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  1. So true. No va. He/she doesn't go. X'D
  2. Ha ha ha. I'm back after years of hiatus. But still relatively new
  3. Lazy Afternoons Rp Canon Twilight Town Casual/City/School/Adventure OCs are welcome Final Fantasy Characters welcome Lazy-Lit to Lit (all levels are welcome.) Script style is also welcome No word count (write as much as your mind comes up with) Turn-based Courtesy is a must Plot or Improvise Current Events:-Struggle Worlds Championshipthe gateways to the worlds are open, so people from all over the multiverse visit Twilight Town and its 7 wonders. The Town holds an annual Worlds Championship for their traditional sport, Struggle. As a celebration of Peace and Unity to the other worlds.
  4. Years late! But I’m also very into the philosophies of kh to personal levels. They have really deep messages and inspirational things I can’t help but appreciate. If you’re still around, send me a message I live and breathe off it
  5. [*]What is your game ID Number/Nickname? 700720/Kairi [*]What level are you? 274 [*]Why did you join the Vulpes union? It called my attention... I was drawn to it. [*]Are you a member of a party? Yes. I recently created a party and so far my younger brother and I are the only members. Hopefully more join us [*]What is your favorite medal? So far, Illustrated Ventus.. and Illustrated COM Sora. I always have them eqquiped, and they are also my strongest medals.
  6. Don't be shy to comment on here. I'm curious to know what you guys think :)
  7. Arlene... I never figured how to unscramblr her name...
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