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  1. Oh no. Can't I pick both? Because I pick both. Hm... coffee or hot chocolate?
  2. I’m really excited to see everyone, but let’s be real... of course I’m looking forward to seeing Tifa the most. I just love her a lot.
  3. Great so see something new, it's been so long. And it does look really pretty at least! Can't really say much about the combat yet... I'm not against FF7R having an action oriented combat, but I just hope they'll get it right. At this point I'm just looking forward to seeing more of the game. One fear I have is that they end up making the game too linear...? Also, I kinda wanted to see Tifa, not gonna lie.
  4. Twilight Town, definitely. It's been my absolute favorite Kingdom Hearts world since I played Days, and besides, the atmosphere is just so nice and relaxing? I'd love go see the view up from the clocktower (even though I'm terrified of heights lmao).
  5. Only watching the new Fruits Basket anime... I’ve become so lazy when it comes to watching anime I haven’t even bothered starting anything else. Because I end up dropping most series anyway. Furuba is a must though.
  6. This one’s difficult... I like both? But usually music. My attention span tends to be a bit short for podcasts. Swimming or running?
  7. Seems like I never stick to my gaming plans. I was supposed to finish FF6 before playing anything else, but I got sidetracked with Persona 4 Golden, which I’ve been replaying on and off for about half a year now. And after finishing P4G, I got sidetracked again because I decided to play some FF15 to see if I’d get into it this time (been struggling with it for the longest time for some reason). And somehow it did kinda click, so that’s what I’ve been playing these past couple of days.
  8. I've been vaguely interested in Trails of Cold Steel, but I haven't even picked up the first game. So I probably can't say I'm anticipating it...? I don't think there are any games coming out in May that I'm particularly interested in.
  9. Hmm... I really like mozzarella on my pizza. Usually with tomato, but other combinations are good too. Mushrooms are always good on pizza, too. Same goes for olives. I also have a weird fascination for pepperoni&red onion combination? It’s somehow really good even though it sounds really plain.
  10. I know status updates aren't really a thing anymore, but today is a special day. So I just had to.


    Announcement over.

    1. Daisuke


      OH MY GOD!! I completely forgot about it ;-; Thank you so much for reminding me, even tho it's late, happy birthday to Naoto, the detective prince! 🎈🍰🎉🎁❤️

  11. I’ve only read bits and pieces, but I remember Days manga having some really funny (WEIRD) moments.
  12. I've been hyper all day because of that P5R trailer... I wasn't even that excited about P5R initially, but I guess I'm just too much of a fangirl after all lol.
  13. Happy easter to those who celebrate it! I’m not religious, so it’s mostly a normal day for me. I’ve been playing a lot of FF6.
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