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Missing disc 4 from brand new Trigun complete series dvd

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I had been watching Trigun Stampede and wanted to check out the original version of the anime, so I purchased a brand new, factory sealed Trigun complete series dvd on eBay. I started watching it and got to the end of disc 3, but when I went to get disc 4, all I found was a second disc 3. So I was understandably disappointed and upset.

What I would like to know is if anyone has a disc 4 they’d be willing to exchange a disc 3 for, or if they could direct me to where I could get only disc 4; the only listings I’ve found on eBay so far only had all four discs, not individual ones.

Any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: I messaged the seller to let him know about the situation, and he replied saying he's sending me a pre-paid label. So I'm guessing he's gonna send me another one afterwards????

UPDATE 2: The seller responded again saying they have submitted a re-ship order, so it looks like I am getting another one.

FINAL UPDATE: The replacement with the right disc arrived and I sent back the original one; so this topic is done. 😁

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