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  1. We really should have known that by now - after so many damn games, 3 being the supposed conclusion of Xehanort's damn arc. And yet we still know almost nothing...
  2. TBH, it's hard to tell if she actually progressed since her Light was mostly getting only weaker. Sora says that she hasn't "recovered yet", right before the fight starts. And, yeah, it's very common in KH for characters to make dumb decisions. DDD was full of Sora doing facepalm-worthy stuff, like waiting several seconds until a Dream Eater in Fantasia world hits him. Or not taking out his Keyblade to block Tron's dics, making him, and Quorra (the female protag), both get knocked out by them... Needless to say, I hate it too.
  3. 1. Namine - she is the most wholesome and helpful one, without ever fighting or owning a Keyblade. Also, I like her simple, feminine design - it's beautiful. 2. Xion - I just like stuff and people related to the melancholic themes, and anything related to Roxas and TT is exactly that. Plus, I find shy gals with problems extra interesting, sometimes heartmelting, lol. 3. Aqua - she is the coolest/hottest one when it comes to her looks. Her abilities are pretty unique too. But her persoanlity is just... boring to me. I respect her for what she does, and having more people like her IRL would surely be great, though. 4. Kairi - she is too inconsistent, and being THIS "cutesy" makes me take her less seriously as a warrior. At least when it comes taking on more serious threats than a typical Heartlesses.
  4. Riku lost to a bunch of "enhanced" Heartlesses. Hell, he even got his Keyblade broke by them. And he is supposedly a KeYbLaDe MaStEr who helped in beating the strongest being up until this game - Xemnas - who has absorbed entire Kingdom Hearts. A fake one, sure, but that's still alotta power from all the hearts they've been gathering. And it's not like he didn't get help from Mickey during the Heartless battle. Mickey has been always having a bad luck until Re:Mind. Lea didn't do anything besides taking hits for someone else, at best. Sora, even though he should be extremely OP in this game, he still takes tons of Ls in the cutscenes. Ven has been instantly owned by Terranort like some amateur. Aqua has been always winning against Vanitas. In fact, if he didn't attack Ven at the moment, and if Aqua wasn't weakened (BOTH OF WHICH HAVE BEEN POINTED OUT RIGHT IN YOUR FACE), she would, probably, win again. (EDIT: and how do you know she is "much much much" stronger now? We play her as a Keyblade Master already in the 1st game, and the only reason we level her up, is for the gameplay mechanics) So no, it's not a gender-specific problem. It's the writing problem.
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