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  1. Dang...The Roleplay section has been stationary for a while, huh?


    ...I might change that soon...

  2. Wooooooooooooooooow, I have not been here for a long while. 

    What's been going on?

  3. (I apologize for the long wait!) ~Neku Sakuraba: Narshe~ Neku looks at Bartz with the weirdest, confused look he could give him. Did he just say...Planet? He blinks twice at him and looks up, then back down at Bartz. "You're from another planet? Are you an alien or something? Or...Are you just high?" He asks. ~Jessica: Lunar Subterre~ Jessica had got off the airship before looking up and seeing that globe-shaped object in the sky. "Wow...What a beauty!" She said. She had then overheard on the comments Zidane and Chrono were making. "P-P-P....Planet? Space? THE MOON!?" She looks down at the surface she's on. The realization had just struck. "We're....WE'RE ON THE MOON!? THE BLOODY MOON!?! Th-This...This is insane!!" She exclaims out loud. ~Emeralda: Eden~ Emerlada nods. "We should keep going. Answers ahead. Maybe."
  4. (FINALLY I POST...Again. XD) Peach nods in agreement to the idea as well as Mario and Luigi (rather nervously.) Peach takes a deep breath. “Okay. I’m ready!” “Yeah!” The Bros. exclaim.
  5. (FINALLY! WE SHALL CONTINUE!) Peach looked behind her and held Tiki’s hand as well. She gave her a pleasent smile despite their current situation. Both Pit’s stone and Link’s sword touched firm ground as they walked forward. They continue this for the next few steps, until the invisible obsticle presented another challenge with only five regular steps away from the other side. There wasn’t a full space of ground anymore, but rather...A thin one. Like a tight rope. If Pit threw a stone, it would be wobbling from side to side before falling off and angering the grumbling monsters below. “Mama Mia...” Luigi exclaimed. “It looks like we’re going to have to keep our balance for this one.” Peach comments. “Does anyone have an idea of how we can accomplish this in a creative way?” Zelda said aloud.
  6. ~Neku Sakuraba: Narshe~ Neku shook his head no. “Nothing like it. At all.” He still wondered where he actually was being separated from his home city. But that begs the question. He turns to Bartz. “Speaking of which...Where are you from?” He asks.
  7. Emeralda looks up at Xing. “I remember...Walking with friends...Fei...Celebrating victory. Then...Light flashed. I faint. Then wake up there. I find you. That all...I remember.” She responds.
  8. ~Neku Sakuraba: Narshe~ Neku looks to the supposed mother. She looks rather worried. Frightened even. And it is not because of the shivering cold, but shivering fear so to speak. Neku looks back to Bartz. “Let’s find the kids. They can’t be too far.” He said. Neku puts his hands in his hoodies pockets and starts walking to the right.
  9. ~Neku Sakuraba: Narshe~ ”Focus...” Neku whispered. The keywords of people’s thoughts appeared like lightbulbs turning on. No signs of Noise floating around. “Safe” ”Chilly” ”Outdated” ”Work” Hmm...Nothing standing out... Neku chose to read the mind of a woman with the keyword “Safe”. “Thank goodness everything is alright! I thought I heard some ruckus earlier, but it doesn’t seem to be any conflict! Oh! But I still worry...My children are still out there playing...” Neku opens his eyes and looks to Bartz. He gives a little chuckle and a slight smirk. “It’s a little trick I use to get some information. Nothing too major, but some children are still outside of the town playing in the snow.” Neku points to the woman he read. “That woman might be the mother of them.”
  10. In Los Angelos, California, 2018 Today is the opening day for a brand new arcade building called Arty’s Arcade. All of the kids and teens in the neighborhood are excited out of their minds to see all the games available at their disposal. But disaster strikes in the arcade. Everything “Glitches” out of control and the children are transported into a world where video games of all kind reside. The kids are put into a life threatening event called “The Beta Games” where they are put into teams and paired up with video game characters (nicknamed Pixel Pals) to complete a variety of tasks to win a round, beat the final boss, and make it back home. But there might be more happening behind the scenes... Heyo! This is an idea that I have had for a while now and I want to see if it can work in a Roleplay format! A couple of things though. 1. Your Pixel Pal will be chosen based on a number of preferences I will reveal later. 2. I am still developing the “mechanics/rules” of this RP since this will be more complex than what I’ve done in the past. 3. You will all be children 10-18 for this roleplay. If you are interested in this or have any questions regarding this, please let me know!
  11. Does anyone remember Skyline by MDS? The Roleplay? Okay...


  12. Link’s sword would only touched air as the tip of the sword felt nothing. But Pit’s rock landed on the air with nothing below it. “Link’s sword did not interact with anything, yet the stone sits in the air. How mysterious...” Zelda states. “Hmm...” Toadsworth began stroking his beard in thought. “I have but a theory. Perhaps the bridge did not only crumble, but alternated pathways as well not seen by our eyes. Look here.” Toadsworth walked foward and moved his cane over the edge of the visible part of the bridge that broke off. “Nothing is here...” Toadsworth moved his cane a little farther. A tap on the surface can be heard echoing in the empty setting. “But something is here.”
  13. ~Neku Sakuraba: Narshe~ “Is that so?” Neku responded aloud. Maybe a scan can bring some light to all this... Neku puts his hands on his headphones and closes his eyes, focusing hard as he “Scans” the area to read peoples’ thoughts or find something hidden. ~Jessica Albert: Prima Vista(Now Flying!)~ Jessica nearly rolls her eyes at Zidane winking at her, then chuckles at the sight of his actions. “You remind me of a friend back in my world. He’s always acting as the flirtatious type, going after ‘beautiful’ woman and all that.” She says. Jessica comes up next to Chrono as he’s driving the ship. “You seem to have experience in driving this ‘Prima Vista’. Do you have these in your world as well?” She asks curiously. ~Emeralda: Eden~ Emeralda nods and walks towards Xing. She takes a look around the newfound location. “Very little here. Looks like...Passage. Entry way.” She touches the floor and glides her hand across the surface. “...Unknown technology.”
  14. I apologize for the lack of posts from me. College has been keeping me PRETTY busy for me. I should be able to possibly post later tonight or tomorrow. Again I apologize for the lack of ‘Phones’ content. XD
  15. ~Jessica Albert: Prima Vista~ After the sudden rise into the sky, Jessica tried to regain her balance and stand up straight. She was wobbling slightly back and forth not expecting any of the sort to happen. And then she looked out the window. Her eyes became wide and her jaw was lowered as far as it could go. "We-We're flying....This bloody ship is actually flying!" She rushed towards the window to see the clouds passing by and feeling the wind through her clothes and hair. "Woah...Amazing...I thought we were docked on water this whole time, but...A flying ship is beyond my wildest imagination! This is bloody incredible!" She turned around to face Zidane. "What do you call this ship? Does it hold a name?" She asks with curiousity. ~Emeralda: Eden~ Listening to Xing, Emeralda nods to him. "Yes. More we explore. More chances to find friends. More we learn about happenings." She answers.
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