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  1. littleTSUBAME

    What's your favorite Kingdom Hearts opening?

    Probably Passion? But it's a tough choice... I pretty much love all of them. The ray of hope remix of Hikari was great too... I seem to slightly prefer the japanese versions nowadays, but the english versions are really good too.
  2. littleTSUBAME

    Favorite reveal from The Game Awards?

    Joker in Smash. I'm not even interested in Smash, really, but since I'm a huge Persona fan, I'm happy nonetheless.
  3. Didn't expect anything, got even less. I wonder what they're thinking, because they probably just made fans so pissed they'd rather just preorder the game from ANYWHERE except from Amazon... I mean, I'm laughing, but that was such a bad move. Not funny.
  4. I wasn't even expecting much anything but LMAO. What a bait. Who came up with this (unless they really were supposed to show something else but I doubt it)? I mean I'm not even angry, just laughing at how dumb that was. xDDD But that sure isn't a good way to get people to buy KH3 from you Amazon...
  5. littleTSUBAME

    What Black Friday deals did you score?

    Nothing. Almost bought some video games, but I've yet to play the ones I already own so decided not to. I don't really need anything in particular so why bother.
  6. somehow it's easier to vent here than irl even though no one might read this (or maybe precisely because of that), but lately life has just made me really anxious. i feel stuck and tired and i want to run away and start fresh, but in the end i know that wouldn't change anything and i don't even know where i would run away to. feels like there's just no place for me anywhere because i can't hold onto anything.

  7. littleTSUBAME

    What's your favorite Robin Hood Movie?

    I think I've only seen Disney's Robin Hood... so that.
  8. Ooh, a Nier anime could be cool! Though I'm not sure how well it'd work... both Nier and Nier Automata kind of feel like they have to be games in order to properly work (unless the people who adapt it were willing to put in LOTS of effort in order to make it work). Actually, I'd really like to see The World Ends With You animated. And Persona 2.
  9. littleTSUBAME

    What's your favorite Pooh minigame?

    not a big fan of any of them, but honey slider and balloon bounce might be the ones i like the most. it's not that the minigames are bad, but i just find 100 acre woods in general to be kinda tedious to get through. not hating on it, just a personal opinion.
  10. littleTSUBAME

    What is your favorite Spyro game?

    ohhh, that's difficult. I love all 3 original spyro games, and especially spyro 2 and 3. practically it's a tie, but maybe i slightly prefer spyro 3? then again, spyro 2 was the first spyro game i played so it's extra nostalgic...
  11. why does my neighbor always decide to be noisy when i should study? i already have trouble concentrating and this doesn't help.

    (i mean it can't be helped, the walls are just too thin. but still)

  12. littleTSUBAME

    Kingdom Hearts III confirmed to appear at X018

    yess! i was already going to watch the live stream, but it's nice to know there's going to be at least something. I'm thinking we'll see something new, but i'm keeping my expectations low.
  13. I'm not too into FFXV, because I only played it a little bit, but my sister loves the game and she was looking forward to the Luna DLC, do I'm actually a little bit bitter too. ^^' And I've heard Luna didn't really get the focus she deserved in te actual game, so a Luna-centric dlc would have apparently been fantastic
  14. littleTSUBAME

    What are your gaming plans leading up to KH3?

    I never stick to my plans, so we'll see... : D Currently, I'm trying to get TDE in SMT Nocturne, and I also plan to 100% TWEWY (and I'm pretty close to achieving that, finally), but after that I'm not so sure... but I'm trying to resist buying new games since I already have too many I haven't even started. I probably should just start working throught the 3DS games I've yet to play, starting from Strange Journey Redux, maybe. Might get through a couple games before KH3 comes out.