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  1. In my opinion, I wanted Kairi to be a playable character. Hopefully Nomura surprises me that we have more than two playable characters.
  2. Well that was freaking epic but damn they show A LOT of stuff!!! So can't wait!
  3. 2am for me! I'll be totally up for it! So can't wait! But I have to keep my expectations very low.
  4. Nice response from Tetsuya Nomura-sama! Plus, this "epilogue and the secret movie" really got me interesting. This could be either a one day patch or some DLC. I don't know but I hope he talks more about it in the future before the game release.
  5. WHOA WHOA WHOA! Was Sora crying? God damn Sora is going to have an interesting arc in Kingdom Hearts 3. So can't wait to play this game!!! Also, that's the video from the Dec 16th release! Now we have to wait for the Final Trailer on Dec 18th and one mysterious TBA on Dec 21st!!!
  6. I think one more world reveal in the Final Trailer. If not than that's fine. I'll find out when the game is release.
  7. Thanksfor the heads up guys! Man that's some shady stuff. I'm sure whoever stole those copies will get caught the police.
  8. That doesn't really answer my question. There was no actual confirmation about how many hours is Kingdom Hearts 3. That was a bunch of articles with no actual source.
  9. Movies798

    What version of KH3 do you have pre-ordered?

    The Deluxe Edition of course. I will be the first time I pre-order a Kingdom Hearts game that has some cool items.
  10. So glad it's bigger. Seeing 50gb feels like Kingdom Hearts 3 is indeed bigger. Now I'm waiting for some news about how many hours is Kingdom Hearts 3.