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  1. Alicia Maddox

    Happy Birthday, Nero Kunivas!

    Happy birthday old friend. Hope you are doing well these days.
  2. Alicia Maddox

    My Wizard World Comic-Con Experience!

    Oh wow dude! That's seriously epic! And your niece looks just like you. Man you're lucky to get to meet all those ppl! I'm glad you had fun.
  3. Alicia Maddox

    Hello Guys! I'm back after Missing for almost a Year.

    Girl! I remember you! I don't know if you remember me. And as for soravids, he and I are actually dating now. But you won't find him on here anymore, though his profile is still here. Good to have you back on!
  4. Alicia Maddox

    What Color do you associate Summer with?

    Brown, because here in Texas, everything is DEAD!
  5. Alicia Maddox

    Your greatest fears for Kingdom Hearts 3

    I completely agree! I've actually had a suspicion that Riku might die in KH3 for a while now. That's literally my head canon. I would die of happiness if Sora and Kairi had a moment like Tidus and Yuna.
  6. Alicia Maddox

    Your greatest fears for Kingdom Hearts 3

    I honestly don't have that many fears for KH3. I'm practically 100% confident that the game will be fantastic in every way! However, considering what KH3 actually is, I do have a few nit-picky things I'm worried about. While I actually fully expect someone in KH3 to die, I'm really hoping its not a cop out kind if death like Kairi or even Sora, as Kairi dying would serve no purpose or be a lame or obvious Sora motivator. And Sora dying would be the worst anti-climatic ending. If something ever were to happen to Sora, he should either become a vessel, a la Terra, or go the way of Aqua and have someone come and rescue him. I just don't want a death in the game to be for lame reasons. The very ending boss fight be a cop out. I want a full on, Lord of the Rings Return of the King type final ending! (Not really, but you know what I mean). KH1's final boss was both hard af, but also a bit of a cop out. KH2's final boss was long as heck, but epic, mad cap and intense! However, I would like more help than just Riku. So, I'm just worried that KH3's final boss will have a crazy hard first form/stage, but an easy/lazy final stage. I want a WAR for my final boss! The game having so much story content, that not all of the major questions/plot holes will be resolved. If we never find out where Larxene, or any of the other Org. members come from, or how they became Nobodies, I'm fine with that. If we never see or hear from Luxu, or find out exactly WHY Vanitas is back while Ventus still sleeps, then there's going to be major problems. Basically, I want all major plotlines tied to the central story resolved. This may sound dumb, but another thing I'm worried about is the game getting delayed again for unforeseen circumstances and it not coming out until later in the spring or early summer.
  7. You're reactions where great too.
  8. You're thumbnail for the first video got me rolling and I haven't watched them yet!
  9. Alicia Maddox

    Watch at your own risk

  10. Alicia Maddox

    Today, May 31st, Is My 7th Year Anniversary As A KH13 Member!

  11. Alicia Maddox

    Today, May 31st, Is My 7th Year Anniversary As A KH13 Member!

    Yes we are.
  12. Alicia Maddox

    Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts III.

    For me, and I think this is shared with a lot of ppl, is it doesn't have anything to do with hate for the franchise, but more so with how it will look in KH. I'm an avid SW fan. But that doesn't mean I think it'll work in everything its in. It'll be like Port Royal all over again. I was fine with it, but a major turn off for me for that world was the art style. It clashed way too much and it felt a lot like Mary Poppins at times in terms of highly stylized cartoon characters interacting with real world looking characters. I feel that the same thing would happen with a Star Wars world. The only way in which a SW world could work at all is if SE drew from any one of the animated incarnations of the franchise, were the art style is more in line with that of KH's.
  13. Alicia Maddox

    Which Disney movie do you not want to see in KH3?

    There's nothing wrong with a snow world. If I were honest, I think it'd be fantastic to see snow like that in the URE4 and with the Kingdom Shader no less! But lets be honest here. At best, Frozen would serve a similar purpose as Pooh's world did. At worst, it'll end up another flipping musical world like Atlantica. The story, as good as it is, really doesn't have as much meat on it that a Kingdom Hearts scenario could draw from and make a fully fledged world out of it.
  14. Alicia Maddox

    Which Disney movie do you not want to see in KH3?

    Unpopular opinion, but I don't want to see Frozen, Marvel, OR Star Wars at all. All for a butt load of reasons.
  15. Alicia Maddox

    Today, May 31st, Is My 7th Year Anniversary As A KH13 Member!

    No lie!