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  1. Not sure if the connection to Discord is working (since you got some replies there), but the answer is "yes, you can, but they're really ineffective." The game has a bad problem with moving so fast that many medals that weren't released in the last 6 months are useless (for the most part). The best way to use medals like that and still have them be somewhat effective is to have a copy medal like Reaper or Ansem the Wise copy them, which gives them a higher STR stat and the copy medal's traits. Even then, it's not really recommended to do that since you'd be wasting a slot. While you can still use some of the older medals in Proud mode (for example, a quest that limits you to t9 medals only), many of them are now just there to look pretty.
  2. The notices say we'll probably see a story update in mid July.
  3. Yeah, it's basically been confirmed that the current setting of the story is a data world. "Unchained realm" was probably what it was referred to before they (Square Enix and Nomura) decided it would be a data world. In X (the browser game), the fake worlds* were created from the Book of Prophecies so that the kids could run around and do things in relative safety. When X ended with the Keyblade War, the Dandelions and the player character went to the data version, complete with data recreations of the worlds (since no one was left who could make them using the Book of Prophecies). While we don't know for sure about the other Dandelions, it's confirmed that the player character's memories of the events of X are being suppressed in order to spare them from the harsh reality of what actually happened. Right now, the goal is to get back to the real world, though who knows what that looks like after the war. *In terms of the worlds being fake, it's like this. The Book of Prophecies tells of things that have yet to happen at the time of KHUX. Using that, they're (the Foretellers/Master of Masters) able to create illusions of worlds that haven't come to pass yet (and the medals used in game, technically). At this point in time, the world hadn't split apart into the smaller Disney Worlds that we first came to know through KH1. In other words, they're all still a part of the KHUX world. But the problem is that they're ancient: nothing's going on there. It's like if you traveled back to the year 1100 and went to where Texas is now. Sure, the land is still there, and some people are there, but nothing is like it would be 900 years in the future. So you make this magical doorway that lets you experience a simulation of the Texas of today when you walk through it. It's not the real present-day Texas, and you won't be able to make any changes to the timeline while you're in it, but it'll be like you're there.
  4. Ah, that's good that you found Damo's vids, they're good resources. He's planning to release more like that, though it looks like it won't be ready right away.
  5. You also get more jewels as you go on, so that's an added incentive to continue on. Out of curiosity, which YouTubers have you been watching?
  6. ^Agreed. Even if it was a swastika, it's the original symbol (the one that means success/good luck), not the Nazi symbol. You can tell based on whether the spokes point clockwise or counterclockwise.
  7. Huh, what an interesting connection. (Btw, Type-0 was a great game)
  8. You should take advantage of it, but it would be a good idea to wait until it gets updated on 2/6. For now, just hold onto the medals you have. In terms of which medals you should sell, there's a lot. The game doesn't care whether they're 5*, 6*, or 7*. What it does care about is the tier level. So if you have a 5* T2 Donald, it'll still be worth 2 points (just like a 7* T2 Hercules would also be only 2 points). It's up to you if you want to keep one of every medal (collectors usually do), but for the most part, you can sell every T2-T7 medal you have. Be aware of what you're getting rid of before you commit to anything, though: there are still a small handful of T4, T6, and T7 medals that can be upgraded to T9 if you have enough of them. Also, never unequip a medal that is being used to boost your subslots: there's no guarantee you'll be able to replace it, and that would weaken your setups.
  9. The traits you have are all pretty great already, but you'll want to replace that Def +2000 with something better. The game doesn't say it, but that trait is effectively worthless and has been since traits were introduced. Ideally, you'd want air defense -60, or possibly another raid +40. If you were talking about which skill to give it, though, I'd say something like Atk Boost 11 Max + GA 0 (or GA 1/GA 2, if you have any of them).
  10. So, the update finally came, and with it come 4 new medals with a new mechanic. So, this Supernova Restore mechanic is great and all, as long as your medals have Supernovas that can boost your STR. Restoring anything else is essentially just a waste of time, given how things have gotten. A few things to note about these medals. First: the individual medals (Terra, Aqua, Ven) don't boost your STR. Be aware of that and keep in mind that it could end up decreasing your overall damage output. Second: these are the only Upright medals that will restore Power/Speed/Magic Supernovas. This means that if we ever see another medal that restores Power/Speed/Magic Supernovas, it'll have to be a Reverse medal. They didn't say that the combined TVA medal would be the only Upright medal to restore Upright Supernovas, though, so expect to see more like that one. Speaking of TVA, point 3: this medal is way too expensive. It costs 280 VIP coins, which means you have to pull 28 times (just short of doing the mercy on each of the 3 banners), and that means you have to have 84,000 jewels. Unless you spend real money on this game on a regular basis, DO NOT chase this medal. And even if you do spend regularly, it's still hard to advocate for getting it. Maybe we'll get another shot at the medal in the future, but for now, consider it a lost cause. Now, should you pull for any of these medals? Honestly, it doesn't seem all that necessary. It's a little too soon to tell if these medals are something everyone needs or if they're just a novelty for those fortunate enough to pull them. Ideally, wait until the banner is about to end to see what's coming next before you decide if you want to pull or save. The points banner is a godsend for a large chunk of players. So many of us had a bunch of T4, T5, etc. medals being used in subslots, and most of those medals got replaced by the Kyroo medals. Before this banner, the idea was to either sell the old medals or use them for trait rolls (if you still care to trait outdated medals). Now, though, those of us who hoarded the old medals and duplicates can finally get rewarded. Every pull costs 100 points, and each (attacking) medal you sell gives you points equal to its tier level. Note: a 6* T5 medal is worth the same amount as a 7* T5 medal. Each pull is for a single Supernova+ medal, including some of the ones that were previously exclusive (Xigbar, Demyx, the Foretellers, DFF Sephiroth, etc.). Now, while this is a great deal, you may also get some lackluster results (things like T8 Starlight or T8 Dark Riku). Another thing to keep in mind is that this banner lasts throughout the month, and that means that you can sell any of your junk medals from any pulls you do during that time as well. However, it's not advised to waste jewels on pulls just to try and get trash to sell for points. Just let these things come naturally, and you're sure to get at least a few medals you wanted. The only other thing to talk about is the Keyblade War completion campaign. While the event isn't going away, it is rewarding those who can complete it now. And really, with our medals being as strong as they are now, this should be pretty doable for a large chunk of the playerbase. Remember: if you need any help, it never hurts to ask.
