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  1. I would absolutely LOVE to play Union Cross and Dark Road on PS4/PS5! If it does ever happen, I'd be curious to see if they'd stick to the medals/cards as the main way to battle (like in Re:COM), or if maybe they could do some sort of combination of the medals/cards system and the latest gameplay fighting mechanics from KH3/ReMind? Like maybe using regular attacks and magic and then using the triangle button to use the medals/cards as special attack commands? The possibilities! 🤩 Edit: And if we'd still be our own customizable characters. Because in 0.2 Birth by Sleep, even though I mostly kept Aqua's original look, it was really neat to be able to customize her like that, just like in Union X.
  2. As far as older films, I would LOVE to see Atlantis the Lost Empire and Treasure Planet (both are classics in my opinion and would love to see them both in the KH universe). As far as newer films, that would be Moana and Coco (both movies are gorgeous and I would LOVE to be able to play in their environments), and for films not yet released my top pick so far would be Raya and the Last Dragon, it looks beautiful and I'm excited to see it when it releases. 😊
  3. Alternating between KH3 ReMind, FF7 Remake, and Horizon Zero Dawn.
  4. Thanks, I figured it would still be ok since there wasn't any scratches, but wasn't sure since I've heard about dvds that looked fine but didn't play right despite there being no damage and didn't know if the same would apply to game discs too. Again, thanks. 🙂
  5. Hi, as the title says, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to see if PSP games still played great without having a PSP to check it with. See, I had sold my old PSP a few months ago because I honestly hadn't been playing it very much anymore over the years (although I kept my memory stick in case I ever wanted to get another one someday), and I have my copies of KH Birth by Sleep and Birth by Sleep Final Mix that I was debating on selling since I have KH BbS FM on KH 2.5 and would appreciate anything anyone can come up with on how to see if these two games still play great even without a PSP. P.S. I'd played both KH BbS and BbS FM a lot to get to the secret endings and, from what I can tell by looking at the game discs, there is no damage at all, so that should be enough, I think, to tell if they should still work great but I'm still not that sure.
  6. This is a bit of a hard choice for me. I have both a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch. On one hand, if I got the PS4 version then I'd have all the console games so far available to play on my tv, though I'm not sure how different the controls would be on the PS4 version compared to the Switch version. On the other hand, with the Switch version, I could play it wherever I want to, plus with playing both Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and TFF Curtain Call on my Nintendo 3DS, I kinda feel that I'd have a better/easier time playing a KH rhythm game on a handheld console. Edit: I got it for the Nintendo Switch for Christmas, and I LOVE IT! 😀
  7. Thanks for your advice. I'm not sure if I'll go through with a complete replay of KH3 but at least I'll consider it. First, I have to beat the Limit Episode and then try who knows how many times to beat the beast that is Yozora. lol I've never actually tried for the platinum trophies nor had the courage to try any of the KH games on Critical Mode (I've only ever played on Standard Mode, I feel that is the perfect setting for me as a gamer; not too easy and not too hard, but still challenging in its own way). On a scale of 1 to 10, just how hard is Critical Mode so I know what I'm getting myself into if I go for it? P.S. Off topic, but have you ever beaten a boss fight completely on accident? In my original PS2 copy of KH2, I was fighting Sephiroth and it was like the 30th time I tried to fight him and this time I had actually beat him by accident; I had pushed one button thinking it was a different one and I actually beat him. I was staring at the screen in shock for like 5 minutes after the fight was over and the cutscene was playing! 🤣
  8. Quick question: I've watched let's plays with a lot of gamers using multiple save files at a time and I just don't understand why. I only ever use on save file at a time when playing my games. If I replay KH3 with new game plus, and use the same save file slot as when I did my initial playthrough of the base game, do you think that would affect the "continue main story" function the Remind save file and replace everything I have up to now from my original playthrough, level, items, journal entries, ect with what I would have up to whatever point I'd be at in the replay? Am I making sense? I've never actually did a complete replay in my KH games so I don't know what to expect.
