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  1. Yeah, its 100% a bad idea. Especially without Johnny. There's not even a point if you're not going to have him.
  2. My dear Dawnie. I hope you're alright these days. Still remember you after all this time. 

  3. "Well" said Sam, "I'm back"
    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

  4. I came in kind of late to the fandom, but of the web pics/comics, I remember Saix puppy and Roxel the most. On YT, I was all the time watching various installments and incarnations of the KH stupid files and KH on crack. XD Those things were a riot. But, lest we forget them, lets not forget the oldies of the YT KH related content, and those are the homemade KH MMDs and MVs. Those make me feel really old. XD Some of the very first KH related MMDs I remember watching was this one based on an already existing YT meme, And this one, though there were many KH MMD/J/K Pop vids out there at the time. Incidentally, KH was the reason I got into the Jpop and Kpop genres. Partly through listening to these weird MMDs.
  5. There are two routs I could see that going down. Either Sora is forced into submitting to darkness under extreme dire circumstances, like, if it were the only way to save one of his friends, or even a world, or if he was blindly tricked into it, like you said.
  6. Oh don't apologize. I still remember you too. The last half of 2018 was a little strange for us. And we are doing amazing! We're still together and hoping to see each other in person one day soon.
  7. Oh my! @.@ Its been a hot minute since this was active. Lets see if I can bring this old dinosaur of a thread back! And with KH3 out, there's bound to be some new inspiration. Speaking of which..... It was at this moment, both Sora and Herc learned that what goes on Gummie Twitter, stays on Gummie Twitter.....forever.
  8. Welcome. OMG, Sora! XD Also This will always and forever be one of my favorite memes/GIFs.
  9. Yes! Just like that. And I've only been on Wattpad a few times. Never been on the KH side of the site.
  10. Ahh, so you know the evil scallywag. I'll be sure to pass it on.
  11. Dude there seems to be a whole lot of nostalgia going around these days. I sadly got in late into the KH fandom (2010) but there are some things about the fandom that I do remember that aren't used much anymore, though I do see them crop up from time to time. Especially in fanfics and fan art.
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