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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Please specify why you want to join and let us know why we should pick you  What timezone are you in? We are still hiring a few anyways that can help with other things listed.
  2. Hello! We are currently looking for more staff to help contribute and work hard to keep KH13 great! Nothing beats contributing to the success of something you enjoy and love! We are especially searching for people to contribute to the Social Media and News Teams. Joining the Staff has some wonderful perks, like working with fellow Kingdom Hearts enthusiasts who love giving back to the fandom with the latest news and updates, and being among the first to know any details we receive from said media outlets! For News Team: Passionate about the Kingdom Hearts series and up-to-date with the latest news. Active enough and availability to regularly watch out for news and *respond quickly* when something appears. Eagerness to volunteer, contribute, and engage in team work. Reasonable writing skills and appreciation for fact-checking and accuracy. Commitment and team dedication. For Social Media: A big interest in the Kingdom Hearts series. Active enough to regularly post on the KH13 Community Twitter, KH13 Tumblr & KH13 Facebook pages. Creativity Reasonable writing skills. Typical tasks: Posting KH13 fan-content (art, videos, discussions, fictions) daily Helping to create the Poll of the Day each day. Scheduling monthly posts: Kingdom Hearts anniversaries, Disney film/SE game anniversaries, birthdays, music (fan-made and original) & holiday posts. Looking for ‘other news’ to retweet on the Twitter page (t-shirts designs, music album/manga/novel releases, podcasts, etc). Coming up with ideas for new features or expanding on current ones. Graphic Artists needed! All candidates MUST: Have graphic design experience and/or education. You'll be required to make us a complete year's set of Images for event posts such as cast and crew birthdays and game release anniversaries. Be creative. All images must clearly and accurately reflect the event they're celebrating and be eye-catching. It's also important to take the initiative to give the art new and refreshing updates here and there. Have a flexible schedule to be able to both manage the images and work regularly with the team on daily tasks as the images will, for the most part, be a one-time job. Be knowledgeable. You must be familiar with the cast/crew of the games and the other events as it will be your job to update the cast/crew birthday list either to add new voice actors, remove inaccurate speculations or change an image from 'happy birthday' to 'in memory of' when someone passes away. Please apply below or message me in private here on the forums if you are interested!! Please specify why you want to join and let us know why we should pick you Look forward to hearing from you!
  3. well you tell me since you want to keep this going outside of the facts presented. lol
  4. That means nothing has changed then, It's not retconned lol
  5. He has never mentioned that this changed and nothing shown has proven it either so its not retconned. You would need to explain to me why you believe this. As for CoD- if anything what he said backs up you can use them without being a being of darkness or a nobody.
  6. First of all where did I say that about the CoD? I showed you what Nomura said about them - no more no less lol Secondly I notated in the post that was from the Directors Secret Report XIII http://kh-info-block.tumblr.com/tagged/KHIINom
  7. —Roxas asked for Xemnas’ name so does that mean that scene shows him meeting Xemnas for the first time and that’s when he joined the Organization? Nomura: Not really. It’s true that he had a conversation with Xemnas at that beach before but that’s not their first meeting and their conversation wasn’t like that either. The conversation at the beginning of the game was Roxas’ dream, mixed with his memories and feelings. The part where he asked for Xemnas’ name but instead was asked back for his real name was a reflection of Roxas’ feelings on who really is. Roxas didn’t know his real name, remember? If he remembered that he was Sora, I think he wouldn’t join the Organization in the first place. As for the CoD: Secret Directors Report XIII Nomura: At present, there are 4 worlds in-between these planes that have appeared. A) Castle Oblivion, B)Twilight Town, C) Yen Sid’s Tower, and D) The World That Never Was. Constructed in this manner, Light < C < B > A > D > Darkness, you can imagine 2 planes with stairs ranging between the worlds. There are 2 means of transfer between these worlds, first being the Gummi Ship Sora uses in what is called the “Sea of Outer Space”. In this way they can come and go between the worlds dotted through space. There is an invisible shell covering these worlds, so as to preserve the original world from interference from other worlds. By opening the hearts of each of these worlds this shell is broken and will become a group of shooting stars pouring down. Once settled, these shooting stars will become the Gummi Parts of the Gummi Ship. Because they were originally from the shell covering this world, it becomes possible to interfere into each world There is one more method, the use of the “Dark Corridor”. There are those who are on a fallen path, essentially not being on the path they should be. Only those who can be said to have a Dark existence or an In-between existence can make these doorways. On rare occasion those with particularly strong feelings or hatred, such as the case with Beast and Diz and perhaps others like them can open these paths. However you must be careful when coming into contact with such darkness. As such, if you use these paths too often you will be completely swallowed by darkness. Sora has used these paths several times before, but the degree of frequency hasn’t allowed the darkness to stain his heart, so you can think of the influential power of darkness as being dependant upon the strength of the persons heart. As for the Nobodies who have no heart and the King and Riku, using these paths many times doesn’t concern them. Why doesn’t the darkness progressively swallow them you ask? There are secret similarities between the two that are talked about in the game.
