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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Just browsing through the long lost parts of this website and I just have to say that this guy ended up being correct. Is the poster's account a writer for KH? XD it was pretty predictable, Kairi's always been sorta useless.
  2. What do you think of Data Greeting? It's the new photo mode in the Re:Mind DLC. It has limitless possibilities and scenarios that allows our creativity to go crazy! I myself am enjoying it immensely in the measly 30 minutes I've dabbled in it. Share any that you've come up with!
  3. There's a new added section in the main menu you access Re:Mind from, so you don't have to replay KH3 unless you want the Oblivion keyblade which requires a critical playthrough to get. The battles don't disappoint; in fact, they're the best part! I recommend buying it and having fun rather than watching the cutscenes on YouTube. It was sooo worth it, it was too epic. Radiant Garden is't playable fully (I'm not done yet though so it might be later) and FF characters were very limited sadly. The photo mode takes the cake for best photo mode in a video game ever, the ideas (and meme potential) is limitless!!! Definitely worth it. The story update was the worst part but it wasn't all bad, in fact some of it was really good. The DLC turned out almost perfectly and it's worth the time and money to any true Kingdom Hearts fan! Photo mode alone is worth it, I dabbled in it for half an hour and it was too much fun!
  4. I'd love to see characters from Nier Automata appear in KH sometimes. I dunno how they'd do it, but it'd be amazing. It's possible, as it is published by SE. I'd also love to have Gilgamesh in KH. He's as goofy and nutty as most KH characters so he'd fit right in. He was always obsessed with the Excalibur and was travelling dimensions, so what if he stumbled into Radiant Garden, saw the keyblade, wanted it, beat up Sora, was defeated and then as a reward we get and Excalibur keyblade? May sound a bit like Sephiroth but that's the basis of an idea I'd kill to see. Now that I've written this I realised how much I want it now!!! Other than that I'm good with the FF characters they've included so far, but I want them more involved, as FF has become a small side element that they went so far as to leave them out of the main game. This game was FF + Disney from the start and they should keep that way. They won't ever let Disney go, that's their main marketing material that traps most new players, but FF isn't as good for marketing so I guess they feel they can drop it whenever, but that's simply not really acceptable to us fans. They do seem to be getting FF involved more in a way, what with Yazora and everything. Still, the Yazora deal I feel as if it's closer to being KH original stuff than FF content. I just wanna see more of the Radiant Garden gang and not have the pawned of into being just DLC. And lastly, while FF will probably stay included to some degree or else certain fans will riot and kill Nomura, I don't think they'll ever include a character from FFV or before sadly...
  5. BBS. It beats even the legendary 2 for me. DDD was great too! Sora was a bit of an idiot but Riku made up for that. I've only watched cutscenes for the other two, and without experiencing the gameplay I dunno how you'd vote for Re: Coded because barely anything happened story wise. 358/2 Days was a brilliant story so gameplay or no I can see why people would vote for it.
  6. Wait... DDD is really disliked??? I mean I know people hate Sora in it, but people hate the whole thing? It was a really game though.... The rest seems about right. I really wish more people would play BBS, it's a fantastic game.
  7. I think I like Simple and Clean most, the rhythm is nice and the emotions invoked are really strong. Second place would be Don't Think Twice because it was beautiful and when it played at the ending I legit cried when it said "I'm only crying because I never dreamed it take this long" because it's sooo true, KH3 took too long and then Sora just vanished and it was a too emotional scene... I didn't really like it at first but it grew on me after that ending... Sanctuary is great but I like to sing and 30% of it's bloody backwards so there goes that. Face my Fears was pretty cool but like others had said, less emotional value and it's not as nice to sing as well.
  8. BBS might just be my favourite game in the series. Besides, KH3, while good, was undeniably disappointing... Despite everyone hating on KH3 it's doing the best by double in the poll right now. Do you guys not like BBS, KHUX or DDD that much or have I been dumped unwillingly into too many hate corners???
  9. I know I'm late to post but SORA DISAPPEARING anybody? Cried for hours. Even if he's not really dead, I couldn't take it.
  10. FF characters! KH was a combo of Disney and FF and that's the way it always should be.
  11. Destiny trio gets +3 for Sora, +3 for Riku and 0 for Kairi = 6 points Sea Salt gets +3 for Axel, +1 for Xion and +1 for Roxas = 5 points Wayfinder get +2 for Aqua, +2 for Terra and +1 for Ventus = 5 points Main gets +3 for Sora, +2 for Goofy and +1 for Donald (it would be +2 if he healed me, you darn duck) = 6 points But I'm a sucker for Soriku so we have a winner, our Destiny Trio! Though Kairi and Riku don't seem to know of each other's existence some times...
  12. Well I don't remember the stats that well but Ultima Weapon was the prettiest and best designed so it wins IMO!
  13. Out of the numbered games, I'm a fan of 2, but good points were made as others said. Of course I'm over here just being a lonely fan of BBS moreso than the others in the series. 2 is the big one, the one where people's favourite fights, music, plot twist, characters and moments happened, but we shouldn't overlook 1, which gave the series a good start and allowed us to have 2 and, more importantly to me, BBS. But all KH games are good and I adore them!
  14. Dragon Quest V - if they told me it was gonna look and play like DQXI I'd cry tears of joy. Outside the KH games, DQV is my favourite game. I've played it 10x. I know where every treasure chest is, every interesting line of dialogue is triggered, fought every monster, married every wife, etc. Blood sweat and tears have literally gone into that game along with 1000+ hrs of my life and for a HD version I'd give 1000 more. Also, Persona 1-4 would be cool too. I'd love to play them all prettied up, kupo.
  15. I know people hate the eggs but those darn salt & pepper things are the worst. I thought I wasn't gonna get the plat trophy because of them (I did tho, yay ) There's always ONE thing stopping me in KH games that just screw over the platinum trophy - in BBS I fell to the Ducking Ice cream shooting minigame, in KH1 it was the gummi ship, but it's the most tragic and pathetic to say I fell to SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS. That would leave me more than a bit salty XD. But I did it in the end! As for favourite, the chopping was the only one I didn't fail at miserable at least five times so I'd say that's the best. Having said all this, I kinda liked the cooking game. Finding ingredients and having the "excellent" marks next to the name of the dish was satisfying and the scenes with little chef Remy were quite funny and adorable. Sora being controlled by him was comedic gold. I wouldn't remove it.
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