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  1. Does anyone else kinda wish that in KH 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage we had gotten a Castle of Dreams version of "Night in the Dark Dream" (the Realm of Darkness theme) like how Dwarf Woondlands and Enchanted Dominian did. Don't get me wrong, love this track, I just wish the Castle of Dreams area had had it's own version too.
  2. Yeah, Cloud too And Sephiroth and Tifa Though I'm honestly more interested in Zack since he's the one FF character from the furthest point in the past (since none were in UX and we don't know anything about Missing Link yet). I mean, what has he been doing for the past 10+ years????
  3. Anyone else want to see Zack pop up in Quadratum? I would LOVE IT! I mean, we still don't know where he disappeared to after BBS. 🤔
  4. Yeah, fill in the gap of waiting for the next main entry by reintroducing fans to the older ones on the newest console i hope so too; I mean they’ve done all these collection ports for other games they’ve made; why not this one?? It just doesn’t seem fair And yes it does need more love from SE
  5. Especially since FFX/X-2 and FF12 are even older and they got their own ports to PS4 years ago.
  6. Well Eraqus is theorized to be Brain's grandson so of course he had kids 😂
  7. I hope so 😂 Imagine if at the end of Missing Link we get an extra scene of baby Riku looking through an old photo album or something and coming across Ephemer's picture
  8. I honestly have no idea if this has been discussed on this thread because of how long it is now 😂 and I hope that enough time has passed that I can say this (plus I have absolutely no clue to make a spoilers tab if it's still heavily considered spoiler territory), but has anyone else had the thought that since Xehanort is a descendant of Ephemer, could Baldr and his sister Hoder also be descendants of Ephemer? What about Riku? I know it's just the silvery white hair I'm going off of with this thought, but at the same time, it's not that common of a hair color outside of those related to Ephemer/Xehanort. Maybe Missing Link will touch on this? Maybe one of Ephemer's descendants left Scala and settled down in Destiny Islands?
  9. Yes to all those games getting PS5 ports! I'd love it if the FF13 trilogy, FFXV, and KH3 ports came with their respective dlc episodes already installed so there's no need to buy them all over again, like how the complete edition of Horizon Zero Dawn is with it's dlc episode, The Frozen Wilds. As far as a name for the ported FF13 trilogy, I'm torn between "The Lightning Collection" or just "The Lightning Saga".
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. 😀 Especially with the plot dealing with death and revival through the black flame candle, similar to how other KH4 world suggestions I've seen dealing with the afterlife, like the very likely Underworld in Olympus, and a popular fan suggestion Coco, which I would also love to see.
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