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  1. I watched my father play the first one, then half the second one before he decided that "IT'S TOO DISNEY" and he abandoned it, and I knew the story of the first one already, didn't know about CoM, and never could leave tasks/games unfinished whether they be my own or someone elses, and because of those circumstances, I played KH2 first. I have a friend however who also started with2 because he didn't know Roman Numerals and thought the 2 in the logo was part of the design, apparently. He was pretty darn young at the time and all, so I can't hold it against him.
  2. Thanks for your sweet comments

    1. Moogle13


      Your welcome and your Deviantart pictures were really cool too, I'm impressed, you should apply for character designer or something, good job, keep being artistic, because you're really good and more people should be complimenting you!!!

  3. It really depends but I know one thing, I did not like KH3's ending. Worse part of the game IMO. It made me ticked off for weeks.
  4. Moogle13

    Kairi - Kingdom Hearts III

    Oh you drew this by hand???? What are you, a professional artist, it's flippin amazing!!!
  5. May I just say this is beautiful, it's absolutely breath taking, honestly.
  6. I'm playing Persona 5 at the moment. I'm gonna go for the plat, too!!!
  7. So my profile pic might be Kairi and Sora but my OTP for KH is Soriku, and the runner up is Namiku (Namine x Riku).

    sora riku 2.jpg

  8. Soooo I've been a fan of KH for a realllly long time but I'm new to this whole social media thing, IDK what my point is... I guess don't hate me if I screw something up, kupo.

  9. There are many worlds, but they share the same sky—one sky, one destiny


    I love that quote!!!

  10. Riku, easily. Cutest best boy is Sora, and I like him more than any and all the characters combined, but there's no denying Riku is hottest.
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