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  1. I've been wondering about this for awhile now, since Final Fantasy X/X-2 and FF12 (both PS2 games) got their own ports to the PS4, why hasn't the FF13 trilogy (PS3 games) had a chance yet? I own all three games from the trilogy for the PS3 and they're the only PS3 games I have and honestly the only reason I'm holding onto my PS3 right now, so I'd personally like for there to be a port of these games to the PS4, or more likely the PS5. If there were to be a port of these games, I'd prefer for any PS4/PS5 port to have all three games to be on one disc, similar to KH 1.5+2.5 and 2.8. As far as touch ups to the graphics, that could always be a possibility to keep up with the current system's graphic displays. As far as additions or changes, I would like the english version of Serah's theme from FF13 to be playing in FF13-2; it always felt weird to me that they had an english translation for her theme in FF13 but kept the original japanese version of it in the english version of FF13-2. I'd also like for all the dlc for the trilogy (specifically the playable episodes) to be available for the ported versions. What would you guys like to see if there was ever a port for the FF13 trilogy to the PS4/PS5?
  2. So just like the title says, I was wondering if anyone had an idea if Big Hero 6 The Series and The Lion Guard were or even have a chance of getting a complete series physical release just like Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure did. So far, for Big Hero 6 The Series there's only a one dvd volume with seven episodes and six bonus shorts, and The Lion Guard has four dvd releases, one is the series premiere movie and I think the other three dvds are random episodes from each season. I would be super psyched and grateful if it did end up happening so I can put both series on my shelf alongside the original movies. Edit: And I just double checked and Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure complete series bluray release happened this past December after the show ended in 2020. And Big Hero 6 The Series just ended last year, so with that, maybe it's still too soon for a physical release? Also, The Lion Guard ended back in 2019. That would be enough time to put the complete series together, wouldn't it?
  3. Oh definitely one of the best secret endings! 😁 Not sure I've heard "my soldier" in any of the few Utada Hikaru song but neat story! I'll have to see if I can find it myself! 😊
  4. If I remember right, I hadn't even gotten close to reaching the secret ending of the original PS2 version of the original KH2 so I found it on youtube and then found there was an extra ending I wasn't aware of and was absolutely AMASED at what I was seeing! The music! The graphics! It was so incredible! Keyblade-wielding knights wearing awesome capes! How magic looked in those graphics was amazing! I couldn't BELIEVE that it was possible for a Keyblade to break in half like Ven's did, but there it was! (I was kinda disappointed that little detail wasn't kept in the final product of BbS, but it was neat to see it come back through Riku's Way to the Dawn in KH3) I still go back from time to time to watch it and can't wait for the day we can get a KH game done completely in those same graphics! We're getting closer as seen in KH3/KH3 Remind! Only a matter of time now! 😁
  5. If it ends up coming out in february and the app is still available and working after that I'll have to look into that. Thanks.
  6. I'm really hoping they release it this month because my tablet is going shutting down it's service from it's current provider in february and then I'll have to upgrade to a new and I'll lose all my progress before the update experiencing it first hand. P.S. Off-topic, but if it does come out in february, is there a way I could transfer the Union X/Dark Road app and all my data in it to my new tablet? Maybe there's something I'm missing or not aware of when it comes to app games?
  7. Thanks! I just preordered NEO: TWEWY for Nintendo Switch yesterday and can't wait to see the similarities and difference between the games first hand! 😀
  8. Well, I managed to beat the game, but did the final boss on standard; I'll try my hand at proud mode for that fight someday. XD Edit: Now I'm gonna try to play and beat TWEWY Final Remix in time to start NEO: TWEWY!
  9. I'm getting it on the Switch. I play the original TWEWY on the DS and just got Final Remix on the Switch, so I'm getting Neo on the Switch too, to have both games on the same systems and also because I find TWEWY easier to play on a handheld system and most likely Neo will be the same for me.
  10. Not that I know of. Are they easy to get? Edit: I just looked up what they look like, and I think there's one at my grandma's house next door. Edit 2: It turns out our modem can double as a router, so I'm gonna try using some steps I found on how to connect my PS3 to the modem's signal.
  11. Hi, as the title says, I'm trying to figure out how to get a wifi connection to my PS3 without a ethernet cable. You see, I'm gonna try and get the "DLC Bundle Pack" for FFXIII-2 to get the extra story content (late to the party, lol), but when I try to connect to the PlayStation Store (which btw I can't remember if I even set up an account for it yet, probably not due to this very issue; it's been YEARS, but I'll deal with that when I get there) but each time it says it needs an ethernet connection. The problem is that way my house is set up, my room is on the top floor and the path the ethernet would need to take to connect to the modem would be down the stairs, through the dining room, and through the living room where the modem we use for the computer is. So anyways, does anyone here knows how to connect a PS3 to a wifi connection without an ethernet cable. Any help will be appreciated.
  12. I got so frustrated by it, I walked away from it for a few days and now I'm about to take a crack at it again. If it's this frustrating on proud mode, I'm terrified to try it for the final boss when I get there! I've seen videos of how that fight goes down on proud mode and it looks SUPER HARD! ?
  13. I'm trying to get every mission complete on Melody of Memory and the Proud Mode of some of the songs is kicking my butt! I keep pushing the buttons right when the enemies get close to me and they keep missing!
  14. I would absolutely LOVE to see Coco and Brave in Kingdom Hearts! I think they would fit so well!! ?
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