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  1. Oh definitely Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Treasure Planet. I would love to see these two films becoming a world in the Kingdom Hearts series.
  2. I want Part of Your World to be in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. It's such a classic and iconic song. Plus, that music is one of my favorite mini games in Kingdom Hearts 2 in Atlantica world.
  3. Welcome fellow Keyblade Wielder!
  4. Sp pretty much Melody of Memory is not a full Kairi Game, but it will give us a little glimpse of her origins. So basically Melody of Memory might potentially set up a full Kairi game in the future. Man I sure hope so.
  5. My most favorite Mickey Mouse voices are Walt Disney and Wayne and Allwine. But Wayne Allwine is my number one favorite Mickey Mouse voice. He's been part of my childhood ever since I was born.
  6. Aww Strelitzia! 😭 I sure hope Nomura has plans for in the future instead of just randomly killing her off for the sake of story. Anyway, another beautiful artwork of Strelitzia by Nomura.
  7. I really hope they use Don't Think Twice as the intro. That song fits more with Kairi than the other songs imo. However, I wouldn't surprised if they use Simple & Clean or Sanctuary again.
  8. I don't think Melody of Memory is going to be that big of a game. This game seems like it's going to be a short one. I think it's going to be the same length as 358/2 Days or Chain of Memories/Re: Chain of Memories. But I think it also depends how long you're going to play the game.
  9. I only watch the gameplay part of the trailer. Everything looks good and it already has my money. However, I stop at the main story part because I don't want to be spoiled any of Kairi's story. And I was right! I'm glad we can also play as The Wayfinder Trio, but as Aqua instead of Ventus. And honestly I'm glad I can play as Aqua.
  10. Wow never in my life I would ever be this excited for one rhythm game. That's mainly because it's Kingdom Hearts lol. Plus, I'm glad there's some a Kingdom Hearts game so soon after Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind. I'm definitely looking forward to play this game! Plus, I'm so glad you can also play as Roxas and not just Sora. Maybe there's a chance to play as Ventus as well? Man I hope so! And I'm glad they release the release date. November is look good right now. Well time to pre-order! And I love the artwork! Kairi sitting on that throne is so welcoming!
  11. Definitely The Owl House. It's another fun and entertaining fantasy comedy animated series with a some cool monster designs. Decent story, fun and likable characters, and cool magic battles with great animation. Plus, it's the first Disney Show that has the balls to have two leading Queer characters, Luz (protagonist) and Amity (Major supporting character). It's by far my most favorite 2020's Disney series.
  12. Same here. In my opinion, Demyx as the Master of Masters would be the most disappointing twist ever.
  13. Well Xemnas did said he wants all four them to reveal their greatest secret about the Ancient Keyblade Legacy. So for me I say all of them are very mysterious because none of them hasn't reveal any secret about the Ancient Keyblade Legacy yet. But if I had to choose one of them I'll definitely choose Luxord because he's by far the most interesting, and the most mysterious member in the group. Especially his screen time in KH3 Re:Mind when he had that conversation with Xigbar. Lmao! I know right? They really think he's the Master of Masters.
  14. I hope it's either October or November or earlier. I just want to see more of Kairi in post Kingdom Hearts 3.
  15. I decided to watch this final chapter because it's freaking ridiculous to kill 10 heartless in Rank 3. Anyway, It looks like there's no rush to watch the final video because it's basically building up some suspense. I'm curious to see where it goes.
  16. Man I really hope we don't have to wait too long for this Episode to get localize. In fact I seriously hope we don't wait like three or four months after Japan's release of each new Episodes like Union X. I hope future episodes don't get delay as well. Edit: August 6, 2020. KH Dark Road Chapter 2 US version was just updated today.
  17. 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts 3 was definitely better. It's short, better mini games, and actually plays a role in Sora's character. Plus, no need to search the whole universe to find some missing pages.
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