's very difficult to experience it with a limited demo like this. For some reason I couldn't use the other links from the Toy Story demo, but nonetheless it just makes me more hyped for the game. Besides that, I understood that Second Guard actually lets you have different finishers. If you strike enough, the finish Stun Impact will be replaced by Ragnarok, and then again it will be replaced by Ars Arcanum. I don't know if there are more finishers. I didn't have the chance to use the specific atraction where we create a path with water (something like splash) and in the finisher you just go all the way back to the path you created and it makes a really good scenery, like the Ariel's link. I just know this because I saw someone using it there. And it is the perfect example of how the design of the game can improve our enjoyment from the gameplay. Believe me, playing it is really different than just seeing it. Basically, there were two negative points of my experience. First thing is that it was really short. The demo ended after the battle with the Gigas, so there weren't many enemies to defeat unfortunately. And secondly, it was too loud there and I couldn't hear the soundtracks well. This just means that once we get the game and play it at home, we'll enjoy the gameplay really better. I loved this experience. I hope you end up experiencing it too if you get the chance. Nonetheless, January is coming up, so let's just get ready
  6. Going to play the KH3 Demo tomorrow for the first time!

  7. VocaloidLover13

    Kingdom Hearts III demo to be playable at Lisboa Games Week

    Thank you! I can easily endure the wait too except for the days when they release trailers and such. We all want to finally have the game on our hands anyway Yeah, now that I think about it, it may be make me more hyped and impatient about the release of game. However, the good thing in all of this is that January is really coming up.
  8. VocaloidLover13

    Kingdom Hearts III demo to be playable at Lisboa Games Week

    I never thought it would come in Portugal since it's not a popular country, however I guess that KH3 is really gaining a lot attention (similar to popular games) I'm really happy. If you all want I may write up my experience when I go there (I really hope I can get to play this demo). I hope time flies fast enough so that you won't feel down by the wait of the game
  9. VocaloidLover13

    Kingdom Hearts III demo to be playable at Lisboa Games Week

    Finally it is coming to Portugal! I may finally be able to play this demo
  10. Is it starting now? Or, in how many hours will it start?
  11. VocaloidLover13

    Which KH game will KH3 feel like the most?

    I was going to say KH2, but when I saw the option "KH0.2" I already knew what to choose. Not just the design, but some gameplay elements are similar. But of course, there are a complete lot of differences in gameplay, but between KH2 and KH3 we can check some differences too, so I'll go for KH0.2. I'm sure KH3's feel will be more similar to 0.2's feel.
  12. I don't actually need to say who I did choose right at my profile pic It would be cool but I don't think it would fit in, sadly Hatsune Miku could appear as a character instead, though
  13. VocaloidLover13

    Ansem Chain of Memories Remix (song)

    That was really awesome!
  14. I'm very unsure about Traverse Town. About TWTNW, I feel like there's a high chance given it's the old Organization's stronghold. Something tells me that Daybreak Town may not appear on this game. I mean, there's a chance, but with so many worlds I'm really uncertain. For the others I'm very confident they'll be playable. But of course, my wish is to have all of them return playable on KH3
  15. VocaloidLover13

    Do you think all Original Worlds will be playable?

    Yeah, unfortunately. I think it would be very cool to explore TWTNW's city again, even though we already have Big Hero 6 for city exploration I hope we get to fight some Darksides on the realm of darkness. It's a good possibility. Some people believe RG is not going to be playable but I hope we get to play a small portion of it at least. I'm curious to see how they restored it since KH2. There's high chance that KG will have all types of enemies and I really hope so. Fightning nobodies, heartless and unversed there will be very great. I hope it happens that way. This Nomura's favorite world is really mysterious. Unfortunately I don't remember that but you may be right. I hope that is not the case though. Thank you all for your opinions.