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  1. Definitely The Owl House. As for the Ducktales series I rather go with the original Ducktales instead of the Reboot one.
  2. Man I seriously hope they more Kingdom Hearts starring Xion, Roxas, Namine, Aqua, Terra, and Ventus. As much as I love Sora, but those character have more potential to be better protagonists than Sora. Especially since they have better personalities. Seriously Nomura NOT EVERYTHING needs to be about game's lore and stuff. While I don't like the idea of seeing Ava being an antagonist toward Sora, but I'am curious to see how Nomura is going handle the Foretellers as the new antagonists in the new saga. Hopefully Ava becomes one of Sora's allies in the future. Hopefully that means Kingdom Hearts IV will have more Original Worlds. Even though I'm still excited to see what new Disney Worlds will appear, but I really hope the Disney Worlds doesn't get in the away with the game's main plot like in Kingdom Hearts 3. As much as I love the Final Fantasy characters, but I for one wasn't mad that there was no Final Fantasy characters in KH3. Personally, I want the new Kingdom Hearts games focus more on the Original characters than Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters. If they do add some Final Fantasy characters KH4 than I hope they add them in potential new Original Worlds like Quadratum.
  3. He was a huge help to make Kingdom Hearts a reality! Thank you Shinji Hashimoto-sama!
  4. In my opinion, the Gummi Ship System in Kingdom Hearts 1 did a much better job hiding the worlds because you can't tell which world is which until you complete the mini game. The Gummi Ship System in Kingdom Hearts 2 did a better job with the action gameplay because the mini games were a lot of fun in KH2. And Kingdom Hearts 3 did a much better job with the whole open-space exploration. I just love the fact Kingdom Hearts 3 allows us to freely move around without feeling any restrictions or limits.
  5. Well it's a better cameo than the one from the new Chip & Dale movie.
  6. Alice Stained Glass is really cool. Wish Sqaure-Enix release all Stained Glass of the original Seven Princesses of Hearts.
  7. While that's pretty nice, but man this new Rescue Rangers movie looks so bad.
  8. In my personal opinion, here's my ranking of the strongest foreteller... 1.) Aced 2.) Ira 3.) Invi 4.) Gula 5.) Ava
  9. I always love reading Tetsuya Nomura's interviews! Can't wait to read the upcoming one.
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