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  1. It is VIP, and I'm sorry that it's such a useless medal. Makes your toon collection feel just a little less worthwhile. "I got this one and it really helped me, even though it doesn't as much now. Oh, that one over there? It was never good to begin with..."
  2. Honestly, this Kairi deal is just dirty. Pay for the chance to mercy an OP buffer? Yeah, that sounds totally acceptable. My recommendation is to just pull a couple of times on the banner (if you feel the need to), but otherwise just wait for the inevitable non-VIP mercy.
  3. hawk222

    KHUX [12-1-18] December's Updates

    That's a good question that remains unanswered! It should be easy enough to translate text from Japanese to English, so there's got to be something else causing the delay...
  4. These boards are waaaaaaaay too old to be good anymore: definitely skip them.
  5. Remember: you have to spend 40k jewels if you want to get the 20k back. If you have less than that, I don't recommend buying jewels until you have 40k. Though, if you're already the kind of person who buys large quantities of jewels, you probably don't need my advice, lol. Since this offer lasts until next week, I'd advise waiting to see if any other banners come out in the meantime. They won't get you your jewels back, but they might be better deals overall.
  6. Honestly, I'm not sure how to feel about all of this. On the one hand, returning banners are nice. On the other hand, none of them are falling price or have a free 1st pull, like the Japanese deals. Then they say you can buy the new Supernova medal for $100, which I guess is nice because they're not pulling the whole "you could get it before you actually spend more than $100" nonsense and just being upfront about it. The Chirithy boards are... eh. I feel like most players already have enough SC skills, and there are other boards with both AB8Max and AB6Max+Lux++. Plus, that +3 skill perk is a little odd (until you remember that this board was available in Japan before we got to the +6 and higher skill perk items).
  7. Are you suggesting that Xehanort 3D-printed his own Org. XIII? XD
  8. Thought they said it was gonna be on Friday's stream. You jerks! Stop changing the date!
  9. Please don't waste your jewels on the fairy banner. It was bad enough when they allowed you to pay actual money for tickets, and now it's just about as bad. Like, just stop, guys. Guaranteed tier 8 fairy or no, this is just bad. (If you really, really need just 1 more T8 fairy, it might be worth it. Otherwise, I'd recommend passing on this.)
  10. No. None of these boards are good. Save your jewels (unless you really like the aesthetics or something). Also, you should be able to get at least 2k jewels if you do the free pull every day.
  11. I recommend pulling for this medal at least once if not twice. First of all, it'll never be available again. Second, it's worth 144 pet points when traited, so having 2 would help. Third, it's actually a pretty useful medal, kind of like a weaker version of Ira EX+. If you're like me and have been saving T6 and T7 fairies, you can even save some jewels by just guilting and evolving it yourself. Either way, I think that having this medal will work out well. If you have Xion EX+, you've basically won for all 13 quests. Obviously you'll want some supplemental medals like Prime Roxas or Prime Roxas & Xion, but this event is pretty easy regardless.
  12. So, it looks like the skills are missing from the first post. The Fantasia Mickey boards come with Attack Boost 8 Max, Attack Boost 7 Max & Gauge 0, and Attack Boost 6 Max & Lux++. Anyway, Marluxia+ is a pretty good medal, being the first random target medal that actually debuffs the enemy (as opposed to yourself ala Saix+). His damage is on par with Saix+, so he's not a bad choice for pulling and evolving to 7*. He's not needed for the event like some previous Org. XIII members have been, but he's still useful if you have him. Speaking of the event, you'll want to make sure you have the Divine Rose booster from Union Cross before starting, and it's a good idea to have your Divine Rose at least at lv. 30. You can go for a pure offensive strategy, but if you find that you aren't doing enough damage, a defensive strategy will also work. The thing you'll need to keep in mind, however, is that he uses an attack on turns 1/3/5 that can't be defended against. This means you'll need to kill him within 5 turns using a defensive strategy. You can find more info on setups on YouTube by checking out damo279 and SmellyOctopus.
  13. I would recommend skipping this banner, especially with Marluxia+ right around the corner. While the medal is not bad, it's not a necessity either. As for the special attack challenge, just do what you can and don't waste jewels or skills on this. Mirrors and HDLs aren't that worthwhile.
  14. R.I.P. Luna's character development.
  15. Seems reactionary and unnecessary to me. Like Damo said (either in the video or in the comments, can't remember), it seems like they're trying to strike back at the country for these lootbox laws.