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  1. Definately! I really liked the objectives function in BbS 0.2; it was something completionists could do and get neat clothes options as a reward. I hope it comes back in KH4
  2. I had been watching Trigun Stampede and wanted to check out the original version of the anime, so I purchased a brand new, factory sealed Trigun complete series dvd on eBay. I started watching it and got to the end of disc 3, but when I went to get disc 4, all I found was a second disc 3. So I was understandably disappointed and upset. What I would like to know is if anyone has a disc 4 they’d be willing to exchange a disc 3 for, or if they could direct me to where I could get only disc 4; the only listings I’ve found on eBay so far only had all four discs, not individual ones. Any help is appreciated. UPDATE: I messaged the seller to let him know about the situation, and he replied saying he's sending me a pre-paid label. So I'm guessing he's gonna send me another one afterwards???? UPDATE 2: The seller responded again saying they have submitted a re-ship order, so it looks like I am getting another one. FINAL UPDATE: The replacement with the right disc arrived and I sent back the original one; so this topic is done. 😁
  3. Love the whole artwork; Roxas and Xion on the xylophone is adorable, and of course Xemnas would be the conductor. Is Larxene supposed to be playing the castanets?
  4. THAT'S what those are called???? I've NEVER heard what they were called before! Thanks! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. Would anyone else like a second Melody of Memory type game, where this time we can play the music from Union X/Dark Road, Missing Link, and KH4? I for one would love to play to the Daybreak Town theme and definately the music from the Missing Link/KH4 reveal trailer.
  6. I had the digital version of FF7R on my PS4 before buying FF7R Integrade for PS5, so I never experienced wierd sounds on my PS4. Actually this is the first time I've heard of that happening 😂
  7. Oh believe me, I know! Also, there's some people finding rumors about the PS6 already! 😨 I hope not! I'm saving up for a PS5 Slim! Let THAT release first before even thinking about the 6! 🤣
  8. Exactly Also, and I just thought of this, would it being on Unreal Engine 5 even be supportable on a PS4?
  9. Anyone think KH4's gonna be a PS5 exclusive? New story arc, new generation console thing? Or would you rather KH4 be on both PS4 and PS5? P.S. How would you react if they came out with possible KH-styled PS5 cover plates over a possible KH-style limited edition PS5, like what they did with PS4?
  10. No idea if someone's ever brought this up before, but there's something about Sora that I've been wondering about: between his becoming a Heartless near the end of KH1 up to the beginning of KH2 when Roxas joined Sora, was Sora technically a humanoid Heartless during that whole time, just like Ansem was?
  11. Nothing wrong with playing the KH mobile game on tablets instead of a phone. When I was playing Union X and Dark Road I played them on my tablet mainly because it gave me a bigger screen to play on (and for most of its run I hadn't gotten a smart phone yet and wasn't sure how I could or IF I could transfer everything I ahd done on the game so far to my smart phone XD); in my opinion a phone screen's a bit too small for the card and medal system XD
  12. Since the Darkside they showed in the KH4 reveal trailer is so realistic-looking, do you all think that any other Heartless that show up in Quadratum will be just as realistic-looking? Just imagine for example Shadows or Neoshadows with more scary and relastic designs XD
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