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  1. I don't care about Xehanort's parents. All I care about who were Xehanort's upperclassmen, and what happen to Hermod, Bragi, Urd, and Vor.
  2. Oh nice! This is pretty dope. However, Donald as Queen? Lmao! However, I love the Origination XIII Cards the most though.
  3. As much as I want some Kingdom Hearts news this year, but I highly doubt it they'll announce any Kingdom Hearts news during this PlayStation Showcase. If anything they'll probably announce some Kingdom Hearts news in 2022.
  4. While I do love the Gummi Ships, especially in KH2. But I really love the Dive Gameplay in Dream Drop Distance the most.
  5. Definitely Goddess of Fate Cup for me. I died a lot of times during that cup.
  6. Lmao! Kairi? As much as I like Kairi but I rather have Mickey or Roxas over Kairi. That's my opinion. But this board game does sounds interesting though.
  7. Hades plan in the Kingdom Hearts games was always the same plan like in the Hercules animated movie. He just wants to take over Mount. Olympus and overthrow Zeus. In BBS Hades wanted to use both Zack and Terra as his pawns for darkness to kill Hercules and take over Olympus. As for Zack well he was definitely killed by Sephiroth in BBS. I believe it was a reference or Easter egg of their connection in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7.
  8. Design wise I choose Olympia. But gameplay wise I choose Hero's Crest.
  9. I respect that. Roxas and Namine interactions wasn't force in Kingdom Hearts 2. They both have nice and natural moments together in the prologue of Kingdom Hearts 2 before Roxas return to Sora. There's a lot of potential between those two in my opinion that I can see those two potentially become a couple. I don't see Riku and Namine together because those two have more a professional working relationship than some romantic couple. Especially that moment in 358/2 Days. Riku comes off like older brother toward Namine in my opinion. Plus, I don't read any of the manga or light novels since those are not canon into the Kingdom Hearts series. I only follow the games which are the only canon material in the franchise.
  10. That's cool. I prefer Roxas x Namine though. I love their moments in Kingdom Hearts 2, and feel a lot of potential there. And I prefer Roxas and Xion as best friends. Roxas and Xion's friendship feels more natural as platonic pair than some romantic pair in my opinion.
  11. Because Captain Hook believe that Wendy was one of the Seven Princesses of Heart. That's why she's in Kingdom Hearts and not Michael and John. John and Michael are not needed in Kingdom Hearts 1.
  12. Wow I never knew this Reaction Command existed. I never knew because Leon never died on me during that fight. Lmao!
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