  8. You haven't addressed the fire videos proving Lea can still use fire, As for your other reply xemnas was said to have remembered, misled, and lied to his own org the first time. AX also was the one that used his keyblade to open the door in the basement Secret Ansem Report 13 Tomorrow Sora awakens. My long and drawn-out revenge is nearing its end. Xehanort, who took everything away from me. Though as a Heartless he is no more, as the leader of Organization XIII his ambition once again is to capture Kingdom Hearts, the most colossal heart of all. His Heartless had attempted to draw out the great darkness of Kingdom Hearts, created from the hearts of all worlds. His Nobody, however, is now almost finished gathering human hearts to be assimilated into Kingdom Hearts as well. The fool! Only one mystery remains. How did Xehanort manage to open the door that appeared in the basement of my castle…? No…any theory posited now, when everything is nearing completion, would be meaningless. Roxas, Ansem, Naminé… Most likely since he was hiding his true agenda he just purposely didn't use one.
  9. : Why can Roxas dual-wield? Nomura :Because he can use both Sora’s and Ventus’s Keyblades. Sora can wield two Keyblades at once because he has Ventus’s as well as his own. As Roxas is a part of Sora, he also can use two. In Days, Roxas awakened his ability to dual-wield after fighting Xion. In KHII, once Sora absorbed Roxas, he could also dual-wield. Roxas awoke his ability to dual-wield through his will to not forget Xion, who also wielded a Keyblade. Roxas, the “Sora + Ventus” Nobody, was able to use a Keyblade. In contrast, Xemnas, the “Terra + Master Xehanort” Nobody, wasn’t able to use a Keyblade. Why is this? Nomura :I’d rather that point remain a mystery. It’s possible that he intentionally wasn’t using one As for Axel using fire: And Portals :
  10. This was me as well. I get the pacing problems and I agree. There was very little plot until they did dumped it all at the end. They could've had pieces of this happen throughout the game more or at least give it a middle or something. I didn't feel like i could really enjoy the disney worlds like I could've bc i was rushing to get to the main plot. The tiny glimpses we were given weren't enough. I felt bored in Arrendelle except for when Larxene showed up but even then that wasn't often and not too much happened with her. I loved loved loved Olympus and fighting the titans. I loved the reunions but felt they let the chance to have more multiple playable characters( not just Riku and Aqua who we have played before ) with all their different abilities and fighting styles go to waste. Our current generation consoles have this capability so there wasn't much excuse. Playable Axel/Lea vs Saix should've happened tyvm lol. We also didn't get much time to see them unite and interact once they all got saved. Overall though I got great joy out of seeing everyone reunited. I cried like a baby haha Kairi is well ummm- yes they could give her more action and more spotlight. I think we were all waiting for that finally and thus it was a disappointment. It was also a disappointment to re-use the same plot device ( kidnapping)..However I will say people forget she was the reason Sora was saved AGAIN and the reason he could come back to save everyone else.There is something to say to that and she wasn't useless. What was she supposed to do against Xemnas? What was Axel/Lea suppose to do against Xemnas? This character needed both Riku and Sora to defeat him the first time they battled him and it wiped them out. I do think they could have done better showing what Axel/Lea and Kairi could do and learned while training and see them fight better though. Gameplay was for me mostly fun and I enjoyed it. You had many choices how you wanted to play your gameplay and I didn't even use my links. I loved how Ratatouille was implemented here and it was so fun and adorable. I was iffy on emblems at first but ended up liking them and had a little fun with it. The Final world was interesting and something we have never seen before- and we could get some interesting little bits of info up there too. It was the KH version of Heaven I think? Or afterlife. When we had to start chasing litch's (sp?) though that was somewhat annoying bc I wanted to get back to the fight so having to chase them was not my favorite thing lol But we needed our friends back first so we did what needed done. Keyblade Graveyard was fun but I felt the fights with our favorite villains were watered down fighting them in bunches. I do love how they humanized the organization more especially Xemnas. Dialogue was good though in my opinion. The whole process though felt rushed and we didn't get to really enjoy the victories or the reunions after the fact although they were indeed emotional. Master Xehanort was never a favorite of mine and he goes from "there is too much light we need darkness to balance to now he wanted more light??? How does that make sense? He murdered and ruined so many peoples lives and he's trying to act like he was some good guy all along wanting what's best bc SOMEONE had to do it?? To me he came off as some bad guy who knows he's cornered and is giving us a bunch of BS. Then we have Eraqus come and tell him he needs to give up bc although it's too late for them - it wasn't too late for everyone else. Also reminding him he never admits when he's lost. Then they go off into the light peacefully. Just UGH. MX deserves a horrible death. He just murdered Kairi minutes before. The list of his victims were long and you can't really come back from that that easily. The ending was definitely bittersweet- the majority of the good guys saved and reunited...Then Sora goes off to save Kairi knowing what happened to him in DDD and knowing all the warnings about what could happen from others. Maybe it would be a good idea to run this by Yen Sid and get a game plan going? I dunno but so extremely stupid and very much Sora.. The Destiny Islands end scenes are both touching yet heartbreaking.The Clocktower scenes made me cry especially seeing Isa back and everyone with new outfits. The Epilogue was kinda 50/50 I loved Xigbar being Luxu and always knew Xigbar had something going on this entire time. However, makes me wonder if the Foretellers are actually evil and we still don't know what the MoM really wants.
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