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  1. HarLea Quinn

    We are hiring for Moderators!

    Ok everyone! All new mods have been chosen! We thank you for applying and we had a lot of great applications! Please feel free to apply again in the future and you may make it then! Please welcome @Allwil13 @TakenKing @FlipMode @Paintmepasta @LunaCatte @EchoFox23* to the mod team! Congrats guys!
  2. we have the same rep score this week yet i'm 5th and you're 4th, is it cause my avatar is a bllllllllaaaaaccccccckkkkk mage?! x D

  3. jeez your still here? x D

    1. HarLea Quinn

      HarLea Quinn

      Technically since you are here too...................................... ;)

    2. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      well i had to 100% all the games before i came back and i mean i did leave a few times...

  4. HarLea Quinn

    These Spoilers are annoying. :[

    Sorry. I am just a very blunt or straight forward person.
  5. HarLea Quinn

    These Spoilers are annoying. :[

    I am not here to cause arguments. I am here to discuss. I think it's important to understand that right now you searching Youtube is risking getting spoiled. You got spoiled. You bring up addictions. Say you are addicted to drugs. It's bad for you. You don't quit. Then you overdose. There are consequences to risky behavior. That or you quit doing risky behavior. This is KH - not even something as addictive and you can quit searching Youtube( knowing theres leaks and spoilers there.) Come here where we protect you from spoilers if you need to discuss. But really not being able to stop going on youtube isn't a great excuse. I am just trying to give helpful advice. It's up to you to take it.
  6. HarLea Quinn

    These Spoilers are annoying. :[

    But on Youtube that's all it takes though. That's my point.
  7. HarLea Quinn

    These Spoilers are annoying. :[

    I really think you missed my point entirely. I never said you would be at fault for what the leaker did. I am saying you would be at fault for freely searching a place like youtube for KH stuff knowing this stuff is out there regardless so don't be surprised when you get spoiled. It's best if you are trying to avoid spoilers to take proper precautions and don't exhibit risky behavior. I am saying you cannot control others behavior but you can control your own.
  8. HarLea Quinn

    These Spoilers are annoying. :[

    You can stop using Youtube tho......Youtube uses an algorithm based on what you watch, so obviously if you watch KH videos it’s going to recommend you KH videos. ( at least here we have a spoiler policy and a staff dedicated to mod spoilers) But even so- there is some personal responsibility to this or don't complain that you got spoiled.
  9. HarLea Quinn

    These Spoilers are annoying. :[

    I know this is hard but..........maybe not cruise the internet ( especially Youtube) this close to release if you are super sensitive about spoilers. Just a thought.
  10. HarLea Quinn

    We are hiring for Moderators!

    However many fit the bill. We are getting ready for KH3 release. We will let everyone know at once though after everyone turns in their replies so we can train them together.
  11. HarLea Quinn

    We are looking for help on the Social Media Team!!!

    Hey everyone! Just to let you know we have filled sm team slots for now but that doesn't mean you cannot ever obtain a position in the future or with another team. We had to fill certain time zones and other factors. If you want to join another team I have others I can possibly put you on ( Mod, KHX, Wiki/Content) Just let me know what you might be interested in and I can see what I can do!
  12. HarLea Quinn

    We are hiring for Moderators!

    Well that explains that. Thanks! This is for here guys! I will have them fix that.
  13. HarLea Quinn

    We are hiring for Moderators!

    this is for the forums here not our discord
  14. HarLea Quinn

    We are hiring for Moderators!

    Hey guys! We are now looking to hire a few new moderators to help keep the forum safe, productive, and bot free! What do Moderators do? There are a list of things Moderators do! Fill out Reports. Reports are made when there are posting violations, bots, issues with fellow members, and other such things. We remove bad posts/offensive remarks/fights/bad threads When you see a shitstorm we are there to save the day! We handle member issues and fights. We correct double posting, move threads to proper places, and enforce other posting rules. What are we looking for? Someone who knows and always follows the posting rules. Someone with great people skills that can mediate issues and help other members get along. When you see a shitstorm you can see it going two ways. One way is everyone is joining in and going for the ride, or the second way where people are upset, saddened, and hurt/offended. We moderators don't want this. Different members in different time zones to cover everything. Someone who can remain unbiased and can properly discern issues fairly. Someone who can be responsible and reliable and is not joining strictly just for funsies. We need you to be active! Someone that sets a great example for other fellow members to follow. Someone that fellow members can talk to if they are upset, hurt, angry, or need a shoulder to lean on. This job can be very fun but also requires work and patience and a lot of great people skills. If you are not very social and patient this is not the job for you. This position is not for everyone. We are basically the government/police of the site here to serve all our fellow members fairly and justly so everyone can enjoy a peaceful, friendly, and fun community. We need you to understand that as a mod you will be moderating spoilers and preventing our members from getting spoiled. This is very important for anyone applying! If interested, please apply by commenting here or sending a PM and you can later answer a few test scenarios to see how you would react in given situations. Once picked you will begin a trial period to see how you perform and if you are a good fit you will be hired on long term. Good luck and we look forward to welcoming you to the team! - The KH13 Moderating Team
  15. Hello Everyone, We need help on our Social Media team! If you want to be part of a great time with some really awesome fellow KH fans that can have fun engaging with your fellow KH fandom this is the place to be! For Social Media: What we're looking for: A big interest in the Kingdom Hearts series. Active enough to regularly post on the KH13 Community Twitter, KH13 Tumblr & KH13 Facebook pages. Creativity Reasonable writing skills. Typical tasks: Posting KH13 fan-content (art, videos, discussions, fictions) daily Helping to create the Poll of the Day each day. Scheduling monthly posts: Kingdom Hearts anniversaries, Disney film/SE game anniversaries, birthdays, music (fan-made and original) & holiday posts. Looking for ‘other news’ to retweet on the Twitter page (t-shirts designs, music album/manga/novel releases, podcasts, etc). Coming up with ideas for new features or expanding on current ones. If you are interested, don't be shy! Either post here or privately message me to apply. Let us know why you feel you would be a great asset to our staff. This is a volunteer job that we all enjoy and love! Good luck and will look forward to hearing from you!