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  1. SoraDaxjer28

    Are you getting the KH3 PS4?

    Since I already have a PlayStation 4, and I have a KH Backdrop I placed on there myself, that would be completely redundant. Plus, I would rather have a screenshot of "'Kingdom Hearts 3'" as my backdrop once the game comes out instead of the one they are showcasing. Sora is simply not the same without Donald Duck and Goofy alongside him.
  2. SoraDaxjer28

    KINGDOM HEARTS III – LUCCA 2018 Tangled Trailer 215.jpg

    Sora looks ready to fall into a deep nap.
  3. Interesting, yet it seems to say that The Radiant Garden shall not be a playable world in the game. It is nice to see how more realistic Hayner, Pence, and Olette shall appear in "'Kingdom Hearts 3'"!!
  4. SoraDaxjer28

    What is the scariest video game?

    Why isn't "'Nancy Drew'" on the list? Those games traumatized my little brother!!
  5. SoraDaxjer28

    What's your Favorite movie monster?

    Try the cast of "'Monster High'".
  6. SoraDaxjer28

    Which KH game will KH3 feel like the most?

    It seems it shall be a combination of everything we have seen and experienced so far. The next saga might be a completely new style of gameplay, and all of that shall come together for its finale, too.
  7. I imagine dozens of things were deleted. Heartless types, Keyblade abilities, entire worlds, etc. Yet, that is what takes place when you make anything in New Media. Depending on the available resources versus the complexity of the project, You nearly always have to cut something out.
  8. Simply, all of the above!! I am up for anything!!
  9. Maybe Sora has been playing "'Final Fantasy XV'" with his Spirit friends in Traverse Town? THAT is where he was before returning to Master Yen Sid's Study!! He was playing video games. That aside, I was amazed at how much more detail the developers and animators have managed to include into the game!!
  10. SoraDaxjer28

    Leonard Nimoy's replacement

    I would not get my hopes up if I were you. In the last few seasons of "'Cyberchase'", Christopher Lloyd's voice is not as strong as it used to be. His voice is getting weaker, because he is getting older. It might not sound the same at all.
  11. SoraDaxjer28

    Missing Disney Worlds

    Some time ago, I recollect Tetsuya Nomura stating how everyone expected to fulfill the roles we would expect them to might not play them in the end. In other words, it is likely we shall not see some of those Organization XIII members in the roles we have been hoping they would have.
  12. SoraDaxjer28

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - Battle Against Davy Jones!

    Considering what has been shown in the latest trailer, it seems we might fight both Luxord AND Davy Jones simultaneously!! It also appears Sora and Captain Jack Sparrow shall battle them both side-by-side. Maybe from The Black Pearl?
  13. SoraDaxjer28

    Hitler reacts to Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Hero 6 Trailer!

    I do know there are Keybladers out there who wish to see THIS in "'Kingdom Hearts 3'", My response?
  14. SoraDaxjer28

    Bday Cake

    I am so glad you had a fun birthday -- and a KH one, nevertheless!! I spent my 18TH Birthday at Disney World in 2010, so I agree those are the best special birthdays. (I wish my birthday this year would be as special. It already looks like I shall be alone that whole day.)
  15. SoraDaxjer28

    Underrated Media

    You are very welcome!!