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    Official Vulpes Union Discussion - NA

    [*]What is your game ID Number/Nickname? 700720/Kairi [*]What level are you? 274 [*]Why did you join the Vulpes union? It called my attention... I was drawn to it. [*]Are you a member of a party? Yes. I recently created a party and so far my younger brother and I are the only members. Hopefully more join us [*]What is your favorite medal? So far, Illustrated Ventus.. and Illustrated COM Sora. I always have them eqquiped, and they are also my strongest medals.
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    Don't Be A Gary

  3. Destinys Child

    Larxene's Somebody (Arlene)

    Arlene... I never figured how to unscramblr her name...
  4. Destinys Child

    Kingdom Hearts animation

    Awesome! ^_^
  5. The story. And of course the New worlds.
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    OMG this is a perfect crossover

    I don't know Steven Universe or anything about the characters.. ^_^; but I totally see it and get it and, I agree with KhUndertaleFan. Poor Xion. Maybe personality wise Peridot turned out less shy than Xion?? But in any case, they both dealt with pretty close things that could relate to each other. And they went from obedient to rogues. Maybe in different manners but along parallel paths.. somewhat. But there is also a difference between a more serious drama and comic exaggerated drama too. And This was hilarious.
  7. Destinys Child

    Because being the New Kid is so much fun...

    Hello! And thank you ^^ Definitely excited. I can't wait! Thanks! that bunny is so adorable *salute* reporting for duty. happy to believe I qualify, thank you very much! X,,D
  8. Hello everyone! This is Destinys Child! No, Not Beyoncé, sorry to disappoint. Har Har. Not so sure what to write about myself, other than I love kingdom hearts wholeheartedly and I'm very curious and excited to be here as a member. I have been chasing the entire series but haven't played all the games yet.. (but youtube has been my best friend in getting those "movie" cutscenes for the story..) I am sort of a geek when it comes to the story and figurative metaphors/philosophies within the series,I like making references to/quoting them to other fans, I love discussing theories, other than that, I am starting out on making amvs, I doodle and sketch but have yet to master digital art (Newbie there as well) I love to role play in forums wether casual or semi-literate.. My main place to Rp is Gaiaonline. So if you have one feel free to add Me, I go by: Aqua the Wayfinder I also have been playing Khu and I'm in the Vulpes Union. And not because they are the top team... ^^; before I had knowledge of Khu, it was my first choice because something drew me to pick it. Anyway, feel free to add me if you are a Vulpes I've been looking for a team. ID:700720 I have some things to learn about this site,and looking forward to getting to know the kh13 community.It's nice to meet you all, and thanks for visiting/posting!