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  1. Nomura just couldn't resist putting Sora in those glasses again, could he?
  2. Axtwyt

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Johnny, Besaid Island~ Johnny looked to Zaruka and began to calm himself, "Sorry about that. Force of habit." It was then that something hit Johnny from above. His whole body was driven into the sand by whatever hit him. Johnny pushed himself up out of the sand, whatever landed on him was off now. "Ugh... I'm so sorry! This wasn't supposed to happen...where did everyone go?" a voice said. Johnny looked over and saw a boy, maybe about the same age as Crystal. Johnny got up and brushed the sand off of himself, "Looks like you're as lost as we are. Where'd you come from?" ~Jaina, North of Ultimecia's Tower~ Jaina laughed a bit at Janus, "Cats do tend to be that way." As she walked, she looked up towards the trees, trying to eye some fruit or some small animal. She was starting to feel hungry, but she also had the kid to take care of too. "Spot anything that looks like food to you?" Jaina asked. "I'm not seeing anything." ~Variuer, Crown City of Insomnia~ Variuer thought for a moment at Ardyn's question. He thought to New York City, the start of the Union of Territories. He had taken it to use against Jonathan, as a personal taunt to Jonathan's love of the city. "I once ruled a city like this, until my rival returned with his son and cast me out," Variuer said. ~Bartz, Narshe~ "Might as well," Bartz replied to Neku. "Who knows what's on the other side of the mountains?" As the two walked closer to the town, Bartz heard some rumblings of life coming from it. "That's weird, I can hear some people there," Bartz said. "But nobody was here a while ago."
  3. Totally fine! It can get rather confusing at times!
  4. Gotcha. You should probably fix the locations of your last post, then.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Zidane, Chrono and Jessica are headed to Besaid Island onboard the Prima Vista, correct?
  6. Yes, he was. If I approved you the first time, you're generally approved the second time.
  7. Debating whether or not to add a new character. I kinda want to do Roxas, but I'm not entirely sure I can get his character right. I'm also thinking of adding a guest character, but I'm not sure who I'd want to bring in. Initial idea was Owain from Fire Emblem Awakening, but I've also been thinking of bringing in Spyro the Dragon (just because I'm gonna be playing the Reignited Trilogy as soon as I can get my hands on it). Any thoughts?
  8. Axtwyt

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    (I liked the color idea from Shard's post, so I decided to steal it.) ~Johnny, Besaid Island~ Johnny stopped for a moment when he felt a tug on his bodysuit. He looked over to see Zaruka, handing him an apple. "Thank you," he said, taking the apple and biting into it. He continued to walk, eating the rest of the apple as he continued towards the mountain path. He chuckled as he finished the apple, tossing the core into a nearby bush, "At the very least, that's the best apple I've ever had!" The bush shook a bit after a moment, and Johnny's hand instinctively went to Excalibur. A black creature with yellow eyes jumped out of the bush, and in one swift motion, Johnny pulled Excalibur from its sheath and cut the creature in two, which then dissipated into black smoke. Johnny's head cocked to the side in curiosity, "What was that thing?" ~Jaina, outside Ultimecia's Tower~ Jaina pondered for a bit. Neither her or Janus belonged here, so neither of them really knew the lay of the land. "Here's what I think," Jaina began to talk. "We should take refuge in the forest for a bit. Try to find some food, try to rest up a bit. We also need to figure out which way is north, just so we know where we're going. Past that, we should try to find some other people, at least to get supplies, or whatever." ~Variuer, Crown City of Insomnia~ Variuer smiled. Two companions, one less willing to work with him than the others, but still better than just one. "We should proceed with haste, then," Variuer stated, turning to Ardyn. "The sooner we meet whomever brought us here, the sooner we can deal with them." He then spoke to Ardyn directly, "Since this is a facsimile of your home, perhaps you could lead us to this Citadel?" ~Bartz, Narshe~ "Whoa," Bartz' jaw dropped at seeing Neku on the battlefield. "I've seen some awesome magic in my adventures, but nothing quite like that!" Bartz turned to follow Neku, "Can't wait to figure out how to mimic that!" After walking a bit with Neku, Bartz thought out loud, "Where're we heading, anyway? If we go back into town, there's not gonna be much there. Although, I did see a pass into the mountains when I was coming into it."
  9. Axtwyt

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    (You know what? Let's go with it. The Prima Vista works!)
  10. Luna needed it. Out of every character, she felt like the one who needed more time onscreen and would benefit greatly from a solo DLC. Out of sheer want, I'd love an Iris the Demon Slayer DLC, just for giggles and seeing how she looked/evolved after the time-skip.
  11. Sure, let's let some NPCs in. It's coincidental, since I was thinking that people would appear in this world as fights happened, as Spiritus and Materia are crafting the world using memories of the warriors. You didn't miss anything, I just never brought it up.
  12. Axtwyt

