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  1. I have been working alot of overtime so I can basically take 2 weeks off if I want without using the vacation days I got from this year.
  2. So I will take a week off in the week when KH3 is releasing so I can lock myself up in my room and play KH3. Am I the only one thats going to do this?
  3. Second trailer this month.. my emotions can't handle this. Now there is even more liquid coming out of my eyes.
  4. Espio

    Bioncle Heroes prototype

    ooh that nostalgic rush! Bionicles used to be my favorite toy to play with when I was a kid. I owned all of the first generation Bionicles. My favorite is Kopaka first gen.
  5. Espio


    Welcome to KH13 my fellow keyblade wielder!
  6. Here is the video as promised! For the people that didn't read my previous post. This is a mod I made for the mmo Vindictus. As you can see in the video the game sometimes lags. This is because I only have 8 gig ram and running Vindictus and running a virtual server with the Vindictus server puts my ram usage at 100% I hope you guys enjoyed the video! If you have a request of a character u wanna see in Vindictus than post a comment below!
  7. Espio

    Marluxia Vindictus mod

    Hey guys! If you guys didn't know I am a big Organization XIII fan so I decided to make a Marluxia mod for the game Vindictus (its one of my favorite games!) It took me more than a week to get it properly working. (Figuring out how to get custom models in Vindictus is a pain in the butt.) This is done on my own Vindictus private server. I also changed the voice in marluxia's his voice. When I have the time I also going to make a video! If someone is intrested in my Skyrim Organization XIII mod that I made 2 years ago then check this link out:
  8. Salmon with some lemon juice really delicious!
  9. Espio

    I Do Not Want Multiplayer in KH3

    I do not agree with the kh358/2 days multiplayer. I really enjoyed it playing with friends and trying different charachters. It would make me very happy to see the same kind of multiplayer in KH3.
  10. I would make a action RPG my favorite genre!
  11. Espio

    If you could?

    I would like to meet Quinton Flynn (voice of Axel) and Paul St.Peter (Voice of Xemnas) Why? Because their voice acting is awesome!
  12. Heh I think it's obvious which one is my favorite.