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  1. I won't buy it because I don't see the point since I already have all the games on the PS4 Pro. That's just my opinion though.
  2. Hopefully they announce some new Kingdom Hearts games. I don't care whether it's a main game or side-story because at this point I'll play it anyway as long as the story continues where Melody of Memories left off.
  3. Man I never knew Erika Harlacher was a Kingdom Hearts fan! I love her even more now! Plus, that was an awesome video!
  4. Honestly, even though Rutger Hauer and Christopher Lloyd did a good job voicing Master Xehanort, but I have to choose Leonard Nimoy. Leonard's voice is just perfect as Master Xehanort.
  5. Honestly, Gargoyles is the only show on this list that actually has interesting storylines/story plots that can fit in the Kingdom Hearts Universe. So I choose Gargoyles.
  6. I choose Final Fantasy XIII because I really want to see Lightning in the Kingdom Hearts series. She would make an awesome party member in Olympus or Radiant Garden or any brand new Original world in Kingdom Hearts 4 or beyond.
  7. 1.) Vexen had already created replicas (puppets) for the Organization 13 during his time when he was Nobody, and he already written his notes about his research before his death in Chain of Memories. Plus, Vexen created Riku-Replica so it makes sense that he already created Xion. He's a mad scientist after all. And Namine said that after she put Sora to sleep in Twilight Town most of his strongest memories of Kairi were leaked, and they found it's way into Xion. That's how Xion is connected to Sora because she was original faceless puppet until she unknowingly inherited Sora's memories. And because she inherited Sora's memories Xemnas had plans to use her as a fail-safe. 2.) Xemnas was only using Namine due to her connection to Sora because her ability to control Sora's memories. He was using Namine as a way to make Sora a puppet, and make him his slave as one of vessels for Master Xehanort. Plus, Xemnas put Marluxia in charge of Namine after he assign him Larxene, Vexen, Zexion, and Lexaeus to Castle Oblivion. However, Marluxia had plans of his own. Marluxia began using Namine for his plans to control Sora's memories and to take over Organization 13. Marluxia's plans was to use Sora his puppet to take control of Organization 13 and overthrow Xemnas in Chain of Memories. 3.) Like I said in Question 1 Xion was created as a fail-safe just in case both Sora and Roxas were not useful to Xemnas's plans for the Organization. Xemnas's plans was to use 13 members of Organization 13 to become vessels for Master Xehanort. They were going to divide Master Xehanort's heart into 13 pieces, and place them into 13 vessels so they can turn them into Xehanorts. Xion was created as a back up plan if they fail to use Sora and Roxas as Master Xehanort's vessels for The Real Organization 13.
  8. I saw Encanto (Awesome movie btw), and I definitely agree. The Encanto world in a Kingdom Hearts game could have the similar setting like Timeless River in Kingdom Hearts 2. Like how Sora, Donald, and Goofy was able to go to new areas by jumping through those portraits in Timeless River.
  9. I believe it was Nomura himself in one of his interviews that said Yen Sid was the one who made Riku and Mickey's new Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3.
  10. Oh definitely Raya and the Last Dragon. Not only it has the best fantasy setting to be part of the Kingdom Hearts universe, but it also has the best antagonist, the Druun. The Druun is very similar to the Heartless and I think it definitely fits very well in Kingdom Hearts. Plus, Raya would be a great party member in Sora's team.
  11. I love all the parks in Disney World. But yeah Magic Kingdom is my favorite one because it mostly has all my favorite attractions. However, it really sucks that they close down The Aerosmith Rock n Roller Coaster, and replace it with the Avengers Theme. 😡
  12. While I do love the look and design of Space Paranoids in Kingdom Hearts 2, but I say The Grid is my favorite Tron world. The reason is because The Gird has more environment and more space to explore than in Space Paranoids. However, the big letdown in The Grid was that there's no NPC's walking around to make the world feel alive. In the Tron Legacy movie the world of Tron feels so alive and vivid, but in the game it's just so empty.
  13. Sora and Mario shaking hands was definitely one of the best moments in that Sora Reveal Trailer. I knew that hand shake was special and had lot of meaning into it.
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