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  1. I have to go with Sark. Mainly because I love his screams every time I hit him in Kingdom Hearts 2. Lmao! But in the films I go with Rinzler mainly because he's cooler, and I love his redemption in Legacy when he said "I fight for the users!"
  2. All the remixes are really great. But I'm definitely voting for Calling because of the beats. Plus, Calling's vocals beats out Twister's Mix.
  3. Not surprised lol. I would be surprised if Nomura actually make a Rated T Kingdom Hearts game, but Disney is never going to let it happen. "One song title contains the "damned?" Oh they're definitely talking about Beast's Castle World Theme "Waltz of the Damned." So if this game has been rated? Does that mean we might get a release date soon? Yeah it's call "Waltz of the Damned." The song is the World Theme from Beast's Castle.
  4. Awesome reviews guys. This review is basically how I feel with Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. However, this game has some potential to tell a good story despite being a mobile game.
  5. So far the first Episode was pretty decent. I was into the new characters and kinda getting to know them. Gameplay is a little more interesting than Union X's gameplay.
  6. Lmao! Oh man the gameplay is going to be Chain of Memories all over again! 😱🤣😱 But I'm curious to play it tomorrow though.
  7. This is pretty interesting. I'm curious to see how these characters are connected between Union x and Dark Road.
  8. Still no new information about Kairi's story. That's literally the only information I'm mostly curious about and very interesting to read. Well I'll just have to be patience and wait for the new Kairi news.
  9. Nice! Thank God they'll release it the same day as Japan! I really hope they will also release new Story Updates in both US and Japan on the same day.
  10. Lmao! I guess I'm the only minority Kingdom Hearts fan here, but I don't mind the songs in Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts 2. Even though I hated that Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts 2 was treated as a filler world, but I didn't hate the songs. Also, I always like Wonderland in the Kingdom Hearts series. It's going to feel very nostalgic when I play that world again in Melody of Memory.
  11. Definitely getting it for the PS4. Thank God it's not a PS5 Exclusive because I would be pissed if it was lol.
  12. Japan gets it first of course. Hopefully the USA release is not too far behind.
  13. Yep looks like Nomura is going full Norse Mythology in the Kingdom Hearts game lol.
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