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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. New ranking rewards, but they still suck. Why won't they give us jewels like they do in JP? That would make people so much more invested in raiding, just saying. Gotta remember to get the Power boost ASAP. It might help you with certain content, like the monthly gem quest. (Stupid Blizzard/Fire Lords...) The new KH3 deal is nice seeing as they removed the mirrors and added brooms instead, but I'd recommend passing on this one. Nothing in there is around for a limited time, so passing on it now won't come back to haunt you later. Plus, anniversary is coming up. As for the avatar boards... Honestly, they're not all that appealing. I mean, if you don't have a Def Boost 5 Max yet, then plan on getting 1 or 2 of these boards. Which one you get is up to you. Both have an AB9 skill which isn't a max skill, so you really have to figure out whether you want a slightly weaker attack boost with a lux bonus or if you just want a strong max skill. Oh, and one last thing. The EXP quests are done in 3 sets of 2: 2 for single target medals only, 2 for multi target medals, and 2 for random target medals. For the random quests, just put a bunch of Supernova medals onto your Keyblade and fire away at the enemies. Bonus points if you have a Kairi/Xion to overwrite their buffs and debuffs. (Oh, and you'll want to use your Nova first to remove the Barrier Masters' counters. Then start using Supernovas.)
  2. I have nothing to say about this weak event aside from "Really? EXP medals and 5* Chips/Dales? Come on, this is just insulting."
  3. Ugh, all of this is just... U G H. First of all, this event is lame. People were expecting a "fight old Org. XIII members" event, but it was supposed to be Demyx through Xigbar, and the prizes were supposed to be one copy of their medal and a couple of trait medals, like we got in September. This one provides no such thing, and instead only offers "new titles" as the reward. Don't toy with us like that! We've come too far for just titles (and a mirror and a broom, ooh) to be the prize. And if that wasn't bad enough, these rematches have been super-buffed to the point that you can't do more than 1 damage unless you have a Supernova+ medal with a ground -60 trait. Honestly, just enjoy the banner artwork and ignore this event until it's gone. Like, don't even bother trying: you'll just waste your time. Moving on to slightly less depressing topics: Roxas+. This medal isn't good. Like, it's better than Xigbar+ (which isn't saying much), but it's nothing to chase after. Even the medal animation is reused, which is a first for these Org. XIII+ medals. If you must have the medal, though, go for the 5000 jewel avatar board. It's a better bargain, especially for such a lackluster medal. The medal artwork is nice, at least. Oh, and if any of you are wondering what happened to the monthly "beat this Organization member" set of quests? They're gone. There's no Data Roxas to fight, no Roxas+ trait medals to get, and most importantly, no jewels. So sorry if you were expecting 5000 jewels to help you pull a certain medal, but it looks like you're just out of luck. (You're in good company, though: we all expected a chance at 5000 jewels today and we were all disappointed.)
  4. It's raid week, yaaaaaaaay. At least there's 300 jewels, so that's something. Anyway, don't forget to take advantage of the FFRK raid event that has been extended to 12pm PST. It's 0 AP until it ends and gets replaced with the raid week boss, so you know, do stuff, I guess. Something to remember about the Kairi and Xion deal: your mercy will be either Kairi OR Xion. This isn't like other banners where you know what you're getting on the mercy pull. So if you go in looking for a Xion and get a Kairi instead, it just means you had bad luck. For the time being, I'd recommend waiting on the enhancement boards. They both have decent skills, yes, but they're also a little outdated (juuuuuuuust a little). There might be a better board coming soon. Not to mention the fact that these are here until the end of the month, so you have plenty of time to decide. Oh, and remember to get the speed booster this week. Definitely helpful for current and upcoming events.
  5. The preemptive strike doesn't actually use up a turn, since you haven't been able to do anything. It's only if they were to kill you in the middle of your turn that it would waste a turn. You should be ok to take the hit, have your pet revive you, and take them out afterward. If you did it that way and completed the quest without getting the 1-turn victory objective, it's possible that you missed an enemy somewhere. (Alternatively, it's a glitch and you'd need to put in a support ticket to have it fixed.)
  6. Ah, didn't realize that's what you meant. From what I've seen, it looks like the union leaders and the Dandelions had all been moved to the data world so that they didn't have to be part of the Keyblade War. Ephemer and Skuld came back to grab the player character, and then they must have gone back (or stayed there) to the Graveyard to meet up with the others. It was probably something Ava told them to do, like "the five of you will meet up at this place after everything is done and figure out what to do from there." There are some gaps in the story, so it seems we're left to fill them in ourselves.
  7. I feel a sense of deja vu. Almost as though I said to skip the banner because it's non-mercy and the medal can't be upgraded to Supernova+. Weird. Oh wait, that was for the Aqua banner! Silly me! (<- yes, this is sarcasm) Well then, guess I should comment on this one, too: SKIP IT. Not much to say on the rest. It's all standard VIP stuff, and it's also a repeat of last week. I've said my piece, so I guess I'll just wait for some event or story news.
