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  1. The real questions we should be asking about KH tbh.
  2. ~Saber, Crown City of Insomnia~ She cut away at another two, narrowing her eyes so Ardyn knew what they were supposed, one tried to lunge at her but was met by her easily dodging the lunge and slamming her invisible blade down into the creature cleaving it into the ground, creating a small crater on the street in the process, whatever remained of their pack seemed to back off and those that remained were being easily cut down. Seemed they had learned their lesson.
  3. Got two people in mind one rather obvious choice considering who's involved the other a Wild Card, going to be in two separate posts as the other I'm likely gonna hint at later through some posts and then actually introduce him. Name: Noctis Lucis Caelum Original Appearance: Final Fantasy XV Alignment: True Neutral Weapon: Engine Blade, Sword of the Father (Numerous Others) Appearance: Bio: Noctis is the son of King Regis, and travels along with his close friends Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia and Prompto Argentum. He departs his home of Insomnia to Altissia to marry Lunafreya Nox Fleuret and solidify a political union. He is thrust into a conflict against the Niflheim Empire, and must take on his duties and become a king. Noctis treats his close friends as equals, and initially struggles to cope with his responsibilities, looking towards his father as a role model. He struggles to articulate his feelings, which he prefers to deal with alone. Along the journey, his three companions note his improved confidence, and how he has become more resolute. His arrival here is in his more youthful appearance however still with the years in the Crystal and right before the final showdown with Ardyn. Special Abilities: Warping, Armiger, Blessings of the Gods, The Power of Providence, Ring of the Lucii Limit Break: Armiger: Unleashed Noctis's version of the Armiger granting him access to the weapons of past kings and allowing him to call upon them all at once for an incredible boost to his Strength, Stamina, Endurance and Agility along with unrelenting attacks. Only those of Lucian royal blood can use Armiger, as only the members of this lineage are bequeathed the power of past kings. The ancient kings' power is enshrined in royal tombs scattered throughout the world and the weapons they house are special. Every new king's duty is to collaborate to the collective power of kings by adding their own royal arm to the mix, and princes embark on trips across the land to collect the arms of their forebears from their royal tombs. Many of the weapons have been lost, however, the location of their tombs unknown. Notes: Battle Theme
  4. ~Saber, Crown City of Insomina~ Her eyes moved for a moment yet she kept her focus on walking forward "Whatever it is they are keeping their distance likely waiting for more of them." So an enemy that likely was weak in small numbers... That or they were only following. She looked at Variuer for a moment narrowing her eyes small things like that can easily put whatever was watching them on-! She quickly lent back as a large creature of black with yellow orbs as eyes appeared out of the ground attempting to swipe at her, her hand gripped around something invisible and she slammed it straight into the creature slicing it in half only a dark mist following after as the creature faded away, a blue swirl of wind was around her hand yet neither of the two could likely determine what it was she was holding or the length and size of it. ...More of them began to appear like shadows hunting down easily noticeable prey whatever they were it was clear they were attracted to something. "Friends of yours?" She asked.
  5. ~Saber, Crown City of Insomnia~ She shifted for a moment thinking upon that she was a king after all so, in essence, she could feel there was a hidden layer to such a question, she looked at Variuer for a moment taking note of what he said before remaining silent for a moment before answering. "No real Architecture like this place but I was a King. "Eventually it fell to ruin due to my own mistakes as a King." The King is not Capable of Understanding her People. She stopped for a moment her eyes peering down one of the empty alleyways "Something is following us." She felt another presence albeit hidden in the shadows following them as if waiting for the right time to strike.
  6. Vanitas is the most likely to be a traitor among the Seekers if his appearance in the Heroes and Heroines ost has anything to say That's just my theory though take it with a grain of salt.
  7. I was also thinking about bringing another character in but I'ma keep hands off atm until I have good ideas on what I'd do with them.
  8. Incorrect as far as we are aware she has been consumed by the Darkness not Xehanort, more evidence shows this to be true considering we've seen all 13 cloaked and only two are female one being way too short to fit Aqua's Model and other is confirmed Larxene. (The 2nd is likely Xion.)
  9. ~Saber, Crown City of Insomnia~ Silently nodded her head in agreement, agreeing with that sentiment it was likely whoever brought them here had no good intentions as far as she was aware this was likely some ploy or perhaps worse.
  10. “Extravagance is the enemy.” ~Saber, Crown City of Insomnia~ Saber narrowed her eyes for a moment lowering her sword she was not going to get along with this man the other was odd but at least polite enough to introduce himself in a formal manner, she gave a small nod in his direction... Regardless she was stuck with them until she had answers as to who summoned them here meaning best to put up with them in that case. "For the time being until we find out who summoned us here and why I'll work with you." It was worded kindly but the implication was quite clear 'I'm only doing so because our goals align for the moment, afterward you are on your own' "Though I don't detect anything the only reason I came here was that I felt a presence here, you two must have been it." This certainly wasn't a Grail War the man before practically confirmed as much Servants wouldn't openly hand out their names most of the time even if another did, by no means did she relax around either of them it was evident that 'Variuer' was likely a potential enemy though. Still best to see how things play out before making any judge of alignment
  11. "There are no regrets. If one can be proud of one's life, one should not wish for another chance." ~Saber, Crown City of Insomnia~ Her gaze never seemed to change it remained neutral either time even when Ardyn referred to her as 'dear' she eyed him for a moment "By chance do you know where we are then at-" however she was interrupted her focus changed on the other presence and in a mere moment her neutral face changed to one of recognition for a moment as if sensing something. This man's sense reminded her entirely of Vortigern not in every way of course but in enough ways that it sent a shiver down her spine that she dare not emote any sign of, she, however, did not recognize him at all, revealing one's true identity here wasn't out of the question however it gave away her abilities- Actually that was yet to be really known for once she could by chance say her real name without recognition for the most part. She narrowed her gaze, her hand gripped something that wasn't there but with a flick, it sounded like a blow of wind was being pointed at the man with a single sound like the clinking of metal. "Your hostile attempt isn't welcomed so I'd ask you stay right there." Her words were neutral yet the hostile attempt was behind them. "As for who I am, I have no memory or idea as to who you are but I am Artoria Pendragon, The King of Knights though many would recognize me more by the name King Arthur, now pray tell who are you?"
  12. " Of what worth is a king who fails to protect the powerless?" ~Saber, Crown City of Insomnia~ She felt a presence a chill down her spine one of them seemed odd but likely just due to the foreign nature the other on one hand... It reminded her of 'Vortigern' she remained on guard as she reached the near top of the stairs there were two people a man dressed in what seems to be royalty clothing of some sort with a fitting hat, though the rest of him gave away a sense of someone else beneath all of that. The other one already gave off for her instincts someone likely to be her enemy keeping this in mind she didn't avert her gaze from him or the other making sure to keep an eye on both of them, speaking up. "Perhaps you two are the ones who summoned me by chance?" The words came out of her mouth for once she was surprised at the use of the tongue, fighting in two grail wars in Japan had almost made her use to talking in Japanese so hearing herself felt odd when it wasn't that. Maybe it was because there was no grail to supply her with anything necessary about this world at all.
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