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*Spoilers for FFVII Remake* FFVII Remakes impact on Kingdom Hearts III

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So, I just finished Final Fantasy VII remake, and was thinking about how it may have impacted the events of Kingdom Hearts III. For those of you who haven't played it, and have avoided spoilers so far, the story differs significantly from the original in a few major ways. Spoilers follow below.


So, Cloud and party just defeated the arbiter of fate, or Destiny itself, freeing not only their universe, but all final fantasy universes from being bound to fate. We see this from an alternate universe where Zack survived crisis core. The chip bag flying by shows a different stamp (Shinra propaganda cartoon) than the one we've been seeing,which shows that this Zach is from another timeline/universe. So what if this defeat of destiny freeing final fantasy characters from fate extended to the kingdom hearts universe? That would explain how they defied the prophecy that light would expire and darkness prevail. We see time travel in the series previously as being unable to change events, but with destiny out of the picture, the characters are free to make their own fate and prove the book of prophecies wrong. I think this ties in very nicely and places the kingdom hearts universe firmly in the final fantasy multiverse, just perhaps bordering Disney's multiverse. It's certainly my headcanon now. But what do you guys think?


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