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  1. Yeah, I was thinking that too! I don't think Kingdom Hearts 2 was setting it up all those years ago to be foreshadowing, but it still works as foreshadowing either way.
  2. The Fox and the Hound would be good as characters who don't have their own full Disney world but just so happen to live on one of the other worlds, like the dalmatians or Merlin. "Ven's Castle of Dreams, but hardcore and scary" is something I never thought I would see written out XD
  3. Oliver and Company! I love that movie so much I've waited so long for it to come to Kingdom Hearts! I also think Black Cauldron could be good. I've never seen it but the world looks really interesting.
  4. I remember seeing this on Deviantart! I love it! I like how you switched Riku and Kairi's Wayfinders from what you would expect. Riku has a lot in common with Aqua and I've always wondered if the series would ever bring that up. Kairi never even got a chance to talk to Terra! I wonder if they'll ever meet?
  5. I'm so far behind on KHUX/Dark Road! Sad considering my profile picture is my pet Kingdom Hearts was our guiding key through 2020! I feel like most of my time with ReMind was spent dying! I'm glad you got what I was going for with the Meow Wow! XD
  6. This is a recap of everything Kingdom Hearts fans went through in 2020.
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