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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. It sounds like they might be changing up attack patterns. Could be a neat addition.
  2. Has to be Don't Think Twice. Especially the orchestral arrangement of it in the title sequence.
  3. Well, I don't think anyone's trying to argue that the combat in KH3 was more exciting, challenging, or better in general than the other games. But there's so much more to a game than the combat. Granted, the pacing was a little off, and the ending wasn't the grand culmination of the series many were hoping for, but how could it ever be? The community's been waiting for it for so long that it's been raised to a mythical standing before it was even released. I personally enjoyed the pacing up until the battle Royale where it started to feel shoved in your face. The subtle hints throughout the story and in each of the worlds give you just enough of an inkling of Xehanort's plan to keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat, but never enough to guess his true intention until he finally reveals it. And the ending is- All in all, it's a wonderful game in it's own right, and the pacing will likely be improved via dlc, as well as the combat difficulty. People do need to stop directly comparing it to KH2, but like any game, it has many flaws. That doesn't mean it's terrible, it just means that it wasn't made by perfect people.
  4. Yeah, signed in again after the release of KH3. Hadn't been active since like DDD.
  5. So, what do you guys think? Would you like to see this as a future plot point?
  6. Phantom menace would probably work best. I could see the gang getting caught by the Trade Federation in their Gummi Ship, which would certainly catch their attention, especially if they let slip it runs on laughter. Perpetual clean energy anyone? Then with the help of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, they manage to escape and agree to help protect Queen Amidala, end up on Tatooine, nice Pod-Race minigame and Maul fight. Fighting battledroids to reclaim Naboo, and finishing in a space battle alongside Anakin in the Gummi Ship.
  7. Definitely playable Destiny Islands, as well as a way to further expand the Gummi Ship cost limit. It's ridiculous that the limit is so low while they throw you blueprints like 3 times over the cost to rub it in.
  8. I think they should go the route of remastering Re: Coded and Days on the switch. It shouldn't be too difficult to do, programming or rights wise as it would still be on a Nintendo system. Coded especially could benefit from portability with the avatar sector. Hopefully this next transition title will be on the PS4, or 5, depending on when it comes out I guess.
  9. I know right? Maybe it'll come into play with a critical mode DLC. I mean, I only died once in the frozen boss fight because I was distracted by a phone call.
  10. Maybe they could add in Two Become One and have Oblivion and Oathkeeper as a transformation for it.
  11. ------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction Version History Worlds Before Hollow Bastion (Incomplete) Station of Awakening Cinderella's Station Aurora's Station Belle's Station Destiny Islands Traverse Town Before Leon 1st District 2nd District Gizmo Shop Alleyway 3rd District After Leon 2nd District Gizmo Shop Hotel Hall Red Room Green Room Alleyway After Hollow Bastion (Not Started) Heartless Information (Incomplete) ------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction I recently decided to begin work on a DnD 5e campaign for Kingdom Hearts. I was trying to find information on heartless spawns so I could convert it over. I was able to find general information, where special heartless spawn, and locations to grind for materials, but not a plain list of spawns. I figured that I can't be the only person who's looking, so here we go. I'm going to play through the game again and begin the arduous task of putting a complete list together so you, the reader, don't have to. I'll continue to update as I progress through the game, so if it's incomplete, check back in a while. ------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Version History Version 1.0 Introduction Block Station of Awakening Completed Destiny Islands Completed Shadow Information Completed Version 1.1 Traverse Town Before Leon Completed. Version 1.2 Traverse Town After Leon Completed. ------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Worlds ------------------------------------------------------------- 3.1 Before Hollow Bastion ------------------------------------------------------------- 3.1.1 Station of Awakening ------------------------------------------------------------- Cinderella's Station After choosing from the Sword, Staff, and Shield, you encounter 5 Shadows in Cinderella's Station. However, the rest disappear once you defeat one as part of the tutorial. Afterwards, 4 more show up, presumably the ones that previously disappeared. ------------------------------------------------------------- Aurora's Station In Aurora's Station, you fight 9 shadows. ------------------------------------------------------------- Belle's Station Last but not least, In Belle's Station you fight a Darkside, who can summon Shadows when he slams his fist on the ground. ------------------------------------------------------------- 3.1.2 Destiny Islands There are no encounters until the end of the Second Day. There are 24 encounters with Shadows on the island for a whopping total of 136. I'll begin listing them after you obtain the Keyblade rather than when you arrive on the docks. 