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Johnny Besaid Island~ "Yeah, we're better off together," Johnny nodded before starting to move towards the mountain pass. "We're better off heading inland. If anyone's here, they're probably somewhere besides this beach." I wonder if anyone else is here, Johnny thought to himself, losing himself to thoughts of his own world. I have to keep going, just in case Variuer is here too. ~Jaina, descending Ultimecia's Tower~ Jaina smiled. This boy was something else. Nothing like any of Johnny's knight friends. It took her a few minutes, but she managed to make it the rest of the way down by herself. She had noticed Janus waiting below in case she fell, and she had to laugh as she rejoined the boy on the ground. "Don't worry about me, I can handle myself," Jaina says as she walks up to Janus. She looks around from the outside of the tower, trying to get a feel for the landscape. There's a forest by the tower, but the surrounding area is some grassland. Jaina looks back to Janus, "Which way should we go from here?" ~Variuer, Crown City of Insomnia~ Variuer calmed himself. This girl was not related to Jonathan, nor his son. "I am Variuer, and you are not who I am looking for," Variuer said before turning his attention from the girl. "I have no quarrel with you, so begone from here." He gazed past the tower to the illusory barrier outside, "I have no need of a king of knights, unless you intend to help us find who brought us here." ~Bartz, Narshe~ Bartz smiles as he sees Neku floating over the snow, calling out to his new companion, "Wow, that's cool! But watch this!" Bartz then summoned his bow and a quiver of arrows. His thoughts turned to the abilities he used as a Ranger, and he begins to fire arrow after arrow at the goblins at ever increasing speed. After his quiver is empty, he sees a few straggler Goblins still moving towards him and Neku. "These ones are yours, pal!" Bartz salutes Neku, indicating Neku to take the rest.
  13. Axtwyt

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Johnny, Besaid Island~ Johnny nodded, "I agree with that. You're the first person I've seen since I got here." Zaruka did bring up an interesting point, though. He hadn't seen any wildlife whatsoever. Out of all things, why hadn't he noticed that? "Something's up," Johnny said. "Someone or something brought us here, but why summon us here without telling us why?" A cold shiver ran down Johnny's back as he thought of something else, "Who else could have been brought here?" If whoever brought Johnny here had also brought Variuer, would he be able to stop Variuer this time? Could he find a new way to imprison Variuer? And what if my friends are here too? Johnny thought to himself. What if Variuer gets to them before I can? ~Jaina, descending Ultimecia's Castle~ Jaina did have to admit, the descent to the clock face was better than she was expecting, especially since Janus was concerned about getting weighed down. She looked to Janus and smiled, "Yeah, see you down there, kid." She then looked to the stone blocks that made up the outside of the tower. The build of the outside had enough room to make decent handholds for free climbing, so Jaina could make it down easily enough. Just a matter of time. ~Variuer, Crown City of Insomnia~ Variuer watched the girl approach. She had the same air as Jonathan's son, yet...she wasn't him. A descendant, perhaps? Had Variuer been captive for so long for Jonathan's line to continue? Variuer stepped forward after Ardyn had responded to the girl's question, and he issued one of his own, "Where do you come from, girl? You have a power I am familiar with, but you are not the one I know to have it. Who is your father, and of which line are you from?" ~Bartz, Narshe~ "Never heard of Shibuya!" Bartz replied. "Guess we are somewhere else after all! I haven't seen Boko at all, and he never leaves my side!" Bartz reached into his pocket and pulled out his good luck charm, a feather that had fallen off Boko one day. "I sure hope he's okay with me gone like this," Bartz said, feeling his heart drop that his dear friend would have to manage without him for a while. Bartz then looked up and spotted something behind Neku. A few small figures slowly approaching. It only took him a second to recognize them. "Goblins!" Bartz shouted, quickly moving past Neku. "Looks like this world has its own monsters to deal with!"
  14. I'm going with Keyblade. Ends of the Earth is in the concept art of Terra, but he's always shown with Earthshaker instead. I'm probably wrong, but whatever.
  15. Axtwyt

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Johnny, Besaid Island~ "That makes two of us," Johnny sighed. The girl wasn't from here either. "I've never been to a beach, much less one like this. The fruit and vegetation is nothing like where I come from." His attention turned back to that mountain pass, and he pointed towards it, "Not to mention...that path just seemed to fade off into another field of some kind. It's weird, I've never seen anything like it before." Johnny shook his head then extended his hand forward, "I digress, I'm Johnny, Johnny Mercer." ~Jaina, leaving Ultimecia's Castle~ "Jaina Noyak, scavenger of Horizon City, the windy city," Jaina replied to Janus, slightly mocking his mannerisms of introducing himself. She extended an arm out to Janus, "I think getting up there would be enough. I've climbed enough sides of buildings, I can make it the rest of the way myself." ~Variuer, Crown City of Insomnia~ Variuer smiled. Ardyn's proposition was just what he needed. Why take the man's power when Variuer could point it towards his own cause? "I agree. Together we can find who brought us here, take their seat of power, and return you to your true world." After saying this, Variuer felt a presence, what felt like a subtle shift in the wind, all too familiar. It took him only a moment to recognize it. A similar power to that which he felt when he fought Jonathan's son... Variuer turned away from the tower and faced the stairs alongside Ardyn, "I feel something someone I fought not too long ago..." ~Bartz, Narshe~ "Neku Sakuraba..." Bartz said to himself. "That's different!" Bartz then turned his attention to what Neku had asked, "The name's Bartz! And I got no idea where we are! I've never been to a place like this!" Bartz pointed behind him towards the town he had just come from, "It's weird, there's all this strange machinery there that I've never seen! Yet it's still so cold! Where did you come from?"