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  1. They're not really even close. I believe the term you're looking for is arpeggio? A crescendo is a gradual increase in volume, while an arpeggio is the notes in a chord played one after the other ascending or descending. The only similarity is that they both contain a descending arpeggio. The BTTF2 track has three notes while the KH3 track has four. The steps are also differently spaced. If you notice, while it seems to be a different key, the arpeggio in the KH3 track has steps the same distance apart as the arpeggio in dearly beloved, with the final note continuing down rather than being raised an octave. In a way, it helps to thematically tie the end of the Xehanort saga with the beginning.
  2. You missed it though, I got the all for one deal on the psn half off a little after remind released. Titles go on sale pretty frequently there, just check back till you find it at a better deal.
  3. On some of the data battles being stunned is a possibility, nano gear prevents it.
  4. The Dream Eater Colleseum mechanics seem to flow better as a card game for me than the deck mechanics of KH COM. The limited hand size rather than having every card in the deck available at once, being able to block with a card rather than just card break, the cool down timer for playing cards. The sleight mechanics could still function similarly to stacking cards on top of each other like in DDD. I did enjoy the original COM gameplay, but I know a lot of fans didn't. Would changing to a system like this make it more enjoyable?
  5. Green requiem. If I remember correctly, gravity magic did work on them so they weren't completely immune. Not many action RPGs have enemies that can heal though, it was interesting to see.
  6. Yeah, back in 2002 though, the vine swinging was top of the line. Did kind of feel like a pointless edition though. Maybe if you fought heartless on the vines it would have been more interesting. Could definitely see a Powerwild battle with King Louie though.
  7. As Square was unable to acquire the rights for Tarzan after KH1, what property do you think would work best as a replacement for the world if they made a full remake of the series? Personally, I think Jungle Book would be appropriate, as it's a similar world aesthetically, and they almost implemented it in the past. The main issue would be the plot point of Sora and Donald's reconciliation after their argument. You can't have the same setup for friends in your heart very easily, because there wouldn't be a language barrier. Anyways, what do you guys think? Assuming they can acquire the rights to any Disney property but Tarzan, what world could they replace Deep Jungle with?
  8. Well, everything except KH3 and Jedi fallen order are multiplayer games. That's why they sell more. Unfortunately, because more people play games socially than for enjoyment of the game itself, multiplayer games will always sell easier than single player games. This is why games like Madden and NBA sell well despite not having particularly exciting gameplay, or any semblance of a story.
  9. KH1 had the most interesting way to collect them. Especially with Aerith and company introducing them to you.
  10. Yo, update guys, Demyx is caput. Just got to hang in through the FF battles.
  11. Ugh, I hadn't even thought about the FF back to back battles afterwards. Dang it. Kh1 level 1 I haven't gotten through Agrabah yet.
  12. That nobody fight right before axel as Roxas is the worst. In a couple years on and off, I have yet to get past demyx in hollow bastion on level 1. That guy is definitely the Master of Masters.
  13. Well, how much of a world did they need? Just the single city would be enough to keep them contained, especially with the heartless. They're toys, they're pretty small. Plus, young Xehanort seemed to have done a similar thing in DDD, unless he was straight up lying to Sora about them not being in the actual sleeping worlds, the whole data doesn't dream speech in the grid.
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