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  1. Bringing back some memories when the game first came out. Great job!
  2. Ah the old days. Those were the times. It is unfortunate how things are bound to change with time. I hope you continue to enjoy Kh as a whole still. That newfound happiness and excitement we all got when we first played the series will never be lost! First time I've been on in months and here I am lol.
  3. This has been a very good week for me
  4. Well we can't just say that is everything. Im looking forward to see what else is new with it
  5. What an interesting position
  6. I mean honestly I thought It was going to be a great keyblade war between 3 keyblade wielders. Even after the events of bbs. Before 3D came out


    I've never trusted him the site has been fairly buggy since this new layout on my end.


    I am having issues updating my signature so it "fits" with the guidelines on the site now. But every time I try to update it so it's under 18mb and smaller than the maximum allowed dimensions of x 200. Just wondering why it will not accept my new signature. I have resized in on my computer as well as used the site's resizing tool to go under or match the x200 dimension on here.


  10. Honestly I would pay for dlc for a paopu farmer type minigame
  11. This isn't reddit. It is a Forum on which we pride in having some character to our posts and all. Sites look more boring in my opinion with no customizing and just lines of text responding to different threads and posts.
  12. This would be some spicy edits on the site
  13. https://www.khuxwiki.com/wiki/KHUX_Wiki This has great info on the exact quests and missions that do have jewels as rewards. Tho I will add that their is not many that do. Your best option is to complete the story mode and work towards the union cross quests weekly and continue on with proud mode
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