  8. I'm not sure if you've had the chance to look at the video footage from KHX (Chi, the browser game) yet, but all of the endgame fighting (the Keyblade War) takes place in what we now know as the Keyblade Graveyard, just without all the abandoned Keyblades sticking out of the ground as they eventually would. So the location of the Keyblade Graveyard already existed, but it wouldn't be called a graveyard until after the war. Before the war (battlefield): After the war (graveyard):
  9. As I understand it, the JP browser game, Chi [X] took place in the real world and ended with the first Keyblade War. Your character almost died but was taken into the data version of the game that had been created by (or discovered by, who knows) the new Union Leaders (Ephemer, Skuld, etc.). This is where KHUX starts and where we are currently. There's no real guarantee just yet, but it seems like the Keyblade Graveyard is located in the place where Daybreak Town used to be (or it could be a ways away from Daybreak Town: again, not clear just yet). For the most part, Daybreak Town in the real world seems to be gone. This would explain why the new Union Leaders are meeting in the data world clock tower. Meeting in the real world that one time was probably just for show on the game designers part (probably had a greater narrative effect than having them meet in the data world as though nothing had happened). While parallel worlds could in fact be a thing, we still don't know enough about them just yet. That information will probably come into play as the game progresses, though. You're correct in saying that all of this is happening in a data world. Whether Brain creates a 2nd data world is up in the air, but we seem to be able to ID him as the "virus" that Luxu referred to in the KH3 Secret Reports (he even called himself a virus). Right now, all we know is that the real world is in ruins and needs to be revitalized by "the light in the hearts of children" or something like that. Everyone currently resides in a data version of the world that existed before the Keyblade War which is now developing new scenarios (since the war didn't happen in this simulation). Brain plans to do something to this world and has taken on the role of a virus. Finally, something is going to happen that ends up sending Ven, Lauriam, Elrena, Demyx's Somebody, and Luxord's Somebody (and probably Skuld) into the future with no memory of their pasts (I'm assuming this). Could have something to with world lines, could not. All we can do now is wait and speculate.
  10. ^VocaloidLover is right: if you don't already have at least 3 medals with DB5Max (or you at least have the skill medal and are waiting to put it onto an actual medal), then you should definitely get 1 or both of these boards. Heck, maybe even grab one even if you already have 3 DB5Max medals. These things are helpful. Additionally, TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THIS STORAGE SALE!! These things are extremely rare, with this one being the 3rd one we've ever gotten in the global version. Don't wait too long and be forced to spend 100 jewels for a measly 5 storage spaces. I wouldn't recommend doing any last-minute pulls from the permanent deals that are leaving. They've been outdated for a while now. I would, however, advise you to spend any extra bronze/silver/gold tickets that you have. Who knows? Maybe you'll get a T8 Blue Fairy medal! As for Kefka, well... He's free, and he's technically farmable, so... Honestly, the medal itself isn't much to look at, but it could help you sometime, so it's worth trying to get at least 1 copy. You'll need to be the host/MVP in order to get a chance at getting a 6* version, and all boss parts need to be destroyed for a chance at getting the 7* version. If you aren't able to get your raid boss to lv. 99, try working with your party members. As long as you participate in the battle, you'll get rewards! The "hard mode" versions of the Weaponmaster and Mysterious Sir (aka Gilgamesh and Kefka) are pretty challenging, so don't bite off more than you can chew (and don't spend jewels). The titles aren't really that much to aim for, but it would be good to try and beat Kefka in 5 turns since the reward is the Warrior of Light (WoL) medal. It used to be a high score challenge reward, and it's not exactly great these days, but it's an event medal, so it's nice to have for completion's sake. The Organization event is nice if you missed the items or weren't playing at that time. The quests themselves are pretty easy, too. You'll get the hair from the first quest each day, and you'll get the title (No. I, No. II, etc.) and a copy of the B version of that Organization member from the 2nd quest (Xemnas B, Xigbar B, etc.). Like the WoL medal, these guys are pretty outdated, but unlike the WoL medal, they're a lot easier to get. (Note: these are not the same as the Organization+ medals. There'll be a chance to earn those later this month, probably.) The high score challenge, which hasn't been seen since November 2018, is back and "revamped", which apparently means it's even worse than before. While all enemies have been adjusted to account for changes in the game's meta (Supernova medals, etc.), the rewards still need some work. Naturally, those who need jewels the most need to work the hardest while those who need jewels the least get plenty of them for little effort. That being said, use everything you have, but don't pull just for a chance at jewels. Side note: even the other rewards are terrible. The point rewards are literally 1 Chip, 1 Magic Mirror, and 1 Broom. The non-jewel ranking rewards are Moon Gems (good considering how rare they are), Power Gems, and low-tier skill medals (AB3Max for the lowest ranks, AB5Max and AB6Max for the top ranks). Considering that you can get better skills guaranteed in most banners these days, this is pretty insulting. So, to recap: jewels good, but don't chase; Moon and Power Gems also good, but don't chase, and everything else is terrible. Finally, the new banner. Axel is a nice looking copy medal and would go great on many Keyblade slots (like Fairy Stars' 5th slot). His 5-gauge cost means that an SP skill is almost a necessity, though you have a great opportunity to get one from the new avatar boards mentioned earlier. That being said, he's a non-mercy medal, so watch your jewels if you choose to pull for him. (Also, can we talk about how wrong it is to give the VIP banner a free pull but not the F2P banner? The return of VIP banners continues to be a stupid decision on SENA's part.)
  11. You know, they also said a new world would be coming last year. 🤔 EDIT: This page hadn't updated with the previous 2 comments when I posted.
  12. Despite the updates, I don't recommend pulling for these guys again. They're good medal, yes, but they're non-mercy unless you buy VIP, and even then you'll likely have to spend 30,000 jewels just to get them.
  13. I'm a little underwhelmed, but at least we can get free jewels out of this collaboration. Recommendations: don't buy the Marie avatar boards, don't waste jewels on the Upright/Reverse challenge, and maybe don't spend too much on this banner (it's not even falling price, for crying out loud).
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