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  1. Damn I wish I was there. Plus, Sora should've been there. Anyway, I'm glad Kingdom Hearts is some attention in the USA Disney Parks.
  2. All of them are great, but A Fight to the Death is my most favorite one. I remember getting chills and pump when I hear that OST when playing Kingdom Hearts 2. And I was so hype when Sora was slicing buildings in half during while the OST was playing.
  3. Lmao! Kingdom Hearts 3 definitely deserve it. In my opinion, I think Kingdom Hearts 3 deserves to get nominated for Best Game of the Year.
  4. Awesome! Truly deserve it! Now I wish Kingdom Hearts 3 at least gets nominated for Best Game of the Years Award!
  5. Not going to watch the trailer! I refuse to watch it so I can play the game again blind! I want to act like I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 3 for the first with all these new additions. I'm so keeping my expectations very very low because I'm afraid it won't be like on the same level as Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. Plus, that thumbnail of Namine is all I need to know that she might have more presence in Re:Mind than in the original release. Can't wait to play the game again on Critical Mode, but yeah I won't watch anymore trailers.
  6. Man I still hate that Nomura still using KH: Union X to show the next phase of the Kingdom Hearts series. Would've been better if they make another None-Numbered title Kingdom Hearts on the PS4. Or hopefully Re:Mind is going to give us a glimpse of the phase of the Kingdom Hearts series. Anyway, I don't plan on watching anymore trailers of Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind. After watching all the KH3 trailers they revealed a lot of cool and exciting scenes. So I decided to not watch all the trailers until I play Re:Mind for the first time blind. Just like I'm not watching any of the Persona 5 Royal trailers.
  7. Awesome! To be honest even if Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind doesn't show up at the Game Show, I'll definitely be okay if Tetsuya Nomura just give an interview about some new info about KH3 Re:Mind. I don't mind getting new trailers about Re:Mind. However, I'm definitely looking forward to see new stuff from Final Fantasy VII Remake and Marvel's Avengers Game.
  8. I like all of them because they're all different and unique. However, I like the Nobodies the most of all because I like the special nobodies who are under the command from the Organization XIII. My most favorite ones are Ninja, Samurai, and Sorcerer. However, the one Nobody I hate the most are the Dancers. God I hate the way they throw me.
  9. I got into the series since Summer 2006 when my mom buy bought me Kingdom Hearts 1, Chain of Memories (GBA), and Kingdom Hearts 2 together on the same day. Definitely one of the best summers I ever had because I was pretty much playing Kingdom Hearts trilogy none stop all summer. Lol!
  10. Wow this is great news! Plus, this could get some new fans interested into the Kingdom Hearts series, and could make them buy the games! Okay I just check the link and I'm very curious to see if Tetsuya Nomura and Square-Enix actually approve of this "An original, canon story in the world of Disney's Kingdom Hearts that can only be found in the pages of this book!" Because I don't want to be another debate like the light novels, because there was a huge debate about whether or not the novels should be consider canon in the Kingdom Hearts video game lore. I really hope the new middle grade novels are not real canon.
  11. Awesome! Not only Sora deserve it but it also great that Kingdom Hearts is getting some recognition as well.
  12. Rest in Peace Yuu Shimaka-san! Thank you for all your work as one of the iconic Disney characters in the world! I'm very happy that you were able to live this long to voice Goofy in Kingdom Hearts 3, the final chapter of the Xehanort Saga. Thank you for everything!
  13. I love her all her voice acting different characters. But to me I mostly fond of her as Minnie Mouse. Her voice as Minnie Mouse is part of my childhood since I was a baby growing up.
  14. Awww this so sad! Russi Taylor you were the best Minnie Mouse we ever had! Thank you for your wonderful voice work as one of many famous Disney Characters in the franchise. At least you get to see her husband Wayne Allwine again in heaven. Rest in Peace Russi Taylor!
  15. Rest in Peace Rutger Hauer! You were a pretty good Master Xehanort and I will always remember you in Batman Begins, Blade Runner, Buff the Vampire Slayer, Wanted: Dead or Alive, and Sin City.
  16. Yeah I saw the Comic Con announcement about Natalie Portman returning as Jane Foster and becoming the new Thor. That has my attention.
  17. The MCU projects I'm looking forward to the most are these. Black Panther 2 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Fantastic Four Blade Black Widow Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings And The Eternals
  18. That's nice but I no longer care about seeing anymore expanding arcs from the previous core characters in Phase 4, except Black Widow. Black Widow is an exception though because she should've had her own movie a long time ago. I'm glad she's gets the solo movie she deserve. Anyway, I still like Thor but I not interest seeing more of his adventures. However, if they decided to make Sif return in Thor 4 than I'll change my mind. Sif is one of the best characters in the Thor series and if she returns than I'll go see Thor 4.
  19. This is awesome! I would totally buy the Sea Salt Trio Bring Arts.
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