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  1. Definitely The Great Mouse Detective. It would be nice to see Sora, Donald, and Goofy involve a little mystery adventure to solve a case. The Black Cauldron is also a great movie to become a world too.
  2. I love both Heroes and Villains in the Kingdom Hearts series. However, I prefer the Heroes more. Mostly because I understand them more and understand their struggles.
  3. Welcome fellow Keyblade Wielder! And Merry Christmas too!
  4. Even though I really enjoy Kingdom Hearts 3, but my most least favorite thing in Kingdom Hearts 3 was the story focusing too much on the Disney Worlds and not focusing on Sora's journey about his connections with Roxas, Xion, Aqua, Ventus, Terra, and Namine; and how to save them. My other least favorite thing in Kingdom Hearts 3 was not enough interaction between the Seven Guardians of Light. I wish there was more character interaction and character moments between Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Lea, Ventus, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy before the final battle in the Keyblade Graveyard.
  5. Definitely Robin Hood, The Rescuers, and The Aristocats. But I think Robin Hood has a better chance to become a world in Kingdom Hearts while the characters in The Rescuers and Aristocats would have cameos.
  6. Nope don't see it. They're all just regular logos to me. However, I will agree with @Moogle13 though. The logos with the long K and S means that Sora is not the protagonist of the game.
  7. I'm definitely going with Nagi because I love purple hair anime girls. Looking forward to play this game.
  8. Except that wooden keyblade is a fake not a real keyblade. Aqua's keyblade was real and Kairi unknowingly was able to inherited a keyblade from Aqua. There was no keyblade ceremony when Lea pick up Ven's toy keyblade.
  9. Nice interview and thank you for the translation. Hopefully the next Kingdom Hearts games can do some justice to Kairi.
  10. And this is why I prefer buying the physical disk over digital. I bought the disk version and everything works fine for me.
  11. I guess December 13th is good date for the spoiler deadline. Should be enough time for everyone to play it.
  12. I honestly don't have one. I love all the main Kingdom Hearts girls.
  13. Probably not a lot. Melody of Memory is going to be a short game after all so I think Kairi's cutscenes are going to be 1 or 2 hours.
  14. So next world should be Agrabah? Looking forward to see where the story takes place. Plus, I'm glad we finally get to see what Baldr looks like. Interesting.
  15. Yeah! I'm so glad "Namine theme music" is in the game. Still no "Twister -Kingdom Mix-" and "Labyrinth of Ice" musics? Sad man.
  16. KH3 Kairi looks really good in the old PS2 graphic. And I really love that King Mickey helping out in Melody of Memory is a call back in KH2. Just 9 days left!
  17. Definitely PlayStation 4. One because I love playing my Playstation 4. And two I don't have a Switch lol. But even if I had a Switch I would still get the PlayStation 4 version though.
  18. Monstro is by far my most least favorite Disney World in the entire Kingdom Hearts series. And Toy Box is my most favorite Disney/Pixar world.
  19. Not surprised by this because Disney holds the rights to the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Sad but understandable though.
  20. Hmm I'll say the end of December. I think the end of December is a good time limit for the Spoiler Policy. That way most fans and newcomers can play and enjoy the game without spoilers.
  21. Captain America definitely had the best solo film in Phase 1. He was the most interesting character and his movie had a lot of heart. Plus, I love his origin story. Steve Rogers became my number one favorite superhero in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America is the best film in Phase 1, then The Incredible Hulk, then Ironman, and finally Thor imo.
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