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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. Tough call between Rindo and Nagi! I ended up choosing Rindo, though. Kinda regretting that choice because Nagi is still on no votes, surprisingly T^T Also, does Rindo give off Ventus vibes to anyone or is that just me??
  2. 1 - When I switched to One Button ode for the Proud Chain Trophy, it was all good when I went back to Standard! In fact, I think I got better at it! Also, because One Button is counted as a whole other song, you can do the songs you find easy twice with it! That's what I did, 19 with standard and the remaining 31 with performer. It was much less agonising that way, so I recommend it! 2 - Performer can be fun, and it doesn't actually matter if you miss the pink extra targets in my experience! You should give it a try, might find you like it!
  3. One button mode did help me get the Proud Chain Master trophy tho, couldn't have done it without it!
  4. Y'all are either crazy good or try-hards if you are doing Proud and Performer XD I currently have too much pride to let myself try one button, and I know I cannot do performer from the demo. Especially since this is my first rythm game in practically forever.
  5. Riku is the best character, and DDD Riku was one of my favourite Riku's. On top of that, I love Dream Eaters. Wherever possible I will be using team 3D!
  6. I was just casually listening to music, and then "The Night We Met" by Lord Huron plays, and I can't help but think of Cloud and Aerith in it, so this seemed the most fitting place to post something like this! This is just me take on the song mixed with Clerith, if your opinion differs that's fabulous, just don't be a meanie. Also, beware of slight Remake spoilers, and do not read further if you do not know the fate of Aerith (seriously, you should by now though!) Now without further ado, I will dissect the song, revealing the Clerith that lays within its beautiful lyrics. "I've been searching for a trail to follow again" - Advent children, Cloud was a bit lost without her. "And then I can tell myself what the hell I'm supposed to do, and then I can tell myself not to ride along with you" - Maybe things would have been different if they didn't meet and she didn't tag along. Maybe the pretty flower girl of the slums would still live. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do , haunted by the ghost of you" - Cloud was always haunted by her death, he saw her in the church again in the original if you went back, and of course a major plot point was him being mentally haunted and unable to let go of Aerith in Advent Children. "When the night was full of terrors, And your eyes were filled with tears" - AVALANCHE was literally finishing up their terror attack as they met, and though Aerith didn't cry, she surely was in distress (in the Remake, when she was swatting the Whispers). "When you had not touched me yet" - Before Aerith touched him, Cloud couldn't see the Whispers in the Remake and everything was different in the Remake. "Take me back to the night we met" - Before her death, before she no longer could laugh, cry or scold him. Before Cloud lost her. I rather love how much the song connects to them! It's so sad though, poor Aerith T^T
  7. My first time making a topic, hopefully it works well! Sorry if a similar poll has been done before... We all know that Aqua seems to be the general favourite, but who is the least favourite?
  8. From observations, Halloween Town, Twilight Town, The World that Never Was, Radiant Garden and some variations of Olympus seem the most popular. Some others that are somewhat well loved (or maybe I'm biased and it might just be me loving them) include Toy Box, Timeless River, The Land of Dragons, Port Royal and Beast's Castle. I think the others have sufficiently listed the unpopular ones.
  9. Considering that Hercules was the one I remembered first and had to think a moment on the others, it must've left an impression on me. So yea, Hercules!
  10. The personality of the characters... They're each different and interesting, and most of them are well written (especially the darling Riku). So the story, I suppose? That's the closest one.
  11. Manga Kairi is the definition of perfection :kh:

    Manga Kairi 5.jpg

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