  11. Well, here's to a new year. Peter Pan: the medal that most of us didn't think would be coming. I mean, he's not even a KH3 medal! But anyway, the medal itself is pretty good. It covers a chunk of buffs and debuffs, though not all of them. It gives a pretty hefty STR boost with its Supernova giving an even larger boost (though that's basically all the Supernova is good for). All in all, it's a nice medal to have. I don't think it's the kind that you need to rush out and get before the week is over, but it'll be nice to have should you get it. At the time of this reply being posted, the UX event is over and all 5 unions have confirmed a victory over the crab. Expect to receive your rewards on Tuesday/Wednesday as indicated. The other thing that's over is the New Year event quests for a free 5000 jewels. Sorry if you missed it, but you can still get an additional 5000 jewels as a login bonus until next month, so be sure to claim that! There are 2 events right now that require large amounts of AP to challenge. The first is the event coin event from which you can earn Kyroo subslot medals. The second is the gem event from which you have a chance to earn Power, Speed, and Magic gems. The smart thing to do is to go for the event coin quests first. The main reason for this is that the event ends halfway through the month (and will likely be replaced by a new event of the same type with different rewards) and because event coins are a guaranteed drop. On the other hand, the gem event lasts the whole month and only promises "a chance" to get gems, so you may end up unintentionally wasting your AP. That's not to say you shouldn't attempt the gem event, but be wise about how you spend your AP: go for the guarantee before going for the chance. As for the avatar boards, it's looking like a mixed bag. Obviously you'll want to pass on the old 2500 jewel boards. The skills aren't bad but we're slowly moving away from AB7 and AB8, so it's not really worthwhile. You can buy Second Chance 4 in the Moogle Shop for 500 jewels, too, so it being available in an avatar board doesn't mean as much. (Side note: since these boards cost 2500 when they were available the first time, they really ought to be 1500 jewels this time.) I shouldn't have to say it, but the Meow Wow boards are straight up passes. Those skills are too outdated to be worth 5000 jewels, and I'm almost insulted by that price. As I mentioned earlier, AB7 and AB8 skills are on the way out, so I can't really recommend the FF boards either. We have better Lux++ skills available, DB6 isn't as useful as DB5 and 6Max, and they've even got one of those AP+ and Lux+ skills (without the "Max" part that's so important). It's a shame, too, because these are some great outfits. Finally, there's the new Bernard and Bianca boards. If I'm being honest, these boards are a bit of a letdown. While the skills they offer are good, they're almost an exact copy of the 2 boards that just left the shop (with Poison instead of Paralysis) plus 2 extra skills. DB6Max is nice but hasn't proven itself all that necessary (unless you're aiming for top 1000 in PVP). AB8Max+Lux++ is a good skill, though there have been better ways to get it. Then there's the bear pet: that's right, the most useless part of this board (since pet appearances mean nothing). These boards have no right costing 7770 jewels, and they probably only justify it by including the bear pet parts. Do yourself a favor and save your 7770 jewels for a better board.
  12. Wow, it's been a little while since we had one of these updates. I guess everyone has things they have to do, and honestly, posting these updates is not exactly a high-priority task. Anyway, not much to say. The new boards are pretty good, so getting one or both of them wouldn't be a bad idea. But remember: only buy what you need, and try not to buy something because you think you might need it in the future.
  13. I don't usually say much about VIP, but this time I need to speak up. This is not a "Cyber Monday" deal: this is the exact same offer they've been bundling with VIP for the last few weeks/months. A real Cyber Monday deal would offer something we don't usually have access to. Since I'm here, I'll go ahead and add on a part about this week's Union Cross. The "Message Board Arrives" bubble is referring to 2 of the boards that are available this week, and they're basically full of new chat phrases and the regular amount of jewels. The interesting part about the phrases is that they're all things that have been said in the mainline KH games. So, if you want to sound a little bit more like a KH character, you might go and get the phrases this week.
  14. This is a little dirty. While the boosters are what you should go for first, the fact that the Magic gems can be farmed is too good to pass up! So basically, you should aim to get the boosters as quickly as possible, then immediately switch to farming for gems. Rest in peace, my AP. Despite my dislike of all things Frozen (except Marshmallow: he gets a pass), I'm obligated to advise you to pull for Elsa. She's basically Monster Sora, Anti-Aqua, and Invi all rolled into 1 medal. The reflect she offers still gives you 100%, too, so it's extra appealing for PVP. On top of that, her STR boosts last for 2 turns instead of the usual 1 turn (previously seen with Vexen). That being said, she does lose some of her usefulness outside of PVP (the defense break is worthless against anything that's not a player), and the banner is back to having all of the older medals (forget about pulling Luxord or a Foreteller). Regardless, it's a reasonably good deal, so you wouldn't be wasting jewels if you went for the mercy. Speaking of a return to form, the boards are all pretty passable. The only ones that could be worthwhile are the Holiday Night Santa boards, though Atk Boost 7 and 8 are not really worth going for anymore (unless they have Lux++).
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