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  1. I just thought of something; I had accessed the Nameless Star cutscene and beaten the main game before the ReMind DLC was made available. Is it possible I could get the Nameless Star scene put in my theater mode if I beat the main game again now that the patch update that was supposed to place the Nameless Star scene in my theater mode has already passed?
  2. I did access it in the base game; that's why this is so confusing to me.
  3. Like the title says, the Nameless Star cutscene is not in my theater mode even though I watched it and it was supposed to be added in back in Patch 1.09. Any ideas why it isn't in the theater mode?
  4. I would love to see both Brave and Coco in Kingdom Hearts, but I want Coco more! I LOVE that movie! I think it would fit in the games perfectly!
  5. I've always taken the sword and discarded the staff, so that's how I'll do it in KH3 if it's put in the game.
  6. It is insane! I'm gonna wear my Oswald the Lucky Rabbit hat my aunt in California got me and keep my keyblade I got off eBay close while playing KH3! Are you doing anything of the sort while playing your copy?
  7. Love the trailer and love your reaction! I still can't believe that finally after over ten years were only a month away from getting KH3!!!
  8. Anti-hero Vanitas forever!! XD Honestly, I'm REALLY curious if Sora will ever see Vanitas's face! I wanna know what his reaction would be! I'll keep an eye out for our conversations. This whole update was out of nowhere! I miss the site's old look.
  9. Anti-hero Vanitas for the win!!!! I would LOVE IT if they touched on stuff about Vanitas from the novels within the game! It would definitely add more depth to his character than to just chalk him up as just another villain (in this case an evil Sora/Ventus) without a backstory in the games. P.S. Any ideas on what they could touch upon and how they could do it? P.S.S. I have our conversation about our Coco world bookmarked so I can go right to it if I think of something else I can add, but ever since the update to the whole KH13 site, I haven't been able to access our conversations at all. Has that happened to you with anything?
  10. Keyblade101

    New Design

    Okay, thank you. I'll keep an eye out.
  11. Keyblade101

    New Design

    I don't like this new look... It's a bit confusing... Bring the old one back Edit: Another reason not to like this update: It took away all my conversations with Transcendent Key!!! We were really getting some good ideas for a Coco world in a future KH game! I hope I can access them again and pick where our conversation left off!
  12. Why can't everything be an option? :sad: I was most surprised to see that Vanitas found Ventus! And absoultely did NOT expect to see Data Riku in the Big Hero 6 world! I thought for sure we wouldn't see him again after Coded/Re:Coded! Can't wait to see how this was even possible! Also I like the photo mode! Sora's basically turned into Prompto from FFXV, taking pictures with the monsters! I love it! :biggrin:
  13. That would be AWESOME!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: As for what else I'd like to see, I'd love to see what they have in store for the opening cinematic, some official gameplay and cutscenes for the Big Hero 6 world, and finally I want them to reveal the other playable character. PLEASE BE KAIRI! She NEEDS her chance in the spotlight!!!!
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