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  1. I could definitely tell it was hollow bastion you were referencing. Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, praying to remove this bitter cup, or on the cross, asking why has God forsaken him, might be better to relate for the concern she had about Sora, where he's alone and his friends betrayed him, and he felt that God had turned away from him.
  2. I like the concept. I really do. There are a few too many quotes there in my opinion though, it creates a large wall of text that distracts from the story. To add more interest,maybe instead of route reciting like a one sided lecture, they could have a discussion. Often when teaching young children from the Bible, you relate stories such as Job, Noah, or David and the Lions den. They understand and remember concepts from the story better than passages. Maybe they could have a discussion about David and Goliath, and Sora could mention something along the lines of "Riku and I could take him!" prompting a lesson about trusting in the Lord and your friends, and being able to overcome any challenge with faith. A lesson like this would lean more into Sora's personality, and relate his main character trait, trusting in his friends, to lessons he received from his mother about the gospel. If you want to develop this more, maybe try doing similar but shorter scenes as a flashback from Sora's point of view, where he's remembering something his mother taught him in times of trial. It would also be a good story to relate directly into his upcoming battles with the Darkside in the station of awakening and on the ruined destiny islands, even provides a reason to go for the head. As the story goes on, when he fails to save Alice from the shadows, is separated from Donald and Goofy in deep jungle and has a problem forgiving Donald, etc., he can think back to the scriptures and how his parents raised him for guidance.
  3. So I was thinking, especially with all the Time Travel shenanigans in the Keyblade Graveyard, about how violating the established rules of time travel was possible, and I came to this conclusion. All of the realms in Kingdom Hearts exist on alternate dimensional planes. A key aspect to remember in this theory is that the higher your perceived dimensional plane, the easier it is to manipulate lower dimensions. A line, a 1 dimensional object can be moved in 2 dimensions. You can put 4 lines together to make a square in the 2nd dimension. In the third dimension, you can take squares, and make a cube. This manipulates the lines in a 3 dimensional space, which you could never do in the 2nd dimension. We'll start off with the 3rd dimension, the Realm of Darkness. The 1st and 2nd Dimensions are Length and Width, imagine a line and a square. The 3rd is space, or depth. So a cube, space between 3 dimensional objects, all of that. In the Realm of Darkness, we see 3 dimensional objects, the space in between them, even creatures living and breathing. One key thing that we don't see however, is time. Aqua comments on this herself, with the clock tower in Cinderella's fallen world. Time doesn't exist in the Realm of Darkness. Which is why she's looking as fine after a decade there, as she did going in. This suggests that the Realm of Darkness exists in the 3rd dimension, but not the 4th. This could also provide an explanation for how Corridors of Darkness function. If they cut through The realm of Darkness, then they cut underneath time, allowing instantaneous travel from the perception of the Realm of Light. The 4th Dimension would contain the Realm Between, the boundary between the Realm of Darkness and the Realm of Light. Time flows here as seen in Traverse Town, Twilight Town, Castle Oblivion, etc. This was most punctuated by Sora's year asleep in Twilight Town. Nobodies are formed in this realm, which is important because they're born lacking one thing we don't see until the Realm of Light. A heart. The 5th Dimension and Beyond is theorized about, but we have no way of confirming what they are using modern science. So for this theory, the 5th Dimension, or the Realm of Light, is Heart. While nobodies can gain hearts, and heartless used to be hearts, it's important to note that they both originate from hearts, a heartless is formed from the heart of someone who gave themselves over to darkness, and the nobody from the empty shell left behind when a heart is lost. So these beings all originate from the Realm of Light, even though they primarily reside in other realms. You might think of hearts as more of a force than a dimension, and I would to, were it not for one thing. The Dive to the Heart. This seems to be a literal extradimensional space within a heart. The fact that it seems cut off from the rest of the world suggests that people themselves are 4th dimensional beings that contain a 5th dimensional heart, and thus live in a 5th dimensional world while perceiving it as a 4th dimensional one. Their existence in the 5th dimension allows the manipulation of time. Note the key rule of Kingdom Hearts Time Travel, you have to leave your body behind, only your heart can travel through time. The heart being the only 5th dimensional aspect of your being explains this restriction perfectly. The 6th Dimension, as you may have guessed, is the Realm of Dreams. Time flows oddly here, different worlds flow at their own pace, and it's so relative and unchanging, that Sora and Riku, having travelled back a year to enter it, emerge a year later, having taken no more than days to weeks to complete their journey. This suggests it being 1 dimensional plane removed from