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  1. Manga Kairi is the definition of perfection :kh:

    Manga Kairi 5.jpg

  2. While they're still shrouded in mystery, I have a feeling in my heart that Ava will be my favourite no matter what. Besides, from what we've seen of her she seems like an utter sweetie. My first impressions of all of them was that Ira was a bit of a jerk that meant well but had a terrible system of order, Aced was a stubborn, hotheaded fool that should have had more trust, Gula was a bit of a pampered child (but probably also the nicest next to Ava) and Invi was the uptight, strict mother of the lot of them. Ava just comes off as a more likeable character most of the time so far. That very well may change, however; it is to early to tell.
  3. Without FF I wouldn't have found or had interest in KH which I adore more than anything, and DQ is the only other one of those I've played (but I love it too, don't get me wrong) so FF wins by a mile. Nier might have changed things tho. Love those games.
  4. Eh I know you mostly all love playing as Roxas but I nearly lost as him but the other three went fine. But Kairi was the best - we have never played as her and it was pretty neat and she's not a bad fighter. Wish she could be more like that outside of when you as her XD
  5. Awww these are beautiful! Axel and Siax are such amazing friends, I hope we see them fighting together in the future. Are these stories actually canon though?
  6. Despite it's flaws, I think it should win them all, especially the Tearjerker award because that ending was too much...
  7. Genie and Peter Pan were the only two I used more than once, but I don't really remember what Genie did so I think I must've used Peter Pan. Still nobody has voted for Chicken Little, no wonder tho.
  8. If you watch Just a Pancake you'll understand that Goofy is the German one so I think he would've had more of reaction than that if it was a swastika. Or he would've been the one doing it. So no, it isn't a hidden swastika. But maybe he's proposing to Donald or something? XD
  9. Namine is my 3rd favourite character in KH, so her. I'm surprised anyone pick Kairi, she's totally useless and has no development. I guess that works for some people though. Also, Ava is a close second - she's a sweetie and I really hope she becomes a bigger part of the plot. She as potential as a character.
  10. I'll do my top 3 for a few of the categories if that's okay... Heroes: 1. Sora 2. Riku 3. Namine Villains: 1. Master Xehanort 2. Xigbar 3. Larxene Keyblades: 1. KH3 Ultima Weapon 2. Oathkeeper 3. Oblivion Worlds: 1. Radiant Garden (all versions, but KH2 was the best) 2. San Fransokyo 3. Twilight Town Ships: 1. Sora x Riku (Soriku) 2. Namine x Riku (Namiku or Rokunami?) 3. Aqua x Terra (IDK the ship name) Games: 1. Kingdom Hearts 2 2. Kingdom Hearts BBS 3. Kingdom Hearts DDD That's just my opinion and overview, don't attack me please!!! Thanks, Topic Creator for giving me this opportunity to share the best of KH
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