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  1. You neglected to include Frank Welker on the list. He has played numerous characters for Disney, including (yet not limited to) Abu, Flit, several of the Beagle Boys, Bubba (The DuckTales Caveduck), Pegasus, Cri-ki (the cricket from Mulan), and Oswald for "'Epic Mickey'", among many others!! I can't help listing the roles he's done. He's one of my all-time favorite actors.
  2. None. I do not care for Halloween, nor do I celebrate it.
  3. My total amount each week would be somewhere between five to fourteen hours. I spend more time working on my stories, watching movies and shows and documentaries, and listening to my music compared to the amount of time I am playing video games.
  4. I cannot attend conventions. We do not have them where I live.
  5. Aerith and Tifa are my second favorites. Cid and Yuffie come next, followed by Cait Sith and Vincent. Cloud(y) gets first, all the way around!!
  6. How bad would Square-Enix have to mess up for Disney to distrust them anyway? It is mind-boggling simply thinking about it.
  7. These leaks need to stop -- now!! Since this took place, Disney might be less inclined to allow Square-Enix to make a "'Kingdom Hearts 4'".
  8. Since I already have a PlayStation 4, and I have a KH Backdrop I placed on there myself, that would be completely redundant. Plus, I would rather have a screenshot of "'Kingdom Hearts 3'" as my backdrop once the game comes out instead of the one they are showcasing. Sora is simply not the same without Donald Duck and Goofy alongside him.
  9. Interesting, yet it seems to say that The Radiant Garden shall not be a playable world in the game. It is nice to see how more realistic Hayner, Pence, and Olette shall appear in "'Kingdom Hearts 3'"!!
  10. Why isn't "'Nancy Drew'" on the list? Those games traumatized my little brother!!
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