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  1. Mostly the story and setting. Of course I do love the character and world design, the music score, and combat gameplay.
  2. I'm more surprised that Disney is not going to do a Virtual live stream like DC did with DC FanDome. While it sucks, but it's very understandable due to the virus.
  3. Oh definitely Ventus. However, I don't think they show Xehanort's glider?
  4. I hope it has a booklet or something to tell us which chess piece is which. I know almost half of them, but there's still some chess piece I don't know which chess piece belongs to.
  5. Awesome! I love KH3's and KH3 Re:Mind's soundtrack. Can't wait to buy it and add it into my collection.
  6. Oh definitely Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Treasure Planet. I would love to see these two films becoming a world in the Kingdom Hearts series.
  7. I want Part of Your World to be in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. It's such a classic and iconic song. Plus, that music is one of my favorite mini games in Kingdom Hearts 2 in Atlantica world.
  8. Welcome fellow Keyblade Wielder!
  9. Sp pretty much Melody of Memory is not a full Kairi Game, but it will give us a little glimpse of her origins. So basically Melody of Memory might potentially set up a full Kairi game in the future. Man I sure hope so.
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