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  1. For me it's... 1.) Black Panther Wakanda Forever - Finally a real serious MCU film that doesn't rely too much on comedy or treated the characters like stupid children. Good story, excellent character development, and great character moments. 2.) Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - A pretty good MCU origin film and nice change of pace adapting Chinese cultures. 3.) Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - Pretty good sequel, but kinda wasted potential. 4.) Thor Love and Thunder - Ugh God Love and Thunder is by far one of the worst MCU films in the franchise. Only good thing in Love and Thunder was Jane Foster as Mighty Thor, but the rest sucks. Surprisingly it's a little better than that God awful Thor Ragnarok movie. But that's not saying much. 5.) Morbius - Yeah Morbius is mostly a Sony film.
  2. That's one of the most compelling and powerful Disney Channel movies they ever made. However, that movie came out in 2000's. Not in the 90's. But other than that I agree with you.
  3. My top 5 90's Disney Channel Original Movie! 1.) Halloweentown 2.) Zenon 3.) Under Wraps 1997 4.) The Thirteen Year 5.) Smart House
  4. Nice. It's a great way to get new players to understand the story's timeline.
  5. In my opinion, the best Halloweentown movies are... 1.) Halloweentown 2 Kalabar's Revenge 2.) Halloweentown 3.) Halloweentown High 4.) Return to Halloweentown (Personally I never like Return to Halloweentown) That's because Dylan took off his hat before Kalabar cast the Creature Spell. The Creature Spell only effects people who were wearing any monster related consumes like masks, make up, and hats.
  6. In my opinion, I say Tinker Bell has the most potential to appear in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Yes even though Pixie Hallow is set in Neverland, and Neverland has made so many appearances across the Kingdom Hearts games. However, one thing I did find out is that some of the old Disney Worlds in the Kingdom Hearts series had change appearances, Neverland is one of them. In the first Kingdom Hearts game Neverland mostly took place in Captain Hook's ship, and later took place flying around Big Ben. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Neverland took place on actual Neverland island. So if Neverland does return in future Kingdom Hearts games they can just add the huge Pixie Hallow Tree, and the story can take place around Pixie Hallow. Sora and group can also transform into different Fairy types. Like Sora can be a Light Fairy because he specialize in light, Donald can he a Pixie Dust Alchemy Fairy so he can use different Pixie Dusts to create different fairy magic, and Goofy can be a Tinker Fairy so can build different weapons for defensive. There's a lot of interesting things they can do in Tinker Bell's world. I would love see Kim Possible in Kingdom Hearts series though.
  7. It definitely has potential to be a good Disney show. I love that they use Jimmy as a narrator. It fits so well from a narrative perspective.
  8. She was a legendary actress! May she Rest in Peace!
  9. Looks fun and entertaining. That snowball fight had me dying of laughing. Seriously looking forward to this film. Especially the animation and characters.
  10. X-Men is the best one because Storm looks great in anime form.
  11. Definitely Vidar. His character design just stands out to me. Hopefully Nomura draws all the Upperclassmen's in his usual art style.
  12. The plot twist revealing the Player was actually the Blue Robed Person instead of being reincarnated as Xehanort. I was surprised, but at the same time so relieved that The Player wasn't reincarnated as Xehanort.
  13. I like it, but it was rushed. Would've been much better if Dark Road was a Switch console instead of Mobile game. I get that Nomura was working hard on Kingdom Hearts 3 (now released) and now working hard on making Kingdom Hearts 4. But with Union Cross and Dark Road having so much interesting and important storylines to the franchise I rather he made those games into a full blown console game. I can definitely wait for them. But sadly Japan just loves those gacha cash grab games.
  14. Just finish Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. While there's some plot points I did enjoy, and enjoy the little plot twists in the game. But yeah I can tell this Final Update was really rushed. Lots of new characters were introduce, and there was barely any time to actually get to know them. In fact, Vidar, Vala, and Hoder were my favorite new characters, but I wish they had more screen time and character development. I really do hope Nomura bring these characters back in other forms of media.
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