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  1. Excited for the mods, and hopeful that epic games will restore some level of multiplayer functionality to BBS and DDD.
  2. 1. I consider cards lower than 5 low cards. 2. Don't reset the save for moogle rooms, it's not worth the time. Just sell low cards and use the points to get new packs later on. 3. I usually set up decks for sleights, I find the best setup is premium, non-premium, non-premium. The premium cards will dissapear anyways, so they might as well be first in the sleight. Then when you refresh, you're left with non-premium cards. The big thing about this game is few enemies have 0's, so as long as you use sleights you take no damage except for bosses. As far as boss specific decks, just make one for that specific boss if you're having a hard time. 4. I usually use stuff like blizzard raid for the first run through, then have the attack cards make their own sleights for the second one. You'll rarely need to plan a third run through, because they'll be near if not already dead. 5. Recovery is only useful if your cards get broken. With sleights that's rarely the case, so it's usually not helpful. 6. No, you just get gud. In all seriousness, with the auto aim mechanics of KH games, you rarely miss an attack. 7. Absolutely. Summons aren't particularly useful. In most KH games they provide brief invulnerability or other forms of cc. But in RE:COM, you have that with literally any card that doesn't get broken, and summon cards last longer and have a higher chance of being broken because of it. 8. Magic is op in every KH game. Just don't use fire on axel, thunder on larxene, etc. And you're fine. 9. Just a couple really. It's mostly just a quick reload, although some restore cards lost by sleights. 10. I would say 0. They're the most expensive card, and less useful then a high valued sleight which will break your opponent's card anyways, and be difficult to break during your attack. It's more gimmicky than anything really. 11. A 0 summon, item, or spell lasts longer than a 0 attack, and will almost certainly be broken before it goes through. So attack cards, being quicker, are the most effective 0's. 12. First run through, 009,009,009... All Ars arcanum. Second run through 090, 909... Every other ars arcanum. Third run through, 900, 990, 099, 009... Every other Ars Arcanum. Fourth run through, 009, 099, 090, 090, 990, 900, 909, 909... 4/8 Ars Arcanum, but not every other. Notice the first run through, you waste no 9's, only 0's. Every one after, it's 50/50, although only half after the first reload are ars arcanum. With 3's every sleight wastes a card of equal value, while 0's are considered less useful than 9's. With a deck of all 3's it's easy for bosses to have a sleight over 9 in value, which you can't break. With 0's and 9's you can break their sleight with a 0, 9, 18, or 27, and all the cards you need are close at hand, so you can do it at any time. Since after the first sleight, you always have as many 9's as 0's, you always have this option until you run out of cards. But you can elixer up and start over fresh. 13. No, in this game the best defense is a good offense. If they can't break your sleights, they can never attack, and if they never attack, they can never damage you. As far as decks go, it's been a while since I've played. But beginning decks should largely be attacks with a cure and a couple potions. Early spells are fire and blizzard, which heal common enemies in early worlds, so attacks are usually better. Besides, without many sleight commands, you just need to spam normal combos anyways. Mid game, start throwing in every type of strike raid you can, these deal pretty decent damage, can hit many opponents with good positioning, and leave behind two keyblade cards when reloading. With a bit of planning, these can be sliding dash, stun impact, and other sleights to make battles easier. Late game depends largely on what cards you've accumulated and what boss you're facing. Raids will be enough to deal with the encounters, but bosses have quicker and more damaging attacks at higher values that are hard to break without a handy 0. This is why 009 ars Arcanum decks are useful late game, you can quickly break any sleight then counter with your own. Since the AI spams single cards more than sleights, only a 9 or 0 will break ars arcanum, with the exception of the rarer used sleights, easily countered with a quick 0 or 27. Aside from ars arcanum, there are a variety of useful sleights that you can consider.
  3. None of the other title logos have a mirror reflection of the text. This suggests the realm of death making a return. It's likely one of two things, the next big game where everyone's looking for Sora. Or the Disney + series in the works. Melody of memory suggests the episodes might be disconnected moments in the franchise rather than a narrative.
  4. Yeah, movie was garbage, so unlikely square will touch it with a 10 1/2 foot pole.
  5. Well, I mean, it's a different monetization model. Rather than making 50-60 on a single sale of the game, they make money through in app transactions. Some people find the second model superior because it allows free to play in the first place.
  6. Well, if we're going into semantics here, it's technically not gambling unless there's a monetary payoff. Since the medals have no monetary value, it's not considered gambling. At least not in US law.
  7. Bro, why do this to yourself? Sounds like you could have chosen a much easier project. I suggest making a list yourself, just hit something with a number of keyblade's, note and categorize the particle effects. It shouldn't be too hard to do in a few days.
  8. So, I just finished Final Fantasy VII remake, and was thinking about how it may have impacted the events of Kingdom Hearts III. For those of you who haven't played it, and have avoided spoilers so far, the story differs significantly from the original in a few major ways. Spoilers follow below.
  9. Data Entry 3: Cleaning Up Input Errors Gold Edition
  10. Pixar's more stringent with their Canon than Disney, which says a lot. Marvel and star wars on the other hand, judging soley by the existence of the Phineas and Ferb specials, are not.
  11. Nomura said that the intro, fighting shadows, darkside, etc. Takes place after Sora disapears. So he's fought heartless in the realm of death before meeting Yozura. Nomura said that in Shibuya he'd have to learn to fight without his keyblade. So maybe we'll find out in the next game when Yozura steals it from him for longer than a hot minute.
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