the realm of light, allowing time to be manipulated more freely by outside forces. Dreams are made real in this dimension, and are observable and interactable with. Sora and Riku again perceive this only as a 4th dimensional space, being 4th dimensional beings themselves. But, Dream Eaters would be considered 6th Dimensional Beings. The 7th Dimension, is the Realm of Death. Hearts usually don't make it this far. Although it wasn't given a name, it's implied that the essence that ends up here after death is Will, a 7th Dimensional aspect of people. This realm is stated to be the end, that there's nothing beyond it. I would suggest that Chirithy is mistaken, that there are at least 2 more Dimensional Planes. The 8th Dimension, Kingdom Hearts. The entity that created all light in the world, that sparked life itself. The magical Big Bang of the Kingdom Hearts Universe. Since the Realm of Death isn't Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts is shown to be all powerful, it must exist in an even higher Dimensional Plane. This Dimension is whatever makes the existence of life possible. But even more than that, The X-Blade implies yet another Dimensional Plane. The 9th Dimension, A Dimension of Gods. The X-blade, serving as a Key to Kingdom Hearts implies that it and Kingdom Hearts were created by someone. Not something, not some force, an intelligent entity that created a lock and key for Kingdom Hearts. Locks don't occur in nature, they're an invention. This being, or race of beings exists on a high enough dimensional plane that they can not only spark life, but create an object that can spark life. This is similar to how you can't control time without access to the 5th Dimension. Or to reference Rick and Morty, "How you think you gonna move time while you're standing in it?" This means that this race exists in a higher dimensional plane than Kingdom Hearts. Which means that a being intentionally sent Kingdom Hearts down to the Realm of Light, to create the world. This being, is... That spoiler was a joke, but it kind of fits. Getting back to the reason for this theory, Namine's interference in the Keyblade Graveyard. Because she was stationed in the 7th Dimension, and still had a connection through Sora's memories, she was able to manipulate time in a manner that no character in the Kingdom Hearts universe had been able to before. While Sora and his friends were unable to act differently, unable to change the past due to 5th Dimensional rules of Time Travel, Namine was able to Influence Lingering Will who is, as you're probably aware, devoid of heart and body. All that's left is his will, a 7th dimensional aspect of him. He was then able to act freely and rewrite time. I don't know about the rest of you, but this theory explains it all for me. I don't think I've left a stone unturned here. What do you think?
  4. Do you think with adding so many playable characters they'll add a multiplayer feature, where you duel against another KH character? Or team up to take down a tough enemy?
  5. It could, she could still be a princess of heart though, like how Kairi kept protecting her light. The only ones we know of the new set are Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna, and Kairi. Still 3 unaccounted for.
  6. Pixar was much more controlling than Disney. While the two joint own a lot of properties, they are separate entities.
  7. Star wars would fit in well, lots of discussion about light and darkness and the balance that needs to be maintained between them. I could see Riku exploring in episode 3, alongside anakin till he turns evil. Especially with Palatine talking about the power that comes from a balance of light and dark. Intervenes to save the kids, tells anakin that he's no longer in balance, he's given up the light completely. Or Sora in episode 1, nice minigame with podracing, finish up with the gummiship joining the fray on naboo. Marvel would be more difficult to integrate.
  8. Got the star fruit from a local whole foods store. It tastes kind of like grapefruit, grapes and apples. The flavor is really light and the fruit's very watery.
  9. I mean, they have plenty of star wars references. Death star based level in 2, the asteroid worm things, Xemnas' Lazer swords.
  10. This, everything but Baymax. That would have worked so much better if it was a Norted Data-Riku. Coded would have had an actual part to play in the game, aside from a brief reference in Twilight Town.
  11. That was largely due to Pixar's insistence on maintaining Canon. Square wasn't allowed to alter the story in any way, they had to come up with a new self-contained story that could be considered canon to the series as a whole. That's why monsters Inc took place after the movie, and toy box in-between 2 and 3. They both end in a way that allows the next movie/series to pick up where they left off. It was also due to a smaller extent to square's focus on tying everything together in the Xehanort saga. The entire concept of the game is final fantasy-esque characters travelling through a Disney universe. And every character besides those introduced in a Disney or square property before kingdom hearts is joint owned. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Xehanort, the Master of Masters, Even Sora's mom, if she ever becomes more than a disembodied voice, they're all half Disney themselves. You can't take Disney out of the universe, otherwise Sora would be a half-lion cub with a chainsaw.
  12. The star fruit was the substitute
  13. Checked the local ones, since it's almost winter fruit is hard to come by.
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