1 The Small Island, 9 Shadows. 2 The Bridge 1, 5 Shadows 3 The Bridge 2, 5 Shadows 4 The Bridge 3, 5 Shadows 5 Door to the Other Side of the Island, 5 Shadows 6 Right of the Bridge, 5 Shadows 7 Left of the Bridge, 5 Shadows 8 The Beach 1, 7 Shadows 9 The Beach 2, 7 Shadows 10 The Beach 3, 7 Shadows 11 In Front of the Waterfall, 5 Shadows 12 The Waterfall, 4 Shadows 13 On Top of the Cabin, 5 Shadows 14 The Docks, 5 Shadows 15 Above the Docks, 7 Shadows 16 Above the Docks 2, 4 Shadows 17 In front of the Secret Place, 5 Shadows 18 Above the Docks and Up the Stairs, 5 Shadows 19 To the Treehouse 1, 4 Shadows 20 To the Treehouse 2, 4 Shadows 21 In Front of the Treehouse, 4 Shadows 22 In the Treehouse, 10 shadows 23 To the Deck, 4 Shadows 24 The Deck, 10 Shadows Afterwards, when you get thrown out of the secret place, you face another Darkside. ------------------------------------------------------------- 3.1.3 Traverse Town ------------------------------------------------------------- Before Leon ------------------------------------------------------------- 1st District, there are 6 encounters of Shadows, totaling 25 Heartless. 1 In front of Accessory Shop, 5 Shadows 2 Down the Stairs 1, 3 Shadows 3 Alley, 6 Shadows 4 Square, 4 Shadows 5 Behind Coffee Shop, 3 Shadows 6 By World Exit, 4 Shadows ------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd District, there are 7 encounters of Shadows for a total of 29 Heartless. 1 Entrance, 8 Shadows 2 Between the Hotel Doors, 3 Shadows 3 In front of the Gizmo Shop Door, 2 Shadows 4 In front of Suits and Dresses Sign, 2 Shadows 5 By the Fountain, 5 Shadows 6 In front of the Gizmo Shop, 6 Shadows 7 Towards 3rd District, 3 Shadows ------------------------------------------------------------- Gizmo Shop, there's only one encounter, with waves of heartless totaling to 45 Shadows 1 Entrance, 45 Shadows ------------------------------------------------------------- Alleyway, there are three encounters of Shadows totaling 17 Heartless 1 Entrance, 4 Shadows 2 By Low Awning, 10 Shadows 3 By Sewer Grate, 3 Shadows ------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd District, there are 8 encounters of Shadows, for a total of 23 Heartless. 1 In front of Vacant House, 7 Shadows 2 Bottom of the Stairs, 1 Shadow 3 1st District Door, 3 Shadows 4 Lady and the Tramp Fountain, 4 Shadows 5 By Exposed Wire, 2 6 Up the Ramp, 2 7 Down the Ramp, 2 8 Towards Merlin's Door, 2 ------------------------------------------------------------- After Leon ------------------------------------------------------------- Second District 1 Boots and Shoes, 1 Soldier, 2 Shadows 2 Suits and Dresses, 2 Soldiers 3 Hotel Entrance 1, 2 Soldiers 4 Hotel Entrance 2, 1 Soldier, 2 Shadows 5 In Front of Gizmo Shop Door, 2 Soldiers 6 By Alleyway Exit, 3 Soldiers 7 Next to Stairs, 5 Soldiers, 2 Shadows 8 In Front of Gizmo Shop, 6 Soldiers, 4 Shadows? 9 By Dalmation"s House, 2 Soldiers 10 Near 3rd District, 1 Soldier, 4 Shadows ------------------------------------------------------------- Gizmo Shop 1 Entrance, 19 Soldiers, 18 Shadows ------------------------------------------------------------- Hotel ------------------------------------------------------------- Hallway, this has 3 encounters of Soldiers and Shadows, totaling 11 Heartless, or 7 Soldiers and 4 Shadows 1 Hotel Entrance 1, 1 Soldier, 4 Shadows 2 Middle, 3 Soldiers 3 Hotel Entrance 2, 3 Soldiers ------------------------------------------------------------- Green Room has one encounter of 3 soldiers 1 3 Soldiers ------------------------------------------------------------- Red Room has one encounter of 5 Shadows ------------------------------------------------------------- Alleyway, there are 6 spawns of Soldiers and Shadows, totaling 18 Heartless, or 13 Soldiers and 5 Shadows the first time after the cutscene. Afterwards, there are 8 spawns of Soldiers and Shadows, totaling 29 Heartless, or 20 Soldiers and 9 Shadows. 1 Entrance, 2 Soldiers 2 By Low Awning, 4 Soldiers 3 By Sewer Grate, 3 Soldiers 4 By Dalmations House, 1 Soldier, 4 Shadows 5 Green Room Awning, 2 Soldiers 6 Blue Room Awning, 1 Soldier, 1 Shadow Afterwards 1 Entrance, 4 Soldiers 2 By Low Awning, 4 Soldiers 3 By Sewer Grate, 3 Soldiers, 3 Shadows 4 By Dalmations House, 1 Soldier, 6 Shadows 5 Crown Room Awning, 1 Soldier 6 Red Room Awning, 2 Soldiers 7 Green Room Awning, 3 Shadows 8 Blue Room Awning, 2 Soldiers -------------------------------------------------------------
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