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  1. I think I shed a tear when... ...But otherwise I was just gaping all the way through...
  2. All of mine have been said for pretty much the same reasons as why I liked them, except one. Timeless River was probably my favourite. It had an unusual charm to it, and there's not another world like it. The black and white colour palette, the music and the incorporation of making all those characters 3D but still old school style was a memory I'll never forget. Also love how Mickey just comes up to you, shakes your hand viciously and moseys on over to the next area, that feature made me laugh every time
  3. Sora, Riku and Mickey is a strong contender if we're throwing wacky trios into the mix... Imagine the three of them though, they're pretty much canonically the strongest so imagine the havoc they could smite their enemies with if they formed a proper trio fighting together. And they all have great interactions with each other too. Another contender is Riku, Komory Bat and Meow Wow because who doesn't like best boy and his adorable pet-fighter things?? I'm addicted to playing as only them in KH MoM too.
  4. It looks so mad and it's absolutely adorable
  5. Everything... Except Dark Road & The Union X new stuff. Which is definitely worth mentioning too. While 2020 wasn't by any means a perfect year, us KH fans were feasting the whole year round ^.^
  6. Well, I hope your assumption is right and she does have her powers still. Otherwise she might be seen even less in the series, which would be really sad
  7. Riku was a Dream Eater for a bit but I think that's more of a dropped plot thread than a special thing that was lessened... Maybe Namine, since she's a real person now instead of a weirdly made nobody? Can she even control memories anymore? Other than that despite searching my brain for five minutes I can't think of anyone else at the moment. It's a good list, and even though these character's powers and roles aren't as special, they still are special characters in our hearts for who they are, their personalities are always going to be unique to them
  8. I don't think I've seen a chocobo around in KH! I want a chocobo! ...But if HAD to be a human character, I'd like to see either Lightning or Prompto. Lighting is so cool and she could fight with Sora and the gang! She's the perfect candidate if they wanted a fighter. Prompto & Sora also sounds like fun, their attitude matches and imagine the chaos they could create together. Just happy-go-lucky cinnamon rolls being cinnamon rolls! Edit: After I thought about it, I'd also second Red XIII, especially if he could be a mode of transport some how, I kinda wanna see that! Guess Sora would have to shrink for it to work though
  9. I find it hard to pick a favourite, the top three are always switching with one another. And I'll only rank the ones I've actually played and experienced the combat of, to be fair in my ranking. Also, assume that all of them are the most updated, best version in my ranking. 1. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - The gameplay was fun, and playing as Riku was a nice change too! Story wise it was pretty good for a KH game and I think Dream Eaters are the cutest thing ever, even cuter than all the moogles in FF. Especially the dragon-like Dream Eater. Just overall the game comes together to be my favourite... For now, at least. Rating: 10/10... All the top three get 10/10 because I love KH too much. 2. Kingdom Hearts II - The story was at it's peak, the combat was exceptional in a lot of ways, and it's the game filled with the most heartwarming and memeable moments. Not to mention it has one of my favourite worlds, Timeless River, and has probably my favourite version of Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden. Rating: 10/10 3. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - I love Terra, Aqua and Ven so much. This might be my favourite one for the story because it's just so tragic and I adore tragedy. Also the combat command creation was different and fun, even if it was a bit OP. And it may be controversial but the Command Board might be my favourite KH minigame, it was a lot of fun! I'm still holding a grudge over the ice cream ducks that stopped my platinum trophy though... Rating: 10/10 4. Kingdom Hearts 3 - On one hand, I love it so much. "Don't Think Twice" and "Face my Fears" are absolute bops, the gummi ships were better than ever, it had my favourite designs of all the characters, and Sora's personality is just *chef's kiss*. The Disney worlds were so much bigger and fun to explore. There was a lot love. But there's also a lot to hate as well. The pacing, some bits of the ending, the lack of exportability in Traverse Town and not being even able to step foot in Radiant Garden. The lack of FF characters really mad me mad at the time too, and the DLC barely made up for that. Also I played it on Normal difficulty and I regret that to this day, it made the combat very lacklustre. Rating: 8/10 5. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory - Maybe it's just because it's still the honeymoon phase after finishing it, but I had so much fun with it. There wasn't much story wise but what we got was pretty good. there were some flaws, but overall the fun I had playing it outweighs them all! Rating: 8/10 6. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2 Fragmentary Passage - This is the last one I've actually played (I don't own many consoles, I've just watched the cutscenes for the rest). It was... Too short. I can't really make much more of a comment. It was fun just very short. Rating: 7/10 Honestly if I actually played Days and CoM, they'd probably be pretty high on the list, as their story is really good. And CoM has a lot to do with best girl Namine. But having not actually experienced it, I can't really rank the fairly. Let's just say they're 8/10 for story, pretty much. Back Cover was interesting for what it's worth and I haven't done much of anything with Union X so I dunno about that one, no comment on it. Anyway that's my ranking, looking forward to reading what others have to say. All and any KH content is good KH content to me
  10. When I read the second half I wanted Isa's theme to be heard in it too... Until I realised he doesn't have a real theme either So add a theme for Isa to the wish list I suppose.
  11. I think everybody has does! It's so good, and Yoko Shimomura clearly puts her heart and soul into it.
  12. The game had a good range and pretty much every song I wanted was there, minus "Face my Fears". But maybe we could've had a theme for Axel? That would've been nice. He's the only one from the characters of all three main trios not to have theme, so it would've been nice, even if they were limiting how many new songs there were. Hopefully Axel gets a theme and they'll add it if the ever release DLC.
  13. I think that Zexion's Book of Retribution (I had to look up the name for it, I hope that's right). A book that traps people might not be overly original but it's still cool all the same. Also it makes him especially annoying/fun to fight in KH2 Final Mix, when he takes away the commands. And I just love Zexion as a character too so I suppose the weapon gets bonus points for that.
  14. I understand why TWEWY is the most popular but I sadly haven't been able to find and play the first game, and I don't want to watch the anime or play the next game without playing the original first! But I'm a bit of a NieR fangirl anyway so even if I had played TWEWY I think I'd still pick NieR: Replicant. Can't wait for it
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