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  1. Definitely Way to the Dawn because it's Riku's iconic keyblade. In my opinion, it's still better than Braveheart because Way to the Dawn has a unique design. Braveheart looks nothing more than a giant ass car key. Lmao!
  2. So the next Kingdom Hearts project is a go now! So freaking awesome now! I can't wait to see that first reveal trailer when it comes out!
  3. Man I hope they announce the release date for Re:Mind DLC soon! Plus, I wish I could go to Japan and go to this hotel. Looks dope and relaxing.
  4. I have not seen his version of Dumbo, but I love his other films. My most favorite one is The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's an instant classic Halloween and Christmas film in my opinion.
  5. Kingdom Hearts 3's Ultima Weapon is the most dope version in my opinion. Plus, that keyblade transforms!
  6. Congrats to you Sora! Plus, you will have even more appearances in the future of the Kingdom Hearts series!
  7. Man I only manage to get the new Larxene medal instead of both her and Xion. Sucks man. However, the bright side is that they will bring back these medals again in the future. So I'll save a bunch of jewels as I can to get the new KH3 Xion Speed medal. Also when I use the Larxene medal says "1000" strength instead of "1500." Either that's an error or the article is mistaken? Anyway, the Larxene medal is good and I'm glad I got the speed reflect. But I hate that the speed reflects is only 15%
  8. Oh definitely The Three Caballeros. Not only it's an interesting movie, but it could be an interesting world because it could be about Sora learning more about Donald's past before he became Mickey's magician. Plus, we can meet José and Panchito as Sora's new party members too.
  9. Oh God definitely chopping because it's so fast and so easy. Cracking eggs is definitely my least favorite food in the Kingdom Hearts 3 mini-games. In fact, I sometimes consider the eggs in Kingdom Hearts 3 to be one of the antagonists. Lmao!
  10. You're right. Anything could happen during the new State of Play. However, I'm not expecting anything from this. So I'm keeping my expectations very very low.
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