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  1. Aqua definitely. Biggest reason being that I just adore her a lot. I like Terra and Ven a lot too, but not nearly as much as Aqua. To me it also feels like her story holds the most weight out of the three but that’s probably more due to the fact that her story is technically meant to be played last and she has all the secret episode/ending stuff. Plus, she’s just most fun to control somehow? Idk if this is just in my head (it’s been too long since I last played BBS), but Terra especially feels just really slow and that’s the reason why I don’t really enjoy his story that much. Ven’s okay though.
  2. I got sad when I heard about this... he was a great voice actor, one of my favorites. RIP.
  3. I’m in a weird place because I started doing better mentally when this whole self-isolating thing started. I mean I’m not happy at all about the situation and obviously I’m worried (about the people I care about, and just the world overall. Where I live things seem to be decently under control but that’s not the case in some parts of the world and that makes me sad). But just in terms of how I’m doing? I know this sounds bad but it’s almost a relief that for once I’m pretty much just forced to stop. Been feeling like I haven’t gotten anywhere with my life recently, so it gets a bit better when you know you aren’t really supposed to anyway right now. Although I guess in the end I’m just justifying my own laziness with this situation... and I do aknowledge that it’s a luxury to even be able to take a break... : / Plus the fact that it’s hardly anything new for me to just stay home and not talk to anyone for weeks might be contributing to why I cope with this relatively well lol. Now it almost feels like I’m interacting with people more since others are lonely and bored too. Oh, and playing P5R has made me super happy too. (This got kinda long. I’m sorry.)
  4. As a surprise to absolutely no one, I’m currently playing Persona 5 Royal! About 8 hours in and it’s still such a great game. Can’t believe it’s already been 3 years... I haven’t actually replayed the game since my initial playthrough, so it feels really good to be playing it again.
  5. I mean TWEWY isn’t a series, but I love it too much not to mention it? But for an actual series... Nier. If we count two games as a series. Love both games to bits and I’m super excited for the Nier Replicant remaster that just got announced! I like Final Fantasy a lot, too, but I haven’t played even half of the games so I feel like I don’t know the series well enough to judge. And it’s not special to me the same way TWEWY and Nier are.
  6. The World That Never Was... I recently replayed that part of KH2, so that might help, but overall it’s just so good? Great bossfights, epic story, emotinal moments... everything’s just so good. Not to mention I love TWTNW a lot due to Days anyway. But I have a soft spot for End of the World from KH1 just due to how eerie it feels at times. Can’t really explain it. Nostalgia could have something to do with it. As a world though, it doesn’t stand out that much. Also, Scala is cool, but since we don’t really get to explore it that much until re:mind and even then, we don’t get to know that much about it, I can’t place it very high. Really looking forward to getting to know more about it lorewise in the future though. Keyblade graveyard to me kinda just... is. I don’t have too many strong opinions about it.
  7. I somehow didn’t expect this to hit me so hard. But it did. Especially that ’If you didn’t need me, then I no longer held meaning’. ...I just have complex feelings when it comes to Isa. He did so many things wrong, but in the end he’s just so easy to sympathise with. I hope we see more of him in the future. Which is very likely considering the whole thing with the mystery girl.
  8. Anti-form is way cooler, in a weird creepy way, and in theory I also like how it makes drive forms kind of a risk to use. But in reality it’s just so inconvenient? I hate it when you accidentally go into anti-form in the middle of a bossfight and end up dying because it just makes dodging really freaking difficult (at least i never figured that out lmao). Although I love how you can easily do lots of damage if it happens at a convenient time. But that’s a big BUT. So, rage form. Far more balanced, still has the risk element in it, but this time it’s actually a risk you can take if you so choose. Not a risk you’re just thrown into against your will.
  9. I feel like I shouldn’t be too excited for this. But I kinda am? I still think it’s a shame that it’s just a mobile game, and I never particularly liked the artstyle they use in UX. And I’m assuming they’re gonna reuse lots of stuff from UX which is a shame (please no more Agrabah...). BUT it’s still better than nothing. And I’m too desperate for a game anout Xehanort and Eraqus to really care tbh. And also on a positive side, if DR is basically an add-on to UX, my phone will most likely be able to handle it. Also, the card-based combat seems more interesting than the combat system in UX? But I guess we’ll see.
  10. I think Hero’s Origin looks cool in it’s own way, but it was actually one of the keyblades I liked using the least in KH3. So I’d say Hero’s Crest. I tend to use it a lot towards the beginning of KH2. The design is nice, not my favorite, but still overall pretty good. I always liked how it resembles Oathkeeper a bit (just the basic shape, otherwise they’re totally different of course).
  11. Uh, I guess Stitch...? But I have to confess I barely use summons. I’m one of those people who tend to forget they even exist. I quess they’d be useful if used properly, but I just never bothered to learn.
  12. Compared to re:CoM, I think I’d actually enjoy it a lot less. The Dream Eater minigame is fun and all, but I found it kind of repetitive and boring after a while? Granted, I didn’t dive too deep into it. So maybe there’s a surprising amount of depth to it that I just didn’t notice. The gameplay in CoM isn’t my favorite, but I still found quite a bit of enjoyment out of it once I got into it. Albeit I found it sometimes a bit tedious to simultaneously browse through the cards and trying to avoid the enemy’s attacks. But that could just be me being bad at multitasking lol. And you can somewhat work around that, too, by putting some thought into how you set up your deck.
  13. I’m having a hard time choosing between Namine and Aqua, but I guess I like Namine juuust a tiny bit more. But they’re both really great.
  14. I didn’t buy it yet but I just finished watching my sister play it. It was... alright? Like I enjoyed most of the new stuff we got, but I just wish the scenes were added into the base game rather than this new episode. The way they implemented them was kinda awkward. And I just feel like re:Mind just didn’t add that much storywise in the end? Nice moments, but nothing that deep. But that could be the case of me just expecting too much. Limitcut does seem pretty fun, though. I’m just not sure if it’s worth 30 euros, honestly. Wish there was a way to purchase it separately. To sum it up, re:Mind is fine. But I wish it was cheaper.
  15. BBS by far. I mean, I am horribly attached to Days and I have the fondest memories of playing it, but even that can’t get me over the gameplay, sadly... but I swear I’m gonna replay it one of these days! BBS doesn’t have the best gameplay either (I like the ideas they had, but it’s just a bit too cluncky), but it’s still fun most of the time, and the story’s one of my personal favorites in all of KH.
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