  9. I seriously think that it is Luxord. Luxord being Yozora's driver would be an amazing twist because I was wholeheartedly expecting Luxord's somebody to show up in KH Union X along with Marluxia/Luariam and Larxene/Elrena, but with this possibly being Luxord in Yozora's world that also brings the question of how Luxord's somebody was possibly a Keyblade wielder (as stated by Xemnas) since what we've seen of Yozora's world through the Verum Rex commercial and the Secret Episode, no one shown in Yozora's world so far has been shown truly wielding a Keyblade (save for Yozora when he steals yours). Anyway, yes, I believe that that is Luxord in the driver's seat and can't wait to see the direction things go from here on out.
  10. I'm very interested in the Verum Rex aspect and can't wait for new content about it. If Yozora does turn out to be someone from the Age of Fairytales, that would be mindblowing! Would it be someone we've seen before, or someone completely new? And going along with the possibility of Luxord being Yozora's driver (which I seriously think is true) than would you say to Demyx (who, if the Luxord/Yozora's driver turns out to be true, would be the only one of Marluxia, Larxene, Luxord and Demyx to not have their original self revealed yet) possibly being Verum's Rex's equivalent of Prompto from FFXV/FF Versus XIII? I think that would fit due to how goofy yet serious in certain situations Demyx acts, just like Prompto. Edit: As for what the next saga could be about, I can't think of anything at the moment, but one thing I would like for them to explain is how the Master of Masters ended up in the far future. I thought that time travel in the KH series required a version of yourself to be at the destination, and unless there's a super plot twist hiding in plain sight, Xehanort and MoM seem to be as much of an opposite as possible for me to believe that Xehanort could somehow be a version of MoM. Edit 2: After thinking about Xehanort and MoM, I realized that they may POSSIBLY talk about that in KH Dark Road, so I can't really think of anything of a concrete plot point for the next saga, unless they completely skip over that whole Xehanort and MoM thing I mentioned and save it for the next saga. And just as a personal desire for a Disney/Pixar world I want to see in the next saga, I want them to put Coco in KH4, PLEASE NOMURA!
  11. I actually have an update on this: I had re-beat Master Xehanort before starting the ReMind DLC and the Nameless Star cutscene was still not in my theater mode. This is so annoying to me because it's the only cutscene I'm missing from the base game and it's looking like my only choice at getting it in my theater mode is to play through the base game all over again. If it comes down to that, I'm just hoping that if I do go through with it that my experience with the Titan boss fight goes better than the first time: It's a little embarrassing to admit but I had tried and failed to beat the Titans about ten times in a row when I first got KH3 and decided to take a break from getting frustrated with the fight and fastforward a few months later and I beat the Titans on my second try. I found myself thinking "Are you kidding me?! I could've beaten the game by now if this fight went this way the first time!" I was SO annoyed at my sudden victory because I saw it as I could've been playing KH3 and getting everything I needed to get the secret ending all that time instead of leaving it alone unintentionally for months. Well, if it comes down to playing the base game all over again, the good thing is that from my understanding with the sort of new game plus thing KH3 has (I haven't tried it out myself yet), it would let me keep all my Keyblades that don't depend on beating a world to obtain them, meaning I get to keep my Ultima Weapon, all I'd have to do is strengthen it! Which means a lot because those Flan Heartless were driving me crazy just to get the Orichalcum+, especially the Olympus sledding one and the San Fransokyo jumping one.
  12. May be a bit biased since I'm in the Vulpes Union in Union X, but for me, my favorite Foreteller has to be Ava. I love how sweet, kind, and caring she is. Plus I love how beautiful her Keyblade design is.
  13. I just thought of something; I had accessed the Nameless Star cutscene and beaten the main game before the ReMind DLC was made available. Is it possible I could get the Nameless Star scene put in my theater mode if I beat the main game again now that the patch update that was supposed to place the Nameless Star scene in my theater mode has already passed?
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