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  1. Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse is truly the best superhero film in 2023. Miles better than any of MCU films and DCEU films that was release in 2023.
  2. "And, by the way, this isn't like Union Cross, where you can choose your favorites. You're assigned one in the story, and that is fixed." Honestly, I find it pretty boring that the Player is forced to be part of society rather than freely choose themselves. However, I guess that means whether the society the Player Character is assigned to means that society is canon to the story of Missing-Link. "Hazama: While there are usually regional disparities in GPS-based games, [Missing Link] does not." While I'm pretty excited to tried this game, but the whole GPS features just seriously worries me. That's one of the reasons why I refuse to play Pokemon GO because of the whole "Augmented reality gaming" gameplay. Hopefully Missing-Link fully allow players to play the entire game in their own homes rather forcing them to go outside for certain story events.
  3. I really like The Ghost and Molly McGee show, and I was very happy to see this easter egg on TV. Kingdom Hearts fan rise up!
  4. I really love Wish. I think it would be a great addition as a world in the Kingdom Hearts series. Plus, the concept of wishing could play a role in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Second Saga.
  5. I mean at first glimpse it does like Kingdom of Corona (Tangled's world.) But the texture and coloring of the trees and grass feels like it's not Tangled's world. I think it's probably a new world or maybe it is Tangled's world but the quality is different because it's on a mobile system?
  6. Definitely Final Fantasy XVI. Sad it wasn't nominated for Best Game of the Year, but it's no biggie. I still love the game!
  7. Wow nice! The last Kingdom Hearts game we had was Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memories, and that release three years ago. It's been awhile since we had any Kingdom Hearts content. But it makes sense since Nomura had been busy with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. I'm so ready for more Kingdom Hearts content!
  8. Definitely the Renaissance Era and a little bit of the Revival Era.
  9. Honestly, Kingdom Hearts 3 had wasted a great opportunity for not having an Olympus Coliseum DLC. Like it would've been great if Square-Enix created a whole new Coliseum Tournament battle set in the Realm of the Gods. And have Zeus as the coordinator for the games like Phil.
  10. If Mickey can get a new outfit than Donald and Goofy should get new outfits too. But sadly after Kingdom Hearts 3 I don't think Nomura ever plan on getting them new default outfits.
  11. They're all so good. My ranking of my favorite Final World in Kingdom Hearts series is... 1.) The World That Never Was 2.) Keyblade Graveyard 3.) End of the World
  12. The summons I use the most in Kingdom Hearts III are... 1.) Ariel 2.) Simba 3.) Meow Wow 4.) Stitch 5.) Wreck-It-Ralph
  13. I love all of them! My favorite Team Attack in KH3 Remind goes by... 1.) Thinking of You 2.) One Heart 3.) True End 4.) Icy Slider 5.) Faith Volley
  14. My most favorite Team Attack in Kingdom Hearts is... 1.) Mighty Avalanche 2.) Goofy Bombardier 3.) Flare Force
  15. That makes sense. I live in the US so I didn't see any marketing for Return to Neverland. But I remember seeing some marketing for The Jungle Book 2 coming to